Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ignorane is a Bliss

I have not blogged in 700 years. Not really sure why. I guess I run out of things to ramble about. But this week I have been annoyed of the same topic that has too many words to write a status implying that I hate people and the world. So here I am.

A few weeks ago I wrote a facebook status about how people should not compare nor compete with others in life because we were all raised different and are all different. About 25 people screen shotted it and sent to a friend asking if they saw my status and was it about so and so which then got sent to me to find out if it was about so and so. So just to clear that up, it was in fact NOT about any particular person. It was something I have noticed more and more lately that has annoyed the crap out of me. I cant say that I have never judged because I know I do it. More often than I should. But upon realizing how obnoxious people are about competing in this little military town I have made my self more aware of what I am judging others on.

As most of you know my handsome man of a husband returned from Afghanistan last week. The kids have loved every second and well I can't lie that I havent enjoyed someone around to help out. Not the point of telling you he came home. We have finally had the chance to have real conversations about what he did over there and who he was with and blah blah blah. Then I was told about the epitome of ignorance.

A Marine my husband had the grand ole pleasure of spending 185 days with had the nerve to tell my husband that our kids were bad.  Wait what? I am the first person to tell you my kids are a pain in my rear in 99% of the time but with that being said they are also VERY well behaved children. Outside of the house particularly. This guy has been around my kids 3 times tops to make it even more fantastic and ridiculous. It blows my mind that someone can judge children so quickly. Kids will be kids. Its how life works. You can not have a perfect kids 24/7, especially 3 perfect kids that close in age. My oldest fights with me on every pair of shoes I try to put on her feet. She has a panic attack when she is hungry. {Thank you hypoglycemia} My middle child has well middle child syndrome and thinks everything is hers no matter what it is. Bentley is the baby and he also thinks everything is his and I have spoiled him rotten. But that does NOT mean they are bad kids. I know my kids limits and I don't exceed them. I know exactly how long I can sit in a car with them before shit hits the fan. I know exactly how many stores I can go in before I am that Mom with the 2 screaming kids and the other one darting in the street.  Every child has a point where they are no longer that angel sitting there quietly. Seeing as he has a newborn I'm not sure how he can say he knows what parenting is like in the first place.

After saying my kids are awful he went on to say that my choices are bad as well. Yup I'm a horrible wife. I've spent at least 60 months alone since my husband has joined the Marines but hell if I'm not a horrible person. I use the F word more than any normal human should but tell me how that describes the person I am? Its like saying that because I have tattoos I am a bad mom? That makes absolutely NO sense. Yes I cuss at my kids. Yes I use the f word to spice up my sentence even when its not necessary but that doesn't define me as a person. My house is nearly spotless all day every day. Dinner is on the table when my husband gets home. Laundry is done and put away. Fridge is stocked. Homework is done. The kids are bathed. The cars are clean. I know for a fact half of that is not done in his house all the time but yet I am the bad wife? When Ryan went back to work the day after they got back from deployment he left as soon as he could, what did this guy do? Oh right, he stayed a few extra hours to drink with his friends. If he has such a great wife then why is my husband rushing home to be with me and he's lying to his?

I adore this man's wife so it is a shame that this is how he talks about our family. What makes others think that they can talk bad about someones family for no reason?Why should he be concerned with the way we run our house hold? Every house is run differently and some people just cant wrap that around their brain. This dude and my father in law are welcome to have a "I hate Meridith and the way she throws around the F word and voices here opinion" party. Because they both seem to hate me for the same reasons.

So reevaluate the way you look at others and their life style. No reason to judge. We are not all equal. Even if Obama is trying to make it that way.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is dangerous yes but what really should be illegal is driving with children! I could text a 3000 word essay while driving and it would be safer than being in the car with my kids. It's unreal the things they expect you do be able to do.

We only live 4 hours from home so driving home is a normal thing. More often than not my husband is with me and it makes for a louder but some what easier drive. My kids are normally awesome aside from my eldest who believes she is starving and thirsting to death within the first 20 minutes. We have a rule that we cant start a movie until we get on the "big highway" also known as 45 minutes into the drive. Bentley is addicted to the TV in the car but I rarely give in to watching it on a normal day out.

