Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Already?

Yesterday was awful. I got no sleep the night before because of all the insane wind that kept me up. My awesome husband let me relax all day long. In fact I did not go downstairs until 8 that night. I had a horrible stomach ache and my whole body ached from lack of sleep. I sound like I'm really 85 years old right? I finally took Tylenol PM {which if you have never taken it, go buy some! It's the best thing ever!} at 8pm and within an hour I slept after laying there for 24 hours.

I woke up this morning with a head ache. Awesome. I stepped on whatever toy was left on the floor by my bed. I went to get Bentley from his crib only to open the door and realize he pooped ALL over him self. His onsie was soaked from top to bottom, his bumpers were covered, his sheets, and blankets. Great. I cleaned him and threw his stuff in the washer, only to realize the laundry I was folding 2 days prior was all still stacked up in the laundry room. We all ate breakfast and then we headed upstairs so I could shower. I think the last time I showered was probably 4 days before that. {Don't say eww, you have 3 kids a husband and headaches and tell me how often you would shower}Before I even got in the shower my 5 year old had a complete melt down because I gave her a princess bowl instead of the turkey bowl. I wish I made that up but that was really what the melt down was over. After she got over that part she then realized I gave her regular gold fish and she began to scream "I wanted the xtreme cheddar gold fish" I seriously could not even begin to take her seriously when that was what was coming out of her mouth. I got in the shower and pretended that I was really at a spa then the toilet got flushed and I quickly realized the water was freezing and I was still in fact at home.

I threw some clothes on so we could quickly get to the store and back home. I first was headed to drop off a catalog with a girl on base. I had her address but my phone was sending me the most complicated way in the world. After driving around officer country with my cute little enlisted stickers on my car I realized I stuck out like a soar thumb. Only thing I had going for me was that my car was nice. My phone kept showing that I was driving in a lake, my car isn't a boat so I knew that is not where I really was but for some reason it would not recalculate. I turned around 3 times before I finally found her street. She was very sweet and may host a party. {Yay me!} She also said she saw my car driving yesterday, which was my husband, and loved our website. Which makes me glad I got a car decal.

I then headed to the commissary which I was dreading. Some how I made it in and out within 25 minutes. That never happens. I was only getting things for dinner this week but still with all the kids I never do anything that fast. I'm so use to having just the 2 kids when Kylie is in school that I forgot the usual question of "Are they all yours?" "Oh no I picked 2 up on the corner because they were cute." I get it, I look 12 and I have 3 kids but they all look just a like how would you think they weren't all mine. People should just start saying "Wow you must of been a 10 when you had her, what are you like 18?"

I got home in time to throw the chili in the crock pot. The kids ate a late lunch and Bentley is taking a late nap. How it is already 3pm I don't know! I lost my whole day but cant wait to sit down for a few minutes before dinner time.

I sound like a crabby little lady today. I apologize. Happy Monday I suppose! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Potty Training

I dread potting training days. You have to pack 72 extra outfits, make 3 extra stops and remember to ask every 20 minutes if your kids has to pee. It's a bit time consuming to say the least. I guess I'm being a little dramatic but sometimes I just want to slap a diaper on the kid!

I tried to potty train Kylie at a little over 2 years old. She had NO interest what so ever. She had so many accidents. I finally gave up after a week or two. I was pregnant at the time and really should of taken advantage of only having one child in the house. But it paid off. After she turned 3 she told me one day she wanted to wear panties. I said okay and 24 hours later she was potty trained. No accidents, nothing. After a month we started the through the night potty training. She had a few accidents but finally learned to get up when she needed to go. Still to this day she gets up in the night to go potty. Which I will never understand why she comes in our bathroom but she does. She flips on every light switch in our room, goes pee, turns them all off then goes back to bed. I'm almost positive she is sleeping when she does it.

Delainey also decided not too long after she turned 2 she wanted to use the potty. It was when we were staying at my parents house. I went out and bought a potty, panties and some treats for when she did it. Needless to say she peed all over the place and never knew when she had to go. I gave up then too. Last month she started realizing when she was going and would tell us immediately when she had to go. So I decided maybe it was time to start. She has done awesome. It has been almost a month and she has only had 3-4 accidents. I still have to ask her every 30 minutes if she has to go but hey we are getting somewhere. Next mission is no diapers at night! I have to admit I did cheat for the first week or two. When we went out of the house I would put a pull up on her. Surprisingly she never had to go though. I just really dread the cleaning up a mess when you are not at home!

Delainey's sugar intake is at an all time high. I sometimes think that she forces her self to pee knowing she gets a treat! I think we may have to stop doing treats every time she goes and maybe one treat after dinner if she has no accidents that day.

Yay to ONE kid in diapers! FINALLY! I seriously thought the day would never come.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I know that I should probably wait to write this in November to theme it on Thanksgiving but its been on my mind a lot lately. I am guilty of not being grateful for what I have. In fact ask any of my neighbors who have heard me say thousands of times that I want the 2013 Denali Yukon XL and I'd sell my soul to get it. BUT in reality I have been more grateful of what I have this past year more than others.

