Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Table Trouble

I have wanted a new kitchen table since the day my plates stuck to the table we repainted. We never bought a table of our "own" since my mom gave us a perfectly good one to have. When we arrived in CA we repainted the top white and the legs black. Fail. It didn't look all that great and everything stuck to the table. So before we moved into our second CA house I peeled 85% of the paint off sitting at the table then finally Ryan stripped the paint. We then stained the table and touched up the chairs. It looked so much better! But unfortunately for Ryan I still hated the table. I tend to be fine with things until we move then I quickly make sure to get new things for the new house.

Seeing as we have had almost 4 months to look at tables you'd think I would have already purchased and had my table for the big move. Negative batman, negative. About 3 weeks ago is when I really started looking at tables. The one I like my husband went to look at in Jacksonville but I really wanted to see it my self before buying it. Of course the store here didn't carry that table. I then fell in love with another table. And again of course the Jacksonville store didn't carry the new table I liked. It became such a pain and when someone says, " I'll have to call you back once I know that answer." Just know they will never call you back.

If we ordered the table from this store it would take 2 weeks and at this point there were not 2 weeks left. Therefore we wouldn't be here when the table got here and they never called back to let us know if they could deliver to Jacksonville. So long story short ordering from the store was a no go. I searched and searched for this table online and found an online retailer that had free shipping and no tax. How could I pass up that option. I woke up Saturday morning and bought my table!! My husband told me I have a serious shopping problem because of how excited I was to buy the table. But it was not spending the money that got me excited, it was buying our first family table. It says it takes 1-3 weeks to ship, I keep joking that it will be either 1 week because we wont have a house yet or it will take months and I wont have a table.

My brother in law will be stationed at Lejeune as well as my husbands best friend so I figure there will be quite a few people joining us for dinner here and there. Which now I just realized I'm agreeing to cook for people. Dang it! But no worries because I will have 96 inches of table to accommodate them with. :)

Aint it so purty?

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  1. It is pretty, did you get the hutch that matches or just the table and chairs?