I went home this past weekend on a last minute trip and those normally go pretty well because they aren't dreading the car we just hop in and go. Our trip there was PERFECT. Movie didn't start until we got on the highway, 2 kids fell asleep, we didn't hit traffic, and the best part is we did NOT stop. No one had to pee. It was great. I was so impressed.

Our trip home in general was a scream fest. I'm not sure what their problems were but when my Mom can't get them to stop and they act that way around her then you know its bad. The oldest screamer has such an attitude problem lately that I'm ready to ship her to Marine boot camp and wish her luck. (and I don't even like girls in the Marines but I think that's my last hope with her right now.) The time change royally messed us all up. The kids never sleep at home. No clue why, they just don't. Which I suppose is why they are all such basket cases while visiting.

But lets get to my point of why it should be illegal to drive with children....

On the way home I was exhausted beyond belief. All I wanted to do was get home and get in bed. It was a long weekend of coming and going and being here and there. I got on the road an hour after the time I had hoped to be. I was like oh lord I am never making it back. The first 60 minutes were the longest of my life, it dragged on for days. Kylie was screaming she was hungry over and over. I stop for gas because I saw it was $3.58 which is so sad that, that is cheap gas! Then I stopped a few exits down at Starbucks. I needed it. My kidney hated me but I finally wasn't nodding off while driving. Which by the way would of been impossible because Bentley so graciously dropped his paci a good 4000x! I wish I was exaggerating. He would throw it in the most god awful places. The never ever places of reaching for the driver. At one point my pedals were all the way up and my seat was all the way back just so I could reach the stupid thing. But if you have kids who have paci's you know what its like to have to listen to them scream for the dumb thing. How can one piece of freaking plastic be so awesome?! I would normally travel with at least 2 for this reason alone but we have lost all paci's and I refuse to buy more because I am done with the thing. When we stopped at Starbucks I grabbed a fruit cup for the kids. I thought oh this will be good healthier choice than most. But what I did not take into account is my car is a bus. Kylie sits a good 6 to 7 feet away from me. I can guarantee there are about 6 grapes she did not catch that are rotting in my car currently. Delainey joined in by dropping her blanket over and over.

Kylie wanted a pencil. I threw one to her and she didn't catch it. I said " Oh man you should learn to catch a little better since you sit back there." Her response, " No Mom you can't throw." I wanted to pull over and smack her but I refrained. She has my attitude and it kills me.

 It felt like I could not drive. Like someone wanted something at all times. That shit is dangerous. Screw the perfect car seat for them. I need a 5 point harness and possibly a beer to get through a road trip.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Get It

I've been thinking about this blog topic for a few months now but haven't had the time to put in enough thought so forgive me it may not make much sense still. I know quite a few people this will probably rub them the wrong way but my blog, my opinion, mind cha own business if you don't agree. :)


All our kids use them. In fact our kids all use 3 types of car seats before they can break free of them! Some of us pick our car seats because of the color. Others pick it because of reviews. And then some pick them because they think it is safer than others. Point is, we all have to deal with them. I personally use Graco car seats. All three of my kids came home in the same infant car seat. The girls both used/use a Graco Toddler seat. Kylie is in a Graco high back booster. You're probably wonder why the brand of my car seat would ever offend anyone but I will get to my point.

By law you can switch your baby to forward face at 12 months or 20 pounds. I switched Kylie at 12 months, I switched Delainey at 14 months (mainly because I was waiting to hand down Kylie's toddler seat) and Bentley was also 12 months. My kids are midgets. Bentley only weighs 23lbs now so I can imagine he did not weigh 20 pounds when I switched him. But being his mother, I felt he was ready and able to be forward facing at 12 months. Kylie has weighed 33 pounds since the day she started using her booster which was in 2010. I feel she is "mature" enough to be in a high back booster as well as old enough.

Don't try to quote me on this information because I have not studied or really educated my self on all this. Its just from quick google searches.

