Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Car Murderer

I swear one day I am going to murder a car of mine. I absolutely HATE auto repair shops. I hate every single one of them. They always have a few people in front of you. There is always a tiny little waiting room with the news on. A vending machine that looks like its from the 1980's and mass amounts of men who are more than thrilled to know I  know nothing about cars. As soon as you walk in they look at you like you're retarded and know nothing about anything at all.

I try my hardest to not take my kids to these places because it's just a pain in the rear end. But then because I always have them I then never go get anything done that my car needs. I'm mainly talking about oil changes because I have no idea what else needs to be regularly done? I could be killing another part of my car and have no idea. I keep telling my self that I should just learn how to do it my self but I have the feeling that would be the biggest mess in America and I would probably do it wrong and really murder my car.

My favorite story ever is about the Pacifica. We bought it Spring of 2008 and sold it Winter 2010. The oil was changed 3 times that I'm aware of. But the awesome story is about the first time I got my oil changed in this car. Prior to being the proud owner of my mom mobile I had a '98 Mountaineer. This car my parents bought so my step dad would occasionally take it and check all these things for me. Well apparently when I became a big girl and bought my own car I had to do all this my self. Sheesh no one told me about all these things. So one day I was with my brother in law and said hey can you go with me to get my oil changed my car keeps telling me I need to do that. We get to the car place and I was like " I am WAY over due for an oil change so good luck." The guy chuckled and didn't think anything of it. Then a few minutes go by and he comes back to say " Ma'am, there is no oil in your car." Well shit I think I told you it was going to be pretty bad. I couldn't stop laughing. He was shocked and didn't believe me I guess. Some how after that I still kept forgetting to get it done. The poor people that bought that car.

When we bought the Yukon I was like ok I WILL take care of this car. I will get the oil changed before or right when it's supposed to be done. Fail. We bought it in September and I just got the oil changed for the first time yesterday. 4000 miles over. Whoops. Determination. I need determination to keep this car up to date on at least the oil change. Lord knows I can't handle a broken car on the side of the road. I've never gotten a flat tire before. That may be the death of me. I was so shocked yesterday though. I walked in to this little car place down the street, handed them my keys and walked out 25 minutes later. Why am I leaving here?! I could keep my car in tact here. {Maybe I should start getting it done at Walmart and shop with the kids while they are doing it.}

It's a beautiful day out, time to go play outside!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise Surprise

All this being homeless stuff has made planning birthdays and seeing friends more difficult. In fact half the people I talked to last week had no idea I even stayed here. {feeling the love folks} I have had so much time to sit and think about a house. I have gone as far as knowing which room I will paint first and which I need to tape off first, as well as deciding to get the paint before I even arrive in Jacksonville. Dedication. Some days I think about not painting and just moving my stuff in but then I realize this is the house I will live in the longest. {The longest we have been in a house since 2009 is 12 months} So I am overly excited to buy a few new pieces of furniture and go all out in decorating this house. I keep saying Ryan will get some weird orders that will make us move in 6 months or we will get hit by a grenade gone crazy on base. You know something ridiculous because that is the kind of luck I have.

Kylie is turning 5 on Friday. Holy cow. 5 years ago my face was the size of a hippo and I don't think I could see my feet but I can imagine they were huge too. I love to plan parties and make them extravagant and have way too many people in one small space. However this year is a little different. Kylie isn't close to that many little people around here so planning kid activities just isn't part of the planning this time. I always feel so bad because as soon as she gets close to a friend we move. Jayda has been her best friend since she was itty bitty so we are hoping she will at least come. We have a first birthday party to attend, that is way to special to miss, on Saturday the 7th so I had to make her party the 6th so her Daddy could attend. Which then makes 2 Aunt's not able to make it. :( I have no idea who will even be coming to the party but I hope she has fun and enjoys her self either way.

My husband was supposed to be in the field until the 5th or so of April but is getting out early. So  I thought it would be fun to pack the car, pretend were going to GA and show up at Daddy's work so she can celebrate on her actual birthday with her Daddy for the first time in 3 years! I'm terrified of his not so nice apartment but I know she will love spending the time with him and getting to see where she will be living when we finally get a house in 6 short weeks.

