Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My husband has been on my case lately about not having home videos. He keeps saying how we need a video camera so we can have some. I have thousands of pictures of Kylie because she was an only child the longest. I got a camera the Christmas before she was born and put it to good use.

I used it so much it ended up breaking the week of her 1st birthday. On her first birthday I bought my prize possession, of the time, my pink touch screen camera. I love that thing. Still do although it blows at taking pictures of kids because it is the slowest camera in all camera history. {My kids messed with all the settings and I have no idea how to get it all back.} So I slowly got out of the picture taking habit because there was always so much chaos and not so many cute moments with family and friends being across the country. Then Bentley was born and I found my self obsessing over taking pictures with my phone to quickly get them to my husband who was deployed at the time.

Long story short I stopped capturing my kids growing and learning new things. So the week before Kylie's 5th birthday {her birthday seems to be a new camera tradition} I met with my friend for breakfast and ended our meal with a new camera. She is the fab photographer that did our last family pictures. Jill knows her stuff so I knew she would point in the right direction for a good camera as well as one that was user friendly. I fell in love with taking pictures when I got a hold of her ginormous camera at parties. So I'm the proud owner of a Cannon Rebel. I've taken over 1000 pictures since I got it. I don't want you guys to think I'm good at taking pictures because believe me I am not. I am simply just loving being able to capture the fast movement of my kids who don't say cheese longer than 2 seconds.

I spent a good penny on that camera as well as a video camera and memory cards for each. I was certain my husband was going to beat me but I have a good excuse. After losing my brother all my mom had left were the pictures to remember him by. I by no means plan on losing my kids but even if something happens to Ryan or I. Our kids will have these to look back on. I will spend thousands to make sure there are good pictures to look back on our lives. Good excuse right? :)

Here are a few pictures I've taken lately!

Baby Sammy on his first birthday!

My best friends

The Family on Easter

Little Man

Kylie and Delainey on her 5th Birthday!

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