My point is I'm sick of hearing about it. As a parent we are given the responsibility to keep OUR kids safe. You don't need to go on rampages on the Internet to complete strangers telling them they have their kids in improper car seats. Read the side of my kids car seat, that shit says 3 or 30 pounds. She is 5 and 35 pounds. The other two say 12 months or 20 pounds forward OR rear facing,  they are 3 and 25 pounds, and 18 months and 22 pounds. I feel confident and right with my decision to put my kids in those car seats every day I get in the car. My favorite part about these people who are obsessed with "correcting" other parents car seats decision is they contradict them selves. I've seen plenty of my own facebook friends talk about their kids are "their kids and they will make the choices they feel are right for them" Well okay numb nuts then let those poor people put their kids in the car seats they think are right. We aren't leaving our kids on the top of the car in their infant seats like that one chick now are we?!

If someone asks for your opinion on car seats be my freaking guest. Give them your 25 page spiel on why you think their kid should be 16 before they forward face but other wise keep your opinion to your self. It is just that, YOUR opinion. For a while they were discussing making the booster law to be 90lbs. I was 6lbs shy of that. So technically I would need a booster in the freaking drivers seat. Tell me how much sense that would make.

We are all brought up different and parent in different ways. Its just how the world works. If we were all the same the world would be a boring place. You can read my blog and delete me or give me dirty looks but maybe you will sit back and think, Oh wait maybe I should tone it down a notch. Keep your kids safe the way you think they should be in a car and give your advice where its WANTED. :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I was so determined to blog every day to keep you people entertained at work like you asked but I failed you. :( More often than not I really am truly doing nothing so I have no real excuse. Life has dragged me into exhaustion at this point.

We have lived here for about 9 months, which in my case is a long time. At this point we would normally be starting the packing process for the next house. So some how I have let everything get cluttered. Junk drawer became a junk house. There are things stashed in drawers and cabinets in every room of the house. All my neighbors and friends are like "Shut up, your house is always clean." What they don't know is if they open any cabinets they have to watch out for flying junk at their face. It has gotten over whelming. Today I started slowly working my way to getting things back to organized.

Lately I have just felt so behind on life. Such a broad way of putting it but I cant keep up. House work is never done, laundry is never finished, and I always need something at some store. I keep blaming it on my youngest. That boy has run me to the ground!

My girls were always so fun and easy at 18 months. Bentley is so different. I wanted a boy from the beginning but never in my wildest dreams did I think that my son would be as big of a pain in the ass as he is. This child is such a nuisance to society it kills me sometimes. If you don't know me I am a little OCD. I like things in their place and I rarely let my kids destroy the toy room for longer than 45 minutes before I am asking them to clean things up. This little boy has no idea how to clean and thinks all toys belong on the floor or thrown across a table. His boy toy section grew over Christmas and I had to get more storage to accommodate it all. I thought that would help but no such luck. Gummies (fruit snacks) are a main food group for him. Without gummies I would be in a world of hurt. They stop him from any temper tantrum, which is like 6x a day. I know not healthy but hey you would do it too. He screams like a little girl when he doesn't get things his way. Freaking last child syndrome. The girls never really played with their food, they would take sandwiches apart and such but not like this kid. He mixes everything. Oh thanks Mom I'll just dip my chips in my yogurt. I mean honestly who in the world wants to eat a yogurt dipped dorito? Aside from thinking every food must be dipped he also things need to be mixed. Hot dogs in his milk, green beans in there too. Its disgusting. Hes going to be that kid at school that gets a milk carton just to put all his food in it to gross everyone out. Best part is, the dummy is going to eat it! Probably with a knife because who really wants to eat with a fork?

I'm sure I've missed some great stories to tell about him but today was a good one. I was folding laundry in the laundry room when he walks up to me holding the end of the toilet paper roll. Now this obviously means he unrolled it from the bathroom to the laundry room which was hmm at least 10-15 feet. His sister decided to help roll up the roll but she decided that was taking too long so she shoved it all in the toilet and tried to flush it. Yup that is when my bathroom was flooded. So of course all their clothes were wet and needed to be washed. Back to the laundry room I went to start a new load of towels, clothes and rugs.

How do you keep up with your chores?! I use to be so good at it until this little boy threw me for a loop!! Thank God for nap time! :)