Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise Surprise

All this being homeless stuff has made planning birthdays and seeing friends more difficult. In fact half the people I talked to last week had no idea I even stayed here. {feeling the love folks} I have had so much time to sit and think about a house. I have gone as far as knowing which room I will paint first and which I need to tape off first, as well as deciding to get the paint before I even arrive in Jacksonville. Dedication. Some days I think about not painting and just moving my stuff in but then I realize this is the house I will live in the longest. {The longest we have been in a house since 2009 is 12 months} So I am overly excited to buy a few new pieces of furniture and go all out in decorating this house. I keep saying Ryan will get some weird orders that will make us move in 6 months or we will get hit by a grenade gone crazy on base. You know something ridiculous because that is the kind of luck I have.

Kylie is turning 5 on Friday. Holy cow. 5 years ago my face was the size of a hippo and I don't think I could see my feet but I can imagine they were huge too. I love to plan parties and make them extravagant and have way too many people in one small space. However this year is a little different. Kylie isn't close to that many little people around here so planning kid activities just isn't part of the planning this time. I always feel so bad because as soon as she gets close to a friend we move. Jayda has been her best friend since she was itty bitty so we are hoping she will at least come. We have a first birthday party to attend, that is way to special to miss, on Saturday the 7th so I had to make her party the 6th so her Daddy could attend. Which then makes 2 Aunt's not able to make it. :( I have no idea who will even be coming to the party but I hope she has fun and enjoys her self either way.

My husband was supposed to be in the field until the 5th or so of April but is getting out early. So  I thought it would be fun to pack the car, pretend were going to GA and show up at Daddy's work so she can celebrate on her actual birthday with her Daddy for the first time in 3 years! I'm terrified of his not so nice apartment but I know she will love spending the time with him and getting to see where she will be living when we finally get a house in 6 short weeks.

Traveling longer than 2 hours is always interesting with any number of kids. I always expect the worst and hope for the best. This trip could be interesting because my husband has nothing in his apartment, no tv, no toys and actually no pots and pans! I will have to pack accordingly and hope for good weather. I always leave at Bentley's nap time and stop when he is crying or when Kylie has to pee. The worst part is my car doesn't have base stickers yet so I have to get all 3 kids out to go get them once we get there. You know the last time I was there I got on base with just my ID 4 times before they made me go get a visitor pass for my Mom's car. I bet that makes you all feel safe, huh?

Wish me luck!!

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