Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Back!!

I have not blogged in months! I don't really care to say why I stopped blogging. But all that matter is I'M BACK! Over the past few months I've had more people contact me asking to be added to my blogger list but unfortunately no one was on my list. So no worries, no one was left out.

It has been a crazy few months of settling into the new house as well as a new routine of going to school. Who knew I was old enough for a kid in school right? She absolutely loves school. In fact she hates coming home. And man is getting up at 7:15, dressing and feeding 3 kids a whole lot of work. Every morning there is a problem. Some one decides the shoes they picked the night before no longer fit, or they don't really match their outfit or they simply just aren't a fan of them the next day. Pain in the rear end. Kylie thinks that she can wear socks with flats and green with orange. Its awful. I mean I'm not exactly the best dresser but I try to match at least. Kylie has already learned so much at school. She sings all day long about the weather, or simply just songs they sing in music. As most of my readers know she is my trouble maker simply because she gets so bored. School has honestly been the best thing for her, and me. :)
Us being a military family we clearly move often. I think my last blog was in June? Which was just a few weeks after we moved in. Since then I have harassed our new neighbors and met new friends down the street. It's been an awesome experience. The family next door you will all probably hear about so much you will think you know them. They are better than I could of asked for. They have 2 kids, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 3. The little boy loves Bentley,{and the girls but eww gross girls he's 8} and helps corral the kid onto the sidewalk since he is determined to be a pancake on the street. We spend almost every afternoon camped out on the front lawn letting the kids play and as Jason, the neighbor, says "clucking" at each other. Friday nights we break out the glow sticks and tend to order pizza, stay out late and play yard games. Which at our old age is our idea of a damn good time. ;)

Bentley has started walking since I last blogged. He as I said LOVES to run in the street. He thinks the closer he gets to running away the better. Its now become a game to him, I don't exactly enjoy the game as much as he does. He also enjoys being a boy and just a complete nuisance to society. I catch him pouring out his snacks and stomping on them to make a huge mess. He can destroy the toy room single handed in a matter of 2 minutes. He says cup, bowl, cheers, cheese, gum, thank you, and NO! You know all the important words a man should know. His new nickname has become B simply because we are constantly telling him to stop doing something and B comes out much faster.
This was end of summer, he since grew some hair and a mean little attitude.
Delainey had been challenged with the middle child syndrome. She is oldest when Kylie is at school and cant quite grasp the concept so she is often just mean to Bentley. My poor little baby. She has also started to potty train which I was certain would never happen. She has done great. I'd like to say she is officially potty trained seeing as she has not used a diaper (other than bed time which she still hasn't wet a diaper than) in over 2 weeks. One kid in diapers for the first time in years!! She is hilarious though. The potty sort of intimidates her. The other day she was going number 2 and

 I said "Yay Delainey!!"
She said "ahhh there's more"
I waited, then said it again, "Yay Delainey"
She said, "oh I gotta pee!!"
then finally I waited one last time before congratulating her, "Yayy! You went in the potty"
She said "Yep!"

So parents, never congratulate too soon, clearly they need to finish first!

Poor nugget, stuck with me for a few more years.

If you are on my facebook as well you have clearly seen all of these pictures and know exactly what I am up to but if not there is the update on the kids! On top of their updates I have one of my own. I started selling Pink Zebra. It is an awesome home fragrance line. I told my self for years I would never do direct sales. Thought it was crazy and stupid to be honest. But something told me to do it, so I did. It has been an awesome opportunity so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. I'm waiting for my friend list on FB to dwindle because of how many post I have to post for online parties. Sorry guys! Order something, you'll know why I love it! If you want to host a party you can do it in your house or online! Go to my site, here!

I'm sure I will blogging more often now! Excited to be back!

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