Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wait, what?

We're you aware there were two types of dryers? If not let me fill you in. There are gas dryers and electric dryers. I will never understand why anyone would buy a gas dryer seeing as you can always use an electric dryer.

After a week at the new house I finally had everything on the walls and all boxes unpacked. I then realized I had a 2ft pile of laundry. I got tired of asking my husband to plug them up so I took it upon my self. I hooked up the washer, started a load. My washer made so much noise i had to stop it. I was worried because our washer and dryer sat so long and were moved so much that they has gotten broken. But I then went to plug up the dryer. I sat on top of it staring at the wall for a good 20 minutes before I realized we had a hose on our dryer that our wall did not have a place for. I didn't think much into it and figured I was just being a girl.

The next day I asked my husband to do it. I was at the doctor with our youngest and got the text "So, you want a new dryer?" Well as much as I adore appliances our bank account just isn't a fan. He then informed me of our issue. We have a gas dryer, our house is set up for electric. Only I can pull this off. We used the dryer in 2 houses in CA so we just assume they are more popular out there. I searched on Craigslist and Lejeune yard sales for a dryer that would work for us. No such luck. I'm a freak and needed them to be very similar or I would probably cry every time I went in the laundry room.

We go to Lowe's Monday afternoon. {The one NOT on the busiest street in Jacksonville to avoid traffic} They of course didn't have the dryer that was the new electric version of our old one. But no worries the Lowe's in the middle of all the chaos had 5! Of course they did. My reaction to this news was not as pleasant as I'm typing it but it had been a long day, I didn't want to spend the money nor did I want to drive down Western. We get to the next Lowe's and found a few dinged nicer dryers on sale but I still knew I needed them to match. So we went ahead and bought the one we originally planned on. It was 10% off plus our 10% military discount. Success. At least we got a good deal right? But did you guys also know that the power cord isn't included? You seriously have to buy a cord. That just blows my mind for some reason.The guy said "Soonest we can get it to you is Thursday" "Of course it is." was my response. He was not a fan of my attitude but then said oh well if you need it sooner we can get it to you tomorrow afternoon. How can you go from Thursday to Tuesday afternoon?!

Either way it finally arrived and the delivery man thought it was hilarious we had a gas dryer. He said he had been delivering them for years and had never seen one. Only I could buy something so dumb. He goes to put the dryer in place to realize there's not enough room. The vent coming from outside sticks out 4-5 inches so the dryer has to sit about 1.5feet from the wall. Super annoying when trying to transfer laundry from washer to dryer.

I've done 12 loads of laundry since and I guess there's not much more to complain about because I'm not washing clothes by hand!

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  1. Welcome to Jacksonville! I just found your blog through the milSO blog hop :) I live in Jacksonville as well so I know how you feel about driving around here (and about some of the idiots that live here haha). I hope everything starts to go smoothly for you and your family ASAP!