Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleeping Arangments

We have been at Mom's for so long that I tend to forget how squished on top of each other we are. In the past few weeks I've had more people ask me, "Where are you all sleeping?" Well ladies and gents there are a little of us everywhere.

When the kids came to stay with my Mom just for the night they always slept in her room. Either on a blow up at the foot of her bed or somewhere that their precious Grandma could be in sight. So seeing as we imagined this situation would only last a few weeks that is where they stayed. Their blow up eventually got popped and they spent many of morning folded into their bed as it deflated. Then we brought in a single mattress to put on the floor for the girls to share. Before they were sharing I'm almost positive they were trading off days to sleep in Grandma's bed. She finally decided it was time for her to be comfortable in her own bed and kicked them out. I really can't blame her.

When I first moved out of my Mom's house my little sister took the big room leaving her midget room for my Mom to take over with her crafts. I don't think my Mother had any idea that 3 years later my family of 5 would be here for 3 months. Silly Mom, don't you know we always come back? When we first got here Bentley was waking up every dang 2-3 hours so 9 times out of 10 he ended up in the bed with me vs being in the pack 'n' play. Ryan and I went out one night and seeing as Mom's room is on the other side of the house she can't hear him cry so she let him cry it out that night. I had to follow suit and within a few days he was sleeping through the night. But I was scared if he knew I was in the room he would wake up knowing I would get him out of bed. There go my beginning of sleeping on the couch. 

I would show you what the room I'm staying in looks like but I think my mother would kick me out and I need to be here 2 more weeks! I have piles all over the room of clothes, shoes, coach bags and blankets. When we have dressers again I may cry of excitement! When we first got here we each had a few outfits and the kids had a few toys. Now that it is so close to time to leave I'm realizing how much we have acquired since being here. I have started to send things back to Jacksonville with Ryan to eliminate the amount of stuff I have to take with me when I leave. Who knew you could buy so much stuff in such a short period of time. My Mom's house is bursting at the seams

 I do believe this is not the ideal situation for any family but its temporary. I know some people have permanent situations far worse than this so what is there to really complain about? We have a roof over our heads and more time to spend with our family!

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