Monday, April 23, 2012

Over Load

We have lived with my parents for 84 days now. When we packed up our stuff I was under the impression it was for 2-3 days. I'm almost positive I packed food items from the pantry that are going to reek when we finally get to open them all. 15 days, well my days over so 14 days, left until I am in Jacksonville awaiting those oh so precious keys they will hand us. Now you would think after 84 days of sitting on my behind doing nothing but gain weight and drink Starbucks that I would have things for the house figured out. However that is not the case. Its down to 2 weeks and I am scrambling trying to remember things I need or in Ryan's mind want for the house. It's getting out of hand.

We NEED a new kitchen table more than you would even know. Our old table was actually my mother's old table that we painted twice to try to make it better but it failed miserably. So the husband is agreeing with that purchase. The other things I may be needing to bribe him a little more. I've been looking at tables for weeks trying to decide what I want and how I'm going to get it. I finally picked the one I want. But of course the store in Jacksonville does not carry it and the store here will not sell the floor model and it would take a few weeks to arrive. Oh and on top of that they don't know if they can ship it that far. Seriously?! I found the table online and will be buying it on Friday! The website says 1-3 weeks for delivery. My best bet is seeing as how much luck I have that the dress will either come in 1 week meaning we wont have a house to put it in or it will be 5 weeks so we will be tableless for 2 weeks. A girl can dream though right?

I am also dying for a new couch. Our couch is so not kid friendly. The cushions do not come off, its a light tan color and the 2 sectional pieces constantly separate. It's just not my idea of a pretty living room with that thing in it. My husband keeps saying to wait to buy one but its killing me inside. We also do not have end tables, coffee tables or a rug for the living room. I keep finding awesome rugs but have no idea what color my couch will be. Can I base my living room off a rug purchase? I think so.

My brain is on overload trying to think of things we need and get before getting the house. My poor Mom's house is bursting at the seams with all the stuff we brought with us and have bought since we have been here. Everything is constantly racing through my head! I need furniture for the screened in porch and play room! My goodness now I'm rambling off my thoughts because my brain wont shut off!!

Hope you all had a great Monday! PS Look into your local Chick-Fil-A, they are having Mother Daughter Date Nights this week! We had so much fun at ours tonight! :)

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