Traveling longer than 2 hours is always interesting with any number of kids. I always expect the worst and hope for the best. This trip could be interesting because my husband has nothing in his apartment, no tv, no toys and actually no pots and pans! I will have to pack accordingly and hope for good weather. I always leave at Bentley's nap time and stop when he is crying or when Kylie has to pee. The worst part is my car doesn't have base stickers yet so I have to get all 3 kids out to go get them once we get there. You know the last time I was there I got on base with just my ID 4 times before they made me go get a visitor pass for my Mom's car. I bet that makes you all feel safe, huh?

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Work Outters

Everyone knows that at the beginning of the spring it's "bathing suit body" time. They all start posting on facebook that they are starting to work out and/or eat better. This last about a month then they are already in their bathing suit fat and pale and give up pretty fast. Guilty of doing the same. Although I haven't posted about needing to work out yet. Possibly because I've never worked out before in my life or possibly because I don't want people reading my status' saying "Really Meridith you know you're on the couch eating a box of thin mints in 5 minutes flat."

All the new comers to the gym world are driving me up the wall. Some of these people on my facebook list have been discussing losing weight for over a year but from what I've observed look larger than when the endeavor started. {Sorry that was rude, but I didn't say any names.} I just don't get why people think its okay to be fat in the winter but not in the spring and summer? Wouldn't you want to be fit all year round? I have all intentions in my head to run and do crunches or even eat healthy but I never go as far as telling everyone I'm going to because I know better. It isn't ever going to happen.

Lately I have been told that the longer someone is around me the more they gain weight. I some how have stayed the same. I don't watch what I eat and I don't necessarily look awesome but I'm going to start losing friends soon if I don't start ordering salads. My parents told me that they have gained weight since I have been at the house. Oops. I just cant help it. I eat like a 5 year old and I look like a 12 year old with a few inches of stretched out stomach skin. {disturbing}A friend of mine said, "There's one thing you have to realize about Meridith. If you hang out with her you're going to gain weight eating what she eats." I have a really fast metabolism. I know that it will very soon catch up to me and at 30 I will be on the next episode of My 600lb Life.' But I have a method for this summers bathing suit season. I will stay standing at all times. I look okay standing, no fat rolls and I look kind of normal. I just cant sit. Then people realize my 5 boxes of thin mints did really get to me.

I signed our lease today. We are officially not homeless but waiting for our home to be ready. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Trip Turned Vacation

The being homeless thing was starting to get old so I decided it was time to visit some family. My Mom's best friend Janet, also known as Grandma Janet, was so gracious to invite us to come for a long weekend.

At first I was going to come late Thursday so the kids would sleep the whole way. Then I decided to man up and drive during the day. Surprisingly it went good. We left at about 11 and started the drive. Before we left The town I stopped to fill the car up. {$95 of course} I then realize Kylie didn't go potty before we left. My mom was driving by so she stopped and watched the little ones and Delainey about had a heart attack she didn't get to get out. Now of course my mom let her out of her seat so she screamed for a while refusing to get back in her seat. Finally it was time to actually get on the road. We get to Greenville,SC and Kylie had to potty so I figured it was time for a lunch break.

Of course the exit I stop at the Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds are miles off the exit. I find a Subway. Now as if I didn't always get stared at but it was worse than usual. Standing in line the girls are touching everything in sight I finally sit them down, and then they were screaming about who got which chair. I got one chocolate milk for them to share which I knew was going to be an issue when I did it. However, I was not stopping again so the liquids were at a minimum. We finish eating and get new diapers on the wee ones, so on and so forth, back on the road.

I didn't think our ride would be do peaceful but there was no screaming what so ever in the car. Thank Goodness for the TV in the car! It was such a nice day so once we got there we played outside waiting for everyone to be home. I of course then got a head ache from the nice weather which lasted 48 hours. I felt better on Saturday but had another head ache Sunday. By then Grandma Janet either had enough of me being worthless or really wanted to help the cause so she sent me to the chiropractor on Monday.

I expected him to tell me I was dying and there was nothing he could do but that wasn't the case. At the ripping age of 22 I have arthritis in my neck. Awesome. So when it rains my arthritis acts up and causes the pain. I also have a crooked something or nother in my nose and a crooked spine. Yet again awesome. Of course our insurance doesn't cover a chiropractor so I don't see me going often. I ended up going 3 times while I was there and I think it really helped some.

We stayed in Georgia for 11 days! It was a nice break away from Mom's house. It gave us something to do and my mom her house back. {Well until she felt left out and came to join in GA} Now we are back to the waiting game for our house!! Everyone cross your fingers they finish it soon.