Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Get It

I've been thinking about this blog topic for a few months now but haven't had the time to put in enough thought so forgive me it may not make much sense still. I know quite a few people this will probably rub them the wrong way but my blog, my opinion, mind cha own business if you don't agree. :)


All our kids use them. In fact our kids all use 3 types of car seats before they can break free of them! Some of us pick our car seats because of the color. Others pick it because of reviews. And then some pick them because they think it is safer than others. Point is, we all have to deal with them. I personally use Graco car seats. All three of my kids came home in the same infant car seat. The girls both used/use a Graco Toddler seat. Kylie is in a Graco high back booster. You're probably wonder why the brand of my car seat would ever offend anyone but I will get to my point.

By law you can switch your baby to forward face at 12 months or 20 pounds. I switched Kylie at 12 months, I switched Delainey at 14 months (mainly because I was waiting to hand down Kylie's toddler seat) and Bentley was also 12 months. My kids are midgets. Bentley only weighs 23lbs now so I can imagine he did not weigh 20 pounds when I switched him. But being his mother, I felt he was ready and able to be forward facing at 12 months. Kylie has weighed 33 pounds since the day she started using her booster which was in 2010. I feel she is "mature" enough to be in a high back booster as well as old enough.

Don't try to quote me on this information because I have not studied or really educated my self on all this. Its just from quick google searches.

My point is I'm sick of hearing about it. As a parent we are given the responsibility to keep OUR kids safe. You don't need to go on rampages on the Internet to complete strangers telling them they have their kids in improper car seats. Read the side of my kids car seat, that shit says 3 or 30 pounds. She is 5 and 35 pounds. The other two say 12 months or 20 pounds forward OR rear facing,  they are 3 and 25 pounds, and 18 months and 22 pounds. I feel confident and right with my decision to put my kids in those car seats every day I get in the car. My favorite part about these people who are obsessed with "correcting" other parents car seats decision is they contradict them selves. I've seen plenty of my own facebook friends talk about their kids are "their kids and they will make the choices they feel are right for them" Well okay numb nuts then let those poor people put their kids in the car seats they think are right. We aren't leaving our kids on the top of the car in their infant seats like that one chick now are we?!

If someone asks for your opinion on car seats be my freaking guest. Give them your 25 page spiel on why you think their kid should be 16 before they forward face but other wise keep your opinion to your self. It is just that, YOUR opinion. For a while they were discussing making the booster law to be 90lbs. I was 6lbs shy of that. So technically I would need a booster in the freaking drivers seat. Tell me how much sense that would make.

We are all brought up different and parent in different ways. Its just how the world works. If we were all the same the world would be a boring place. You can read my blog and delete me or give me dirty looks but maybe you will sit back and think, Oh wait maybe I should tone it down a notch. Keep your kids safe the way you think they should be in a car and give your advice where its WANTED. :D

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