Ryan's job by no means makes the big bucks. I was talking to a friend recently who thought military was a well paid job. When I told her my husbands salary I think she shat her pants. His 60+ hours work weeks when he is in country and his 24 hour days when he is deployed barely equal a few dollars an hour. Which clearly makes us all aggravated but such is life. He signed up for this job willingly and I love it either way.

Back to my point.

I use to stress so much over money and how little we had. Still do. But more recently I have decided to not stress as often. We have a steady pay check coming into our bank account. We have a roof over our heads. We own cars that run. {not as good as the 2013 but it runs.} My kids have the option to be clothed. My clothes don't fit because I eat too damn much. My house is a mess because we have too many toys. My floor is filthy because of the crumbs of food my kids constantly leave. We eat at a table, off of plates. I'm using a laptop in my house off of my wifi. I could come up with so many more things that people don't realize is a luxury to others. I by no means have a lot but what I do have is enough to survive. You can't be happy if you're constantly stressing over not having things that others do. Make do with what you have. Everyone is different including our income, don't stress over what so and so is making. Enjoy your life with your family.

A friend of mine did not receive their check this past pay period. It was a military mistake. I didn't see her stressed. She was upset for a few minutes and instantly knew to get over it and deal with Monday.{today} It was amazing to me to see how she reacted to such a frustrating event, something she couldn't control. I can only hope I would be as calm {well after she had time to scream and cry} as she was about the situation.

It kills me to see families basing every aspect of their lives over their finances. Guilty of doing it my self. But why? Why do we feel money is what runs our life?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Back!!

I have not blogged in months! I don't really care to say why I stopped blogging. But all that matter is I'M BACK! Over the past few months I've had more people contact me asking to be added to my blogger list but unfortunately no one was on my list. So no worries, no one was left out.

It has been a crazy few months of settling into the new house as well as a new routine of going to school. Who knew I was old enough for a kid in school right? She absolutely loves school. In fact she hates coming home. And man is getting up at 7:15, dressing and feeding 3 kids a whole lot of work. Every morning there is a problem. Some one decides the shoes they picked the night before no longer fit, or they don't really match their outfit or they simply just aren't a fan of them the next day. Pain in the rear end. Kylie thinks that she can wear socks with flats and green with orange. Its awful. I mean I'm not exactly the best dresser but I try to match at least. Kylie has already learned so much at school. She sings all day long about the weather, or simply just songs they sing in music. As most of my readers know she is my trouble maker simply because she gets so bored. School has honestly been the best thing for her, and me. :)
Us being a military family we clearly move often. I think my last blog was in June? Which was just a few weeks after we moved in. Since then I have harassed our new neighbors and met new friends down the street. It's been an awesome experience. The family next door you will all probably hear about so much you will think you know them. They are better than I could of asked for. They have 2 kids, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 3. The little boy loves Bentley,{and the girls but eww gross girls he's 8} and helps corral the kid onto the sidewalk since he is determined to be a pancake on the street. We spend almost every afternoon camped out on the front lawn letting the kids play and as Jason, the neighbor, says "clucking" at each other. Friday nights we break out the glow sticks and tend to order pizza, stay out late and play yard games. Which at our old age is our idea of a damn good time. ;)

Bentley has started walking since I last blogged. He as I said LOVES to run in the street. He thinks the closer he gets to running away the better. Its now become a game to him, I don't exactly enjoy the game as much as he does. He also enjoys being a boy and just a complete nuisance to society. I catch him pouring out his snacks and stomping on them to make a huge mess. He can destroy the toy room single handed in a matter of 2 minutes. He says cup, bowl, cheers, cheese, gum, thank you, and NO! You know all the important words a man should know. His new nickname has become B simply because we are constantly telling him to stop doing something and B comes out much faster.
This was end of summer, he since grew some hair and a mean little attitude.
Delainey had been challenged with the middle child syndrome. She is oldest when Kylie is at school and cant quite grasp the concept so she is often just mean to Bentley. My poor little baby. She has also started to potty train which I was certain would never happen. She has done great. I'd like to say she is officially potty trained seeing as she has not used a diaper (other than bed time which she still hasn't wet a diaper than) in over 2 weeks. One kid in diapers for the first time in years!! She is hilarious though. The potty sort of intimidates her. The other day she was going number 2 and

 I said "Yay Delainey!!"
She said "ahhh there's more"
I waited, then said it again, "Yay Delainey"
She said, "oh I gotta pee!!"
then finally I waited one last time before congratulating her, "Yayy! You went in the potty"
She said "Yep!"

So parents, never congratulate too soon, clearly they need to finish first!

Poor nugget, stuck with me for a few more years.

If you are on my facebook as well you have clearly seen all of these pictures and know exactly what I am up to but if not there is the update on the kids! On top of their updates I have one of my own. I started selling Pink Zebra. It is an awesome home fragrance line. I told my self for years I would never do direct sales. Thought it was crazy and stupid to be honest. But something told me to do it, so I did. It has been an awesome opportunity so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. I'm waiting for my friend list on FB to dwindle because of how many post I have to post for online parties. Sorry guys! Order something, you'll know why I love it! If you want to host a party you can do it in your house or online! Go to my site, here!

I'm sure I will blogging more often now! Excited to be back!