Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally Have a House!

I have so much to say and most of it is unrelated. I suppose I'll have to separate it all into a few blogs or you guys will be reading for hours. Not to mention I still don't have Internet and my fingers may fall off if I have to type that much on my phone.

On May 1st I told my husband to email the housing lady to ask if we could paint before we moved in. {When we were signing the lease she told me there was no way it'd be done sooner than the 9th} I didn't want to sound dumb because I was certain her answer would be no. To my surprise I was wrong. Her response was "Mr.Burke, Your house has been ready, if you'd like to schedule a sooner appointment to pick up your keys please let me know." Please tell me where she missed the memo that I was homeless? In ever email I mentioned something about it. So of course he emailed back and said YES as soon as possible. That whole day I was freaking out because I was going to have to paint alone due to the timing of our move. However, by switching the date my sister and best friend were able to help. {Thank goodness. I'm certain I would of given up had they not been there.}

My husband picked up the keys Thursday morning. We finally got the house! Friday I attempted to leave early. In true Meridith fashion I had a problem. I stopped to get gas only to find out my card was deactivated. I had $18 in my pocket. That would get me to the highway, maybe. I call Navy Fed to find out someone had tried to use my card at a hotel in Iowa ? Who wants to stay in Iowa? After explaining I had no other source of money the lady had me stay on the phone while I filled my tank so she could then deactivate my card again.

I arrive at the house around 3. Danielle gets there at 3:30. I had a splitting was ache. We started painting right away. We quickly realize the walls are eating paint. My husband swears it was us but we used an entire gallon of pain in a 14x10ft room. Seems a bit unreal. We finally headed to the stinky apartment around 11 that night, covered in paint, and head pounding.

Saturday we spent most of the day taping of diamonds in Bentley's room. The painting was so the quickest park. By 8:30 we started Kylie's room which to my surprise was the easiest. Those both turned out amazing!

Sunday my helpers left so it was up to my husband and I. We were taping stripes until 2pm. Ran out of paint, had to get more. The new paint was a little darker. Room looks like crap. I cry every time I look at how bad it turned out. But it was time to start unpacking. We had already spent all our time painting and the kids were coming in 2 days.

I will post pictures once the Internet is up! :)

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