Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Potty Training

I dread potting training days. You have to pack 72 extra outfits, make 3 extra stops and remember to ask every 20 minutes if your kids has to pee. It's a bit time consuming to say the least. I guess I'm being a little dramatic but sometimes I just want to slap a diaper on the kid!

I tried to potty train Kylie at a little over 2 years old. She had NO interest what so ever. She had so many accidents. I finally gave up after a week or two. I was pregnant at the time and really should of taken advantage of only having one child in the house. But it paid off. After she turned 3 she told me one day she wanted to wear panties. I said okay and 24 hours later she was potty trained. No accidents, nothing. After a month we started the through the night potty training. She had a few accidents but finally learned to get up when she needed to go. Still to this day she gets up in the night to go potty. Which I will never understand why she comes in our bathroom but she does. She flips on every light switch in our room, goes pee, turns them all off then goes back to bed. I'm almost positive she is sleeping when she does it.

Delainey also decided not too long after she turned 2 she wanted to use the potty. It was when we were staying at my parents house. I went out and bought a potty, panties and some treats for when she did it. Needless to say she peed all over the place and never knew when she had to go. I gave up then too. Last month she started realizing when she was going and would tell us immediately when she had to go. So I decided maybe it was time to start. She has done awesome. It has been almost a month and she has only had 3-4 accidents. I still have to ask her every 30 minutes if she has to go but hey we are getting somewhere. Next mission is no diapers at night! I have to admit I did cheat for the first week or two. When we went out of the house I would put a pull up on her. Surprisingly she never had to go though. I just really dread the cleaning up a mess when you are not at home!

Delainey's sugar intake is at an all time high. I sometimes think that she forces her self to pee knowing she gets a treat! I think we may have to stop doing treats every time she goes and maybe one treat after dinner if she has no accidents that day.

Yay to ONE kid in diapers! FINALLY! I seriously thought the day would never come.

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