Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mom Problems

Ive been meaning to blog for quite some time but I went into a deep dark lazy I don't want to move, wait its 2pm and I'm not dressed mode. So I was just too busy sitting on my behind to do so is pretty much what I am saying.

Thanksgiving was awesome. We had 22 wait maybe 20 people here. I was excited to not only have that many people but to have enough room to seat all of them. We had 2 long tables in our kitchen/playroom. I think my Mom and I discussed Thanksgiving for 2 months. Many of our guest had to bring their own seats or they couldn't sit at the table. But in the end it all worked out.

Now my real blog can start now that I bored you all with my mumble jumble....

Last week Kylie's school decided to change their pick up-drop off ways. Which fine whatever I didn't feel anything needed to be changed but I'm just the lazy ass that drives 5 streets down instead of walking. They gave us all cards to put in our dashboard to indicate if we were "allowed" to go in the first entrance which was for Kindergarten and PreK. But the dumb part is ALL the cards were blue, the PreK-K just had a mouse on theirs. They should of given us a different color card, mainly because the first 4 days of this "new" way I was stopped by the same damn guy so he could look at my card. I finally just stopped stopping for him and if he wanted to get his foot run over he was welcome to check out my dashboard but I wasn't slowing. Some Mom's were all for the change and so happy things were different but I wasn't in that category.

The 2nd day of the change I was picking up my neighbor from school as well. I pulled into my kick ass VIP first entrance to the school to pick up Kylie and everything was fine. Then I was told to move forward if I was picking up a 1-5 grader. So I did. But what this man did not understand was the kid I was picking up had no idea I was picking him up. I think I said that to him maybe 5x but he was too worried about how far up in the line I needed to be. I sat and waited for the little boy to come out of school. When I finally saw him I stepped out of the car to call his name. This said man was not so happy I was "outside of my vehicle."  He said "Ma'am get back in your car!" I said "Sir you haven't listened to anything I've told you and until I get that little boy, I wont be getting back in." He then made me pull up even farther away from where my neighbor would see me. I ended up letting Kylie out of the car and sending her to get him because the idiots running the car line were too ignorant to understand.

After getting the kids back in the car the man said "I have no idea why he wasn't in the gym waiting for his name to be called." Well dumby if you listened to anything I said to you, I told you I do not normally pick him up he would not know to look for my car, he is normally a walker and I am NOT his mom!

Come day three I was dropping Kylie off in the morning which it was dang cold, I had an excuse. I pull up to drop her off and she unbuckled, got her book bag on and got out of the car. Next thing I know my other best friend at the school is at my car door.

"If you're going to be here a while you need to turn your car off. The exhaust is blowing in the kids face and they are inhaling it."

I politely said, " I was unaware I needed to slow down to 5mph and throw my child out of the car."

He didn't really find it funny. So in exchange I sped off. Now it was the afternoon. My husband was driving and we were waiting in the front of the pick up line. It was 2:45, 15 minutes before any kids would be walking out of that school. Instead of going to the driver window, he came to mine and told me we needed to turn the car off to avoid putting exhaust in kids faces. I rolled my window up and laughed, he then knocked on my window again and said what you don't find that important? I had so many words for this man it was unreal so I just put my window up and looked the other way. He proceeded to ask me if I had an older child or just a Kindergartner, which means the 2 guys who I've argued with have been talking. Which in turns makes me believe these idiots are just messing with me. And what I really don't understand is why cars were needing to be turned off yet the buses were just a running?! And let's be honest are the kids going to die instantly from exhaust? No, I think we all inhaled enough exhaust as a child and were still kicking.

Luckily as I expected things are back to normal and there aren't 16 police and 6 school officials outside to tell us incompetent parents how to pick our kids up.

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