Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mom Problems

Ive been meaning to blog for quite some time but I went into a deep dark lazy I don't want to move, wait its 2pm and I'm not dressed mode. So I was just too busy sitting on my behind to do so is pretty much what I am saying.

Thanksgiving was awesome. We had 22 wait maybe 20 people here. I was excited to not only have that many people but to have enough room to seat all of them. We had 2 long tables in our kitchen/playroom. I think my Mom and I discussed Thanksgiving for 2 months. Many of our guest had to bring their own seats or they couldn't sit at the table. But in the end it all worked out.

Now my real blog can start now that I bored you all with my mumble jumble....

Last week Kylie's school decided to change their pick up-drop off ways. Which fine whatever I didn't feel anything needed to be changed but I'm just the lazy ass that drives 5 streets down instead of walking. They gave us all cards to put in our dashboard to indicate if we were "allowed" to go in the first entrance which was for Kindergarten and PreK. But the dumb part is ALL the cards were blue, the PreK-K just had a mouse on theirs. They should of given us a different color card, mainly because the first 4 days of this "new" way I was stopped by the same damn guy so he could look at my card. I finally just stopped stopping for him and if he wanted to get his foot run over he was welcome to check out my dashboard but I wasn't slowing. Some Mom's were all for the change and so happy things were different but I wasn't in that category.

The 2nd day of the change I was picking up my neighbor from school as well. I pulled into my kick ass VIP first entrance to the school to pick up Kylie and everything was fine. Then I was told to move forward if I was picking up a 1-5 grader. So I did. But what this man did not understand was the kid I was picking up had no idea I was picking him up. I think I said that to him maybe 5x but he was too worried about how far up in the line I needed to be. I sat and waited for the little boy to come out of school. When I finally saw him I stepped out of the car to call his name. This said man was not so happy I was "outside of my vehicle."  He said "Ma'am get back in your car!" I said "Sir you haven't listened to anything I've told you and until I get that little boy, I wont be getting back in." He then made me pull up even farther away from where my neighbor would see me. I ended up letting Kylie out of the car and sending her to get him because the idiots running the car line were too ignorant to understand.

After getting the kids back in the car the man said "I have no idea why he wasn't in the gym waiting for his name to be called." Well dumby if you listened to anything I said to you, I told you I do not normally pick him up he would not know to look for my car, he is normally a walker and I am NOT his mom!

Come day three I was dropping Kylie off in the morning which it was dang cold, I had an excuse. I pull up to drop her off and she unbuckled, got her book bag on and got out of the car. Next thing I know my other best friend at the school is at my car door.

"If you're going to be here a while you need to turn your car off. The exhaust is blowing in the kids face and they are inhaling it."

I politely said, " I was unaware I needed to slow down to 5mph and throw my child out of the car."

He didn't really find it funny. So in exchange I sped off. Now it was the afternoon. My husband was driving and we were waiting in the front of the pick up line. It was 2:45, 15 minutes before any kids would be walking out of that school. Instead of going to the driver window, he came to mine and told me we needed to turn the car off to avoid putting exhaust in kids faces. I rolled my window up and laughed, he then knocked on my window again and said what you don't find that important? I had so many words for this man it was unreal so I just put my window up and looked the other way. He proceeded to ask me if I had an older child or just a Kindergartner, which means the 2 guys who I've argued with have been talking. Which in turns makes me believe these idiots are just messing with me. And what I really don't understand is why cars were needing to be turned off yet the buses were just a running?! And let's be honest are the kids going to die instantly from exhaust? No, I think we all inhaled enough exhaust as a child and were still kicking.

Luckily as I expected things are back to normal and there aren't 16 police and 6 school officials outside to tell us incompetent parents how to pick our kids up.

Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Already?

Yesterday was awful. I got no sleep the night before because of all the insane wind that kept me up. My awesome husband let me relax all day long. In fact I did not go downstairs until 8 that night. I had a horrible stomach ache and my whole body ached from lack of sleep. I sound like I'm really 85 years old right? I finally took Tylenol PM {which if you have never taken it, go buy some! It's the best thing ever!} at 8pm and within an hour I slept after laying there for 24 hours.

