Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

I was dying of a headache as usual yesterday so I didn't get to post about my other daughters room. This room was supposed to be the easiest. When I was sitting at my Mom's calculating all the math for the other rooms I didn't even think about this one. I had 2 rooms with stripes before and in all honesty it isn't very hard just a pain in the ass.

I wanted to be done painting all the rooms in 2 days. Due to a migraine and late start the first day as well as the walls eating the paint, that didn't happen. Day 3 is when we started on her room. At this point it was just my husband and I painting which may be a good thing because boy did it get frustrating. We started taping the stripes only to realize at the end of the wall that we were starting to slant. {Instead of II it looked like //} We started to take a few off to figure out where we went wrong. Finally we got into the groove and got the whole room taped off. I started painting and it was looking so cute but I knew we'd run out of paint. There were 2 stripes left and NO paint. My husband got more paint and I knew better than to think it was exact but still went to touch up all the stripes. It dried and you could see every little spot I touched up due to the new paint being a little darker. It was awful!

The kids were coming in 2 days and I had nothing unpacked so I just had to leave it alone. It killed me every time I walked in the room. About 2 weeks ago I bought an entire gallon of hello dotty paint and it looks awesome! I was not fooling around buying a pint.

Delainey is my sweet little girl so when thinking of her I think of light colors and pretty little princesses!

There's a before and after of the horrible first try. Lol

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