Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweep.Vacuum. Swifer. Steam Mop.

Yesterday was NOT my day. Everything I did, or wanted to do failed miserably. I got 4 hours of sleep due to no one other than me. {I haven't been sleeping since we moved in.} My head was hurting and I was certain I'd crook if I didn't get sleep soon.

I made it through breakfast without hurting any small people. They played awesome all morning allowing me to relax. Delainey refused to eat lunch and finally the lack of sleep hit me and I HAD to lay down. I gave the girls a bowl of crackers while they watched a little tv as I laid on the couch. Bentley squealed the whole time because he in convinced that sitting on the couch is just far more fun. I finally open my eyes and sit up to half a box of crackers crushed on my floor.

It's almost like you can't even be mad at them because you know it's because I was laying down. So that initially started my floor cleaning. As most of you know I'm pretty OCD. I don't like clutter and I like things neat. Every other night I sweep and steam mop. And the opposite days I vacuum. Some may call that obsessive, I call that having 3 kids. I don't ever want someone at my house drop something and be terrified to pick it up. I use to not care about the floors being clean but I finally found something that easily cleans the floor. {my precious steam mop} I normally do this at night to avoid little feet print but knew I was lasting much longer in the day. Bentley thought it was better than all his toys to crawl super fast then slide on his belly across the wet floor. You could say he was helping. So after my hour long floor endeavor I put the meatloaf together for dinner.

My husband was home so I put the meat loaf in the oven and went to lay down while Bentley was napping. A 30 minute cat nap and a shower and I felt so much better. I thought my awful day was behind me. I come downstairs to finish dinner. I then realize my potatoes aren't cooking and the green beans aren't the kind the kids like. The meat loaf looks done so I go to take it out to look at it, dumped the entire thing into the bottom of the oven. I of course said a few choice words and walked away. I came back and my husband being awesome and a garbage disposal as always says, "I'll still eat it." Of course he will. Luckily I had just set a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven, most of it landed on that. I scooped it all up put it back in the pan and finished cooking it. That's the best part. It wasn't even done. The whole house reeked of smoke. The doors and windows were open but it wasn't going any where.

The meat loaf was still good, my mashed potatoes were fully cooked and well there was no hope for the green beans. I am now sitting by the oven waiting for it to steam clean so I can finish scrubbing the remains of meatloaf Monday off the bottom of the oven. Here's to pizza Tuesday!!

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