I woke up this morning with a head ache. Awesome. I stepped on whatever toy was left on the floor by my bed. I went to get Bentley from his crib only to open the door and realize he pooped ALL over him self. His onsie was soaked from top to bottom, his bumpers were covered, his sheets, and blankets. Great. I cleaned him and threw his stuff in the washer, only to realize the laundry I was folding 2 days prior was all still stacked up in the laundry room. We all ate breakfast and then we headed upstairs so I could shower. I think the last time I showered was probably 4 days before that. {Don't say eww, you have 3 kids a husband and headaches and tell me how often you would shower}Before I even got in the shower my 5 year old had a complete melt down because I gave her a princess bowl instead of the turkey bowl. I wish I made that up but that was really what the melt down was over. After she got over that part she then realized I gave her regular gold fish and she began to scream "I wanted the xtreme cheddar gold fish" I seriously could not even begin to take her seriously when that was what was coming out of her mouth. I got in the shower and pretended that I was really at a spa then the toilet got flushed and I quickly realized the water was freezing and I was still in fact at home.

I threw some clothes on so we could quickly get to the store and back home. I first was headed to drop off a catalog with a girl on base. I had her address but my phone was sending me the most complicated way in the world. After driving around officer country with my cute little enlisted stickers on my car I realized I stuck out like a soar thumb. Only thing I had going for me was that my car was nice. My phone kept showing that I was driving in a lake, my car isn't a boat so I knew that is not where I really was but for some reason it would not recalculate. I turned around 3 times before I finally found her street. She was very sweet and may host a party. {Yay me!} She also said she saw my car driving yesterday, which was my husband, and loved our website. Which makes me glad I got a car decal.

I then headed to the commissary which I was dreading. Some how I made it in and out within 25 minutes. That never happens. I was only getting things for dinner this week but still with all the kids I never do anything that fast. I'm so use to having just the 2 kids when Kylie is in school that I forgot the usual question of "Are they all yours?" "Oh no I picked 2 up on the corner because they were cute." I get it, I look 12 and I have 3 kids but they all look just a like how would you think they weren't all mine. People should just start saying "Wow you must of been a 10 when you had her, what are you like 18?"

I got home in time to throw the chili in the crock pot. The kids ate a late lunch and Bentley is taking a late nap. How it is already 3pm I don't know! I lost my whole day but cant wait to sit down for a few minutes before dinner time.

I sound like a crabby little lady today. I apologize. Happy Monday I suppose! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Potty Training

I dread potting training days. You have to pack 72 extra outfits, make 3 extra stops and remember to ask every 20 minutes if your kids has to pee. It's a bit time consuming to say the least. I guess I'm being a little dramatic but sometimes I just want to slap a diaper on the kid!

I tried to potty train Kylie at a little over 2 years old. She had NO interest what so ever. She had so many accidents. I finally gave up after a week or two. I was pregnant at the time and really should of taken advantage of only having one child in the house. But it paid off. After she turned 3 she told me one day she wanted to wear panties. I said okay and 24 hours later she was potty trained. No accidents, nothing. After a month we started the through the night potty training. She had a few accidents but finally learned to get up when she needed to go. Still to this day she gets up in the night to go potty. Which I will never understand why she comes in our bathroom but she does. She flips on every light switch in our room, goes pee, turns them all off then goes back to bed. I'm almost positive she is sleeping when she does it.

Delainey also decided not too long after she turned 2 she wanted to use the potty. It was when we were staying at my parents house. I went out and bought a potty, panties and some treats for when she did it. Needless to say she peed all over the place and never knew when she had to go. I gave up then too. Last month she started realizing when she was going and would tell us immediately when she had to go. So I decided maybe it was time to start. She has done awesome. It has been almost a month and she has only had 3-4 accidents. I still have to ask her every 30 minutes if she has to go but hey we are getting somewhere. Next mission is no diapers at night! I have to admit I did cheat for the first week or two. When we went out of the house I would put a pull up on her. Surprisingly she never had to go though. I just really dread the cleaning up a mess when you are not at home!

Delainey's sugar intake is at an all time high. I sometimes think that she forces her self to pee knowing she gets a treat! I think we may have to stop doing treats every time she goes and maybe one treat after dinner if she has no accidents that day.

Yay to ONE kid in diapers! FINALLY! I seriously thought the day would never come.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I know that I should probably wait to write this in November to theme it on Thanksgiving but its been on my mind a lot lately. I am guilty of not being grateful for what I have. In fact ask any of my neighbors who have heard me say thousands of times that I want the 2013 Denali Yukon XL and I'd sell my soul to get it. BUT in reality I have been more grateful of what I have this past year more than others.

