Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I was so determined to blog every day to keep you people entertained at work like you asked but I failed you. :( More often than not I really am truly doing nothing so I have no real excuse. Life has dragged me into exhaustion at this point.

We have lived here for about 9 months, which in my case is a long time. At this point we would normally be starting the packing process for the next house. So some how I have let everything get cluttered. Junk drawer became a junk house. There are things stashed in drawers and cabinets in every room of the house. All my neighbors and friends are like "Shut up, your house is always clean." What they don't know is if they open any cabinets they have to watch out for flying junk at their face. It has gotten over whelming. Today I started slowly working my way to getting things back to organized.

Lately I have just felt so behind on life. Such a broad way of putting it but I cant keep up. House work is never done, laundry is never finished, and I always need something at some store. I keep blaming it on my youngest. That boy has run me to the ground!

My girls were always so fun and easy at 18 months. Bentley is so different. I wanted a boy from the beginning but never in my wildest dreams did I think that my son would be as big of a pain in the ass as he is. This child is such a nuisance to society it kills me sometimes. If you don't know me I am a little OCD. I like things in their place and I rarely let my kids destroy the toy room for longer than 45 minutes before I am asking them to clean things up. This little boy has no idea how to clean and thinks all toys belong on the floor or thrown across a table. His boy toy section grew over Christmas and I had to get more storage to accommodate it all. I thought that would help but no such luck. Gummies (fruit snacks) are a main food group for him. Without gummies I would be in a world of hurt. They stop him from any temper tantrum, which is like 6x a day. I know not healthy but hey you would do it too. He screams like a little girl when he doesn't get things his way. Freaking last child syndrome. The girls never really played with their food, they would take sandwiches apart and such but not like this kid. He mixes everything. Oh thanks Mom I'll just dip my chips in my yogurt. I mean honestly who in the world wants to eat a yogurt dipped dorito? Aside from thinking every food must be dipped he also things need to be mixed. Hot dogs in his milk, green beans in there too. Its disgusting. Hes going to be that kid at school that gets a milk carton just to put all his food in it to gross everyone out. Best part is, the dummy is going to eat it! Probably with a knife because who really wants to eat with a fork?

I'm sure I've missed some great stories to tell about him but today was a good one. I was folding laundry in the laundry room when he walks up to me holding the end of the toilet paper roll. Now this obviously means he unrolled it from the bathroom to the laundry room which was hmm at least 10-15 feet. His sister decided to help roll up the roll but she decided that was taking too long so she shoved it all in the toilet and tried to flush it. Yup that is when my bathroom was flooded. So of course all their clothes were wet and needed to be washed. Back to the laundry room I went to start a new load of towels, clothes and rugs.

How do you keep up with your chores?! I use to be so good at it until this little boy threw me for a loop!! Thank God for nap time! :)

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  1. So Im not the only one who praises naptime?! My daughter sounds somewhat like yours -- she may be dramatic and a chatterbox [and lets be honest, she's a diva in her own mind] but shes never really been THAT troublesome. My 13 mo. son? Totally different story. Throwing Mr. Potato Head pieces in the toilet as his sister is peeing/flushing ... Climbing everything ... getting INTO everything! And its like he has super human strength, too. SIGH Boys are a lot of work!