Thursday, June 14, 2012

Band wagon.

I have gotten on the being fit band wagon. I have a weakness for fast food and sweets. I really don't see that obsession going any where but I can at least try to get in shape right? According to society I'm supposed to be happy with the way I look because I wear a 00. But the size of my body and the look of my body aren't the same thing. My hips will always be that size so I will always wear pants that small. But the muffin top of fat that lies over them isn't exactly standard issue.

I started running with the 3 kids when Bentley was 2.5 months old as well as doing p90x. P90x last 4 days. It was boring and I swear wasn't hard. That's when I started running. If you're a mom you know how it is to run with kids. It takes 30 minutes just to prepare the stroller. I'm almost positive they don't have triple jogging strollers so I use my double and pile them in. At the time that was pushing 80lbs of stroller. I wanted to quit the first day but had a goal weight of what I wanted to be at so I pushed my self to run 2-4 days a week. Which no isn't a lot but my theory is, something is better than nothing. I then had to realize that running wasn't going to make me look like I did when I was 16. {which was prior baby body.} Food is my weakness. I slowly tried to cut certain things out. When I went to chick-fil-a I would get a salad instead of fries and used no condiments. This lasted until about the time my husband got home from deployment.

After he was home I went right back to eating more sweets than I should and more fast food then ANYONE ever should. I gained backed the 5lbs I worked so hard to lose within a few months.

The week before Memorial day I decided I would start going to the gym. I went twice alone. The first day I ran a 13:50 minute mile. Dont laugh. And did a mile on the elliptical. That night I was crying in pain because I swear these muscles haven't been used since I was 12. The next week our family friends and Mom were in town for the beach. Christen and I then started going to the gym every morning and every once in a while we threw in a night work out too. Since then I have cut off 3.5 minutes from my run and actually learned how to use the machines. I'd love to tell you that I lost those 5lbs again but not the case.

We ate over 350 munchkins {donut holes} that week. That's disgusting now that I admitted that for people to read. Food. I love food. But I'd like to think I'm finally toning up my body even if I intake more calories than I'd ever be able to burn.

Something is better than nothing. I hope I can post these pictures and look back in a few weeks and see a difference. But my question is will I ever not look 10 weeks pregnant?!

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