Ryan's job by no means makes the big bucks. I was talking to a friend recently who thought military was a well paid job. When I told her my husbands salary I think she shat her pants. His 60+ hours work weeks when he is in country and his 24 hour days when he is deployed barely equal a few dollars an hour. Which clearly makes us all aggravated but such is life. He signed up for this job willingly and I love it either way.

Back to my point.

I use to stress so much over money and how little we had. Still do. But more recently I have decided to not stress as often. We have a steady pay check coming into our bank account. We have a roof over our heads. We own cars that run. {not as good as the 2013 but it runs.} My kids have the option to be clothed. My clothes don't fit because I eat too damn much. My house is a mess because we have too many toys. My floor is filthy because of the crumbs of food my kids constantly leave. We eat at a table, off of plates. I'm using a laptop in my house off of my wifi. I could come up with so many more things that people don't realize is a luxury to others. I by no means have a lot but what I do have is enough to survive. You can't be happy if you're constantly stressing over not having things that others do. Make do with what you have. Everyone is different including our income, don't stress over what so and so is making. Enjoy your life with your family.

A friend of mine did not receive their check this past pay period. It was a military mistake. I didn't see her stressed. She was upset for a few minutes and instantly knew to get over it and deal with Monday.{today} It was amazing to me to see how she reacted to such a frustrating event, something she couldn't control. I can only hope I would be as calm {well after she had time to scream and cry} as she was about the situation.

It kills me to see families basing every aspect of their lives over their finances. Guilty of doing it my self. But why? Why do we feel money is what runs our life?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Back!!

I have not blogged in months! I don't really care to say why I stopped blogging. But all that matter is I'M BACK! Over the past few months I've had more people contact me asking to be added to my blogger list but unfortunately no one was on my list. So no worries, no one was left out.

It has been a crazy few months of settling into the new house as well as a new routine of going to school. Who knew I was old enough for a kid in school right? She absolutely loves school. In fact she hates coming home. And man is getting up at 7:15, dressing and feeding 3 kids a whole lot of work. Every morning there is a problem. Some one decides the shoes they picked the night before no longer fit, or they don't really match their outfit or they simply just aren't a fan of them the next day. Pain in the rear end. Kylie thinks that she can wear socks with flats and green with orange. Its awful. I mean I'm not exactly the best dresser but I try to match at least. Kylie has already learned so much at school. She sings all day long about the weather, or simply just songs they sing in music. As most of my readers know she is my trouble maker simply because she gets so bored. School has honestly been the best thing for her, and me. :)
Us being a military family we clearly move often. I think my last blog was in June? Which was just a few weeks after we moved in. Since then I have harassed our new neighbors and met new friends down the street. It's been an awesome experience. The family next door you will all probably hear about so much you will think you know them. They are better than I could of asked for. They have 2 kids, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 3. The little boy loves Bentley,{and the girls but eww gross girls he's 8} and helps corral the kid onto the sidewalk since he is determined to be a pancake on the street. We spend almost every afternoon camped out on the front lawn letting the kids play and as Jason, the neighbor, says "clucking" at each other. Friday nights we break out the glow sticks and tend to order pizza, stay out late and play yard games. Which at our old age is our idea of a damn good time. ;)

Bentley has started walking since I last blogged. He as I said LOVES to run in the street. He thinks the closer he gets to running away the better. Its now become a game to him, I don't exactly enjoy the game as much as he does. He also enjoys being a boy and just a complete nuisance to society. I catch him pouring out his snacks and stomping on them to make a huge mess. He can destroy the toy room single handed in a matter of 2 minutes. He says cup, bowl, cheers, cheese, gum, thank you, and NO! You know all the important words a man should know. His new nickname has become B simply because we are constantly telling him to stop doing something and B comes out much faster.
This was end of summer, he since grew some hair and a mean little attitude.
Delainey had been challenged with the middle child syndrome. She is oldest when Kylie is at school and cant quite grasp the concept so she is often just mean to Bentley. My poor little baby. She has also started to potty train which I was certain would never happen. She has done great. I'd like to say she is officially potty trained seeing as she has not used a diaper (other than bed time which she still hasn't wet a diaper than) in over 2 weeks. One kid in diapers for the first time in years!! She is hilarious though. The potty sort of intimidates her. The other day she was going number 2 and

 I said "Yay Delainey!!"
She said "ahhh there's more"
I waited, then said it again, "Yay Delainey"
She said, "oh I gotta pee!!"
then finally I waited one last time before congratulating her, "Yayy! You went in the potty"
She said "Yep!"

