Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures Finally!

I still do not have Internet at the house and really haven't been too bothered by this. Only complaint is not being able to blog and upload pictures from my camera. But I have been dying to post about the kids rooms. The clubhouse in our neighborhood has wifi so the kids played in the kid room while I uploaded pictures.

I dont want to overload your brains with too many patterns at once { which happens when you walk up my stairs} so I will do one room per blog. I'll start with little man's room. I absolutely love his room. It turned out great and I feel accomplished when I tell someone I did it my self, with sister and best friend help!

I based his room off of his bumpers which were custom made by my momma. He has blue and green argyle with a very unique tank fabric. I recently fell in love with the color gray. I'm actually obsessed and use it in every room I can. So although his bedding is white, blue, and green I opted to do gray instead.

His room was second easiest of the three. Although I have yet to put the black lines on the argyle wall.


  1. I think it looks great without the lines. I cannot belive you did that! Cannot believe it, you are talented, my friend.