Friday, January 20, 2012

Sky High

Recently a friend of mine, Ali, found out about a place called Sky High. Some how we missed this glorious place and had no idea it existed. Never the less within a few days of seeing it we went.

Our first attempt at going was a total bust. We decided to go at 4:30 on a Friday night. It took us 2 1/2 hours to go 30 miles. When we finally found the place after turning around 3 times we found out the wait time to jump wasn't for another 2 hours. {Us Momma's didn't plan on being gone that long and one didn't leave enough milk for the baby.} Therefore we went to the Ihop we found while lost. So initially we drove 2 1/2 hours to eat at Ihop when we have one 3 miles away.

The 2nd attempt was successful. We booked our time online and came prepared. I quickly realized after 3 kids you can and will pee your pants while jumping. The foam pit is intimidating. Everyone stares on the side lines like you're going to throw some sick move but really I do a bunny hop. No flips for this chick. That day was busy so the amount of short people was crazy. We all thought we were going to pummel over a child.

Our 3rd trip was awesome. We learned new things from our previous trips to make them better. We booked the private court. Courtesy of the amazing Ali whom I some how endanger when she's around me. Having a space to only people you knew and people over 5 foot just made it more fun. The boys were of course exceeding the limits their bodies were allowing. My husband I swear was going to break a bone. {at one point I had to be reassured we were insured for that shnit} They gave us a bag of dodge balls that the guys of course were all over. Us girls weren't a fan. They were pelting them at us like in the movie Dodgeball. At one point we just hoarded all the balls and refused to give them up. After a while we needed to breath and I of course had to pee so we headed to the foam pit. There were tiny little nuggets up at 11:00 at this place. The boys were busting out moves in the pit while us girls sat back and observed. Ali did do a flip but scared us all because of how close her head was to the edge. Our one friend Travis some how ended up head first with just his feet hanging out, he had a hard time getting out of that one. I'm not one for anything dangerous because I'm a whimp but I loved running from trampoline to trampoline in circles. Sounds dumb but hey I am special. My favorite fall had to of been Ali's we were running from trampoline to trampoline and about the 3rd one Ali went face first and slid her whole face across it. Ouch!!

After that we were all dead tired. An hour of jumping and half of us couldn't breath. It's when we all realize we're getting older and running low on physical activity energy. We piled in the Yukon and jammed out to old school Ludacris, who knew that we all would still know the lyrics.

So moral of the story. This place is awesome but be prepared. Go at a good time so the place isn't sold out or book your time online. Pee 3x in a row prior to jumping, stretch if you're over the age of 15 and wear a supportive bra.

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  1. Just found out there is a Sky High near me! I can't wait to go, thanks for sharing :)