So parents, never congratulate too soon, clearly they need to finish first!

Poor nugget, stuck with me for a few more years.

If you are on my facebook as well you have clearly seen all of these pictures and know exactly what I am up to but if not there is the update on the kids! On top of their updates I have one of my own. I started selling Pink Zebra. It is an awesome home fragrance line. I told my self for years I would never do direct sales. Thought it was crazy and stupid to be honest. But something told me to do it, so I did. It has been an awesome opportunity so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. I'm waiting for my friend list on FB to dwindle because of how many post I have to post for online parties. Sorry guys! Order something, you'll know why I love it! If you want to host a party you can do it in your house or online! Go to my site, here!

I'm sure I will blogging more often now! Excited to be back!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Band wagon.

I have gotten on the being fit band wagon. I have a weakness for fast food and sweets. I really don't see that obsession going any where but I can at least try to get in shape right? According to society I'm supposed to be happy with the way I look because I wear a 00. But the size of my body and the look of my body aren't the same thing. My hips will always be that size so I will always wear pants that small. But the muffin top of fat that lies over them isn't exactly standard issue.

I started running with the 3 kids when Bentley was 2.5 months old as well as doing p90x. P90x last 4 days. It was boring and I swear wasn't hard. That's when I started running. If you're a mom you know how it is to run with kids. It takes 30 minutes just to prepare the stroller. I'm almost positive they don't have triple jogging strollers so I use my double and pile them in. At the time that was pushing 80lbs of stroller. I wanted to quit the first day but had a goal weight of what I wanted to be at so I pushed my self to run 2-4 days a week. Which no isn't a lot but my theory is, something is better than nothing. I then had to realize that running wasn't going to make me look like I did when I was 16. {which was prior baby body.} Food is my weakness. I slowly tried to cut certain things out. When I went to chick-fil-a I would get a salad instead of fries and used no condiments. This lasted until about the time my husband got home from deployment.

After he was home I went right back to eating more sweets than I should and more fast food then ANYONE ever should. I gained backed the 5lbs I worked so hard to lose within a few months.

The week before Memorial day I decided I would start going to the gym. I went twice alone. The first day I ran a 13:50 minute mile. Dont laugh. And did a mile on the elliptical. That night I was crying in pain because I swear these muscles haven't been used since I was 12. The next week our family friends and Mom were in town for the beach. Christen and I then started going to the gym every morning and every once in a while we threw in a night work out too. Since then I have cut off 3.5 minutes from my run and actually learned how to use the machines. I'd love to tell you that I lost those 5lbs again but not the case.

We ate over 350 munchkins {donut holes} that week. That's disgusting now that I admitted that for people to read. Food. I love food. But I'd like to think I'm finally toning up my body even if I intake more calories than I'd ever be able to burn.

Something is better than nothing. I hope I can post these pictures and look back in a few weeks and see a difference. But my question is will I ever not look 10 weeks pregnant?!

Pretty Pretty Princess

I was dying of a headache as usual yesterday so I didn't get to post about my other daughters room. This room was supposed to be the easiest. When I was sitting at my Mom's calculating all the math for the other rooms I didn't even think about this one. I had 2 rooms with stripes before and in all honesty it isn't very hard just a pain in the ass.

I wanted to be done painting all the rooms in 2 days. Due to a migraine and late start the first day as well as the walls eating the paint, that didn't happen. Day 3 is when we started on her room. At this point it was just my husband and I painting which may be a good thing because boy did it get frustrating. We started taping the stripes only to realize at the end of the wall that we were starting to slant. {Instead of II it looked like //} We started to take a few off to figure out where we went wrong. Finally we got into the groove and got the whole room taped off. I started painting and it was looking so cute but I knew we'd run out of paint. There were 2 stripes left and NO paint. My husband got more paint and I knew better than to think it was exact but still went to touch up all the stripes. It dried and you could see every little spot I touched up due to the new paint being a little darker. It was awful!

The kids were coming in 2 days and I had nothing unpacked so I just had to leave it alone. It killed me every time I walked in the room. About 2 weeks ago I bought an entire gallon of hello dotty paint and it looks awesome! I was not fooling around buying a pint.

