Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Already?

Yesterday was awful. I got no sleep the night before because of all the insane wind that kept me up. My awesome husband let me relax all day long. In fact I did not go downstairs until 8 that night. I had a horrible stomach ache and my whole body ached from lack of sleep. I sound like I'm really 85 years old right? I finally took Tylenol PM {which if you have never taken it, go buy some! It's the best thing ever!} at 8pm and within an hour I slept after laying there for 24 hours.

I woke up this morning with a head ache. Awesome. I stepped on whatever toy was left on the floor by my bed. I went to get Bentley from his crib only to open the door and realize he pooped ALL over him self. His onsie was soaked from top to bottom, his bumpers were covered, his sheets, and blankets. Great. I cleaned him and threw his stuff in the washer, only to realize the laundry I was folding 2 days prior was all still stacked up in the laundry room. We all ate breakfast and then we headed upstairs so I could shower. I think the last time I showered was probably 4 days before that. {Don't say eww, you have 3 kids a husband and headaches and tell me how often you would shower}Before I even got in the shower my 5 year old had a complete melt down because I gave her a princess bowl instead of the turkey bowl. I wish I made that up but that was really what the melt down was over. After she got over that part she then realized I gave her regular gold fish and she began to scream "I wanted the xtreme cheddar gold fish" I seriously could not even begin to take her seriously when that was what was coming out of her mouth. I got in the shower and pretended that I was really at a spa then the toilet got flushed and I quickly realized the water was freezing and I was still in fact at home.

I threw some clothes on so we could quickly get to the store and back home. I first was headed to drop off a catalog with a girl on base. I had her address but my phone was sending me the most complicated way in the world. After driving around officer country with my cute little enlisted stickers on my car I realized I stuck out like a soar thumb. Only thing I had going for me was that my car was nice. My phone kept showing that I was driving in a lake, my car isn't a boat so I knew that is not where I really was but for some reason it would not recalculate. I turned around 3 times before I finally found her street. She was very sweet and may host a party. {Yay me!} She also said she saw my car driving yesterday, which was my husband, and loved our website. Which makes me glad I got a car decal.

I then headed to the commissary which I was dreading. Some how I made it in and out within 25 minutes. That never happens. I was only getting things for dinner this week but still with all the kids I never do anything that fast. I'm so use to having just the 2 kids when Kylie is in school that I forgot the usual question of "Are they all yours?" "Oh no I picked 2 up on the corner because they were cute." I get it, I look 12 and I have 3 kids but they all look just a like how would you think they weren't all mine. People should just start saying "Wow you must of been a 10 when you had her, what are you like 18?"

I got home in time to throw the chili in the crock pot. The kids ate a late lunch and Bentley is taking a late nap. How it is already 3pm I don't know! I lost my whole day but cant wait to sit down for a few minutes before dinner time.

I sound like a crabby little lady today. I apologize. Happy Monday I suppose! :)

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