Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My oldest loves the color purple. I too use to like purple until I decided anything looked better pink at about 14. Her bedding has no purple in it but every other light color in the rainbow. So I knew it wouldn't matter to throw purple in the mix.

This room I thought would be difficult but it was the easiest. It turned out so adorable and girly. The name of her paint was purpulicuous which fits her diva attitude. In my opinion her bedding matches perfectly! She told me she wanted purple Polk a dots and pink stripes. My brain couldn't of handled all of that in one room so I settled on the end decision for her. My mother measures and makes everything perfect but my sisters and I opted against measuring and did it all by eye. We were down one circle and had no more tape but thought since it was beside the door we would just put her coat hanger up and no one would notice. That awesome perfect Mom of ours walked in and said, "Hey you forgot a dot!" 76 dots and she noticed the missing one. Got to love how good she is at these things.

Kylie adores her room and has loved showing it off to everyone who comes over.

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