Monday, October 15, 2012


I know that I should probably wait to write this in November to theme it on Thanksgiving but its been on my mind a lot lately. I am guilty of not being grateful for what I have. In fact ask any of my neighbors who have heard me say thousands of times that I want the 2013 Denali Yukon XL and I'd sell my soul to get it. BUT in reality I have been more grateful of what I have this past year more than others.

Ryan's job by no means makes the big bucks. I was talking to a friend recently who thought military was a well paid job. When I told her my husbands salary I think she shat her pants. His 60+ hours work weeks when he is in country and his 24 hour days when he is deployed barely equal a few dollars an hour. Which clearly makes us all aggravated but such is life. He signed up for this job willingly and I love it either way.

Back to my point.

I use to stress so much over money and how little we had. Still do. But more recently I have decided to not stress as often. We have a steady pay check coming into our bank account. We have a roof over our heads. We own cars that run. {not as good as the 2013 but it runs.} My kids have the option to be clothed. My clothes don't fit because I eat too damn much. My house is a mess because we have too many toys. My floor is filthy because of the crumbs of food my kids constantly leave. We eat at a table, off of plates. I'm using a laptop in my house off of my wifi. I could come up with so many more things that people don't realize is a luxury to others. I by no means have a lot but what I do have is enough to survive. You can't be happy if you're constantly stressing over not having things that others do. Make do with what you have. Everyone is different including our income, don't stress over what so and so is making. Enjoy your life with your family.

A friend of mine did not receive their check this past pay period. It was a military mistake. I didn't see her stressed. She was upset for a few minutes and instantly knew to get over it and deal with Monday.{today} It was amazing to me to see how she reacted to such a frustrating event, something she couldn't control. I can only hope I would be as calm {well after she had time to scream and cry} as she was about the situation.

It kills me to see families basing every aspect of their lives over their finances. Guilty of doing it my self. But why? Why do we feel money is what runs our life?

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