Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving, or Should I Say Lack of?

Well our move to Camp Lejeune was a big Fail with a capitol F. When we packed all of our stuff up we knew there was no guarantee of a house. My husband and I were never stressed and just said we would eventually figure things out.

Monday morning I woke up to realize NOTHING was packed. I had no boxes and was almost out of tape. I am always organized and prepared for these things. Why on earth I was not on my game this move I have no idea. I started to freak out while Ryan went to pick up the truck and I was left packing things. His friends showed up and by the time he got back with the truck everything was already in the drive way ready to load. My husband asked me the question, "Is there any order you want this packed?" I really did not care where boxes were placed in the truck but little did I know that me not having a preference made them think throwing things in was okay.

Tuesday early morning Ryan set out with the Uhaul and Charger in tow. That poor car has been on the back of a Uhaul far too much. This time resulting in a scratched rim. I eventually rolled out of bed and packed my Mom's little midget car with as much as I could. I met my sister who took Bentley for the week. Supposivly so we could move in. Ryan went to housing that day and was told we were third on the list and they didn't think it would even be 3 months. Our original plan was to get an apartment for 3 months. However after the way housing acted we didn't want to be stuck in a lease of any sort. So we then got a hotel room on base and started the search for furnished vacation rentals or an apartment that would rent month to month.

No such luck finding anything on Tuesday. Wednesday we still had the uhaul full of our stuff. We finally just decided to at least get a storage unit and return the Uhaul. I tried my best to put things we need in the front and things like furniture towards the back. Now unpacking the Uhaul was the most frustrating part of the whole thing. I had 3 fragile boxes that said "Do NOT stand up" on them. What do you know they were ALL standing up. Where I am grateful to of had people to help, seriously dummies you learned to read in kindergarten! I don't know yet if the things in those boxes made it but as soon as we get in a house I will have some boys to yell at if things got broken.

Thursday I stopped by the vacation rental place that everyone told me about. Out of over 500 properties they had ONE in our price range. I went to look at it and decided its all I would find and put in an application. Then I get a call saying if I didn't rent it for over 91 days the price would increase. After asking to how much they said they had to ask the owner first. Funny I still haven't gotten a call back. Luckily I gave up on them.

Friday I called every apartment complex in the 45 mile radius to see if they had a courtesy apartment and if it was open. Not a dang thing. Finally at 6pm I called the one apartment I knew would do month to month to find out the actual prices. Quite a few people had told me about this place but after looking at the pictures online I knew I couldn't handle living there. Ryan on the other hand is happy any where that isn't a fox hole. He was up for the idea and got a one month lease. Upon signing this lease he was asked to sign a lead paint waiver. Now you all know I'm not spoiled and that place was gross.

So the kids and I are at my Mom's as of now. We plan to visit Grandma Janet and Aunt Chrissy (Ben and Megan too of course) some time soon as well. If you want 3 screaming non sleeping kids to visit let us know. I'm sure my mom would enjoy her house back for a few days.

On a side note, the houses we are waiting on are gorgeous. The school is brand new, in walking distance, and also a preschool. I can imagine it will be perfect for our family and can't wait to get the call saying when we can move in!

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