Thursday, June 14, 2012

Band wagon.

I have gotten on the being fit band wagon. I have a weakness for fast food and sweets. I really don't see that obsession going any where but I can at least try to get in shape right? According to society I'm supposed to be happy with the way I look because I wear a 00. But the size of my body and the look of my body aren't the same thing. My hips will always be that size so I will always wear pants that small. But the muffin top of fat that lies over them isn't exactly standard issue.

I started running with the 3 kids when Bentley was 2.5 months old as well as doing p90x. P90x last 4 days. It was boring and I swear wasn't hard. That's when I started running. If you're a mom you know how it is to run with kids. It takes 30 minutes just to prepare the stroller. I'm almost positive they don't have triple jogging strollers so I use my double and pile them in. At the time that was pushing 80lbs of stroller. I wanted to quit the first day but had a goal weight of what I wanted to be at so I pushed my self to run 2-4 days a week. Which no isn't a lot but my theory is, something is better than nothing. I then had to realize that running wasn't going to make me look like I did when I was 16. {which was prior baby body.} Food is my weakness. I slowly tried to cut certain things out. When I went to chick-fil-a I would get a salad instead of fries and used no condiments. This lasted until about the time my husband got home from deployment.

After he was home I went right back to eating more sweets than I should and more fast food then ANYONE ever should. I gained backed the 5lbs I worked so hard to lose within a few months.

The week before Memorial day I decided I would start going to the gym. I went twice alone. The first day I ran a 13:50 minute mile. Dont laugh. And did a mile on the elliptical. That night I was crying in pain because I swear these muscles haven't been used since I was 12. The next week our family friends and Mom were in town for the beach. Christen and I then started going to the gym every morning and every once in a while we threw in a night work out too. Since then I have cut off 3.5 minutes from my run and actually learned how to use the machines. I'd love to tell you that I lost those 5lbs again but not the case.

We ate over 350 munchkins {donut holes} that week. That's disgusting now that I admitted that for people to read. Food. I love food. But I'd like to think I'm finally toning up my body even if I intake more calories than I'd ever be able to burn.

Something is better than nothing. I hope I can post these pictures and look back in a few weeks and see a difference. But my question is will I ever not look 10 weeks pregnant?!

Pretty Pretty Princess

I was dying of a headache as usual yesterday so I didn't get to post about my other daughters room. This room was supposed to be the easiest. When I was sitting at my Mom's calculating all the math for the other rooms I didn't even think about this one. I had 2 rooms with stripes before and in all honesty it isn't very hard just a pain in the ass.

I wanted to be done painting all the rooms in 2 days. Due to a migraine and late start the first day as well as the walls eating the paint, that didn't happen. Day 3 is when we started on her room. At this point it was just my husband and I painting which may be a good thing because boy did it get frustrating. We started taping the stripes only to realize at the end of the wall that we were starting to slant. {Instead of II it looked like //} We started to take a few off to figure out where we went wrong. Finally we got into the groove and got the whole room taped off. I started painting and it was looking so cute but I knew we'd run out of paint. There were 2 stripes left and NO paint. My husband got more paint and I knew better than to think it was exact but still went to touch up all the stripes. It dried and you could see every little spot I touched up due to the new paint being a little darker. It was awful!

The kids were coming in 2 days and I had nothing unpacked so I just had to leave it alone. It killed me every time I walked in the room. About 2 weeks ago I bought an entire gallon of hello dotty paint and it looks awesome! I was not fooling around buying a pint.

Delainey is my sweet little girl so when thinking of her I think of light colors and pretty little princesses!

There's a before and after of the horrible first try. Lol

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My oldest loves the color purple. I too use to like purple until I decided anything looked better pink at about 14. Her bedding has no purple in it but every other light color in the rainbow. So I knew it wouldn't matter to throw purple in the mix.

This room I thought would be difficult but it was the easiest. It turned out so adorable and girly. The name of her paint was purpulicuous which fits her diva attitude. In my opinion her bedding matches perfectly! She told me she wanted purple Polk a dots and pink stripes. My brain couldn't of handled all of that in one room so I settled on the end decision for her. My mother measures and makes everything perfect but my sisters and I opted against measuring and did it all by eye. We were down one circle and had no more tape but thought since it was beside the door we would just put her coat hanger up and no one would notice. That awesome perfect Mom of ours walked in and said, "Hey you forgot a dot!" 76 dots and she noticed the missing one. Got to love how good she is at these things.

Kylie adores her room and has loved showing it off to everyone who comes over.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures Finally!

I still do not have Internet at the house and really haven't been too bothered by this. Only complaint is not being able to blog and upload pictures from my camera. But I have been dying to post about the kids rooms. The clubhouse in our neighborhood has wifi so the kids played in the kid room while I uploaded pictures.

I dont want to overload your brains with too many patterns at once { which happens when you walk up my stairs} so I will do one room per blog. I'll start with little man's room. I absolutely love his room. It turned out great and I feel accomplished when I tell someone I did it my self, with sister and best friend help!

I based his room off of his bumpers which were custom made by my momma. He has blue and green argyle with a very unique tank fabric. I recently fell in love with the color gray. I'm actually obsessed and use it in every room I can. So although his bedding is white, blue, and green I opted to do gray instead.

His room was second easiest of the three. Although I have yet to put the black lines on the argyle wall.