Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Trip Turned Vacation

The being homeless thing was starting to get old so I decided it was time to visit some family. My Mom's best friend Janet, also known as Grandma Janet, was so gracious to invite us to come for a long weekend.

At first I was going to come late Thursday so the kids would sleep the whole way. Then I decided to man up and drive during the day. Surprisingly it went good. We left at about 11 and started the drive. Before we left The town I stopped to fill the car up. {$95 of course} I then realize Kylie didn't go potty before we left. My mom was driving by so she stopped and watched the little ones and Delainey about had a heart attack she didn't get to get out. Now of course my mom let her out of her seat so she screamed for a while refusing to get back in her seat. Finally it was time to actually get on the road. We get to Greenville,SC and Kylie had to potty so I figured it was time for a lunch break.

Of course the exit I stop at the Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds are miles off the exit. I find a Subway. Now as if I didn't always get stared at but it was worse than usual. Standing in line the girls are touching everything in sight I finally sit them down, and then they were screaming about who got which chair. I got one chocolate milk for them to share which I knew was going to be an issue when I did it. However, I was not stopping again so the liquids were at a minimum. We finish eating and get new diapers on the wee ones, so on and so forth, back on the road.

I didn't think our ride would be do peaceful but there was no screaming what so ever in the car. Thank Goodness for the TV in the car! It was such a nice day so once we got there we played outside waiting for everyone to be home. I of course then got a head ache from the nice weather which lasted 48 hours. I felt better on Saturday but had another head ache Sunday. By then Grandma Janet either had enough of me being worthless or really wanted to help the cause so she sent me to the chiropractor on Monday.

I expected him to tell me I was dying and there was nothing he could do but that wasn't the case. At the ripping age of 22 I have arthritis in my neck. Awesome. So when it rains my arthritis acts up and causes the pain. I also have a crooked something or nother in my nose and a crooked spine. Yet again awesome. Of course our insurance doesn't cover a chiropractor so I don't see me going often. I ended up going 3 times while I was there and I think it really helped some.

We stayed in Georgia for 11 days! It was a nice break away from Mom's house. It gave us something to do and my mom her house back. {Well until she felt left out and came to join in GA} Now we are back to the waiting game for our house!! Everyone cross your fingers they finish it soon.

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