Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anniversary 7 or 3?

Yesterday was my anniversary. It gets semi confusing because we got married on the day we started dating. I always say the longest time because I put up with way to many years of this Marine malarkey to say we've only been married 3 years. 7 years with this amazing man who had no idea what hit him in 2005 to go out with someone like this girl right here. 7 and 3 is not a significant number to really write about our adventure so far together but I am. I've realized that no matter the number,some years you have more time to sit and reflect on the years you've been together.

So this year I've done just that. I never posted my wedding pictures to Facebook until 2 days ago. Whoops. In all seriousness my computer was so slow 3 years ago they wouldn't load. Haha Looking back at our pictures make me grin from ear to ear. We have some amazing friends, our family is okay too. There are a group of 9 friends that would always be there for us. When we all get together it's those you remember when Ryan did this or Shaft did that, oh and Kelly did this conversations. No matter where we all are in life we could all still get together and laugh the same as we did when we all met.

The story of how Ryan and I met will always be a joke in its self. He says he picked me up on a corner which he kinda did.

These two were/are best friends.
Hints why he was the best man in our wedding. :)

And these two are good friends.
True Ben and Kelly form to be walking out of my wedding like this.
Here's a normal picture just for good measure.
And the three of us are best friends.
These 6 men are like brothers.

March 8th is Aj's birthday. {the best man} Ben invited Kelly to go out the weekend after his birthday. Kelly then had the hots for Aj. But Ben kept saying, "Do you have a girl for my man Rocky?" She had no idea what this Rocky character looked like but threw me out there. So the next weekend, March 18th 2005 Kelly and I snuck out of the house to go out with Ben and his friends. Rocky, my husband, was the one that picked us up. Remind me to tell my daughters not to just jump in random boys cars. But we jumped in the back of his Firebird and successfully snuck out of the house. We did what any 18 and 15 year olds would do, we went to Waffle House. Aj of course ordered the All Star special and that is when I discovered Ryan twitches at random. I some how ignored this odd twitch and told Kelly I liked him. I rode around in the car with Ryan until 3 in the morning while Kelly was with Aj riding around to the same places. {Apparently we don't conserve gas and ride together?} The next night we snuck out again to go to Aj's house which was within walking distance to Kelly and I's neighborhood. My favorite part is I locked my self out of my room and woke up my mom to help me get back in it. Silly mother, didn't you know I was out all night?

After that weekend we were inseparable. We became part of the "crew" of people they hung out with. Now we are all like a family. It's incredible to look back at how much all of us have been through but where we are now. From the first apartment all the boys shared to now a house full of boys and a house of girls. We have 3 beautiful children, Kelly has one handsome little man and all of our friends are right there by our side spoiling them on the way.

These are the people aside from our family that have supported us every step of the way.

Our family has never once doubted what we were capable of. Ok scratch that, my Mom and Dad {Ted} have never once doubted us. They have been a great help for me to become a mother as well as becoming a wife. My Mom and Ted's relationship is so similar to Ryan and I's. I don't like to admit I'm like my mother but it is very apparent I am the spitting image of her. These two have helped me move, bring babies into the world while Ryan was deployed, fix my house, watch the kids, oh did I mention we've been staying at their house since February? Without them Kylie may look more homeless than she does now.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the sappy story of how much I appreciate the support of our family and friends. Military life ain't easy but we have survived almost 6 years of living it and we couldn't be happier in our marriage. :D

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