Delainey is my sweet little girl so when thinking of her I think of light colors and pretty little princesses!

There's a before and after of the horrible first try. Lol

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My oldest loves the color purple. I too use to like purple until I decided anything looked better pink at about 14. Her bedding has no purple in it but every other light color in the rainbow. So I knew it wouldn't matter to throw purple in the mix.

This room I thought would be difficult but it was the easiest. It turned out so adorable and girly. The name of her paint was purpulicuous which fits her diva attitude. In my opinion her bedding matches perfectly! She told me she wanted purple Polk a dots and pink stripes. My brain couldn't of handled all of that in one room so I settled on the end decision for her. My mother measures and makes everything perfect but my sisters and I opted against measuring and did it all by eye. We were down one circle and had no more tape but thought since it was beside the door we would just put her coat hanger up and no one would notice. That awesome perfect Mom of ours walked in and said, "Hey you forgot a dot!" 76 dots and she noticed the missing one. Got to love how good she is at these things.

Kylie adores her room and has loved showing it off to everyone who comes over.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures Finally!

I still do not have Internet at the house and really haven't been too bothered by this. Only complaint is not being able to blog and upload pictures from my camera. But I have been dying to post about the kids rooms. The clubhouse in our neighborhood has wifi so the kids played in the kid room while I uploaded pictures.

I dont want to overload your brains with too many patterns at once { which happens when you walk up my stairs} so I will do one room per blog. I'll start with little man's room. I absolutely love his room. It turned out great and I feel accomplished when I tell someone I did it my self, with sister and best friend help!

I based his room off of his bumpers which were custom made by my momma. He has blue and green argyle with a very unique tank fabric. I recently fell in love with the color gray. I'm actually obsessed and use it in every room I can. So although his bedding is white, blue, and green I opted to do gray instead.

His room was second easiest of the three. Although I have yet to put the black lines on the argyle wall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweep.Vacuum. Swifer. Steam Mop.

Yesterday was NOT my day. Everything I did, or wanted to do failed miserably. I got 4 hours of sleep due to no one other than me. {I haven't been sleeping since we moved in.} My head was hurting and I was certain I'd crook if I didn't get sleep soon.

I made it through breakfast without hurting any small people. They played awesome all morning allowing me to relax. Delainey refused to eat lunch and finally the lack of sleep hit me and I HAD to lay down. I gave the girls a bowl of crackers while they watched a little tv as I laid on the couch. Bentley squealed the whole time because he in convinced that sitting on the couch is just far more fun. I finally open my eyes and sit up to half a box of crackers crushed on my floor.

It's almost like you can't even be mad at them because you know it's because I was laying down. So that initially started my floor cleaning. As most of you know I'm pretty OCD. I don't like clutter and I like things neat. Every other night I sweep and steam mop. And the opposite days I vacuum. Some may call that obsessive, I call that having 3 kids. I don't ever want someone at my house drop something and be terrified to pick it up. I use to not care about the floors being clean but I finally found something that easily cleans the floor. {my precious steam mop} I normally do this at night to avoid little feet print but knew I was lasting much longer in the day. Bentley thought it was better than all his toys to crawl super fast then slide on his belly across the wet floor. You could say he was helping. So after my hour long floor endeavor I put the meatloaf together for dinner.

My husband was home so I put the meat loaf in the oven and went to lay down while Bentley was napping. A 30 minute cat nap and a shower and I felt so much better. I thought my awful day was behind me. I come downstairs to finish dinner. I then realize my potatoes aren't cooking and the green beans aren't the kind the kids like. The meat loaf looks done so I go to take it out to look at it, dumped the entire thing into the bottom of the oven. I of course said a few choice words and walked away. I came back and my husband being awesome and a garbage disposal as always says, "I'll still eat it." Of course he will. Luckily I had just set a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven, most of it landed on that. I scooped it all up put it back in the pan and finished cooking it. That's the best part. It wasn't even done. The whole house reeked of smoke. The doors and windows were open but it wasn't going any where.

The meat loaf was still good, my mashed potatoes were fully cooked and well there was no hope for the green beans. I am now sitting by the oven waiting for it to steam clean so I can finish scrubbing the remains of meatloaf Monday off the bottom of the oven. Here's to pizza Tuesday!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wait, what?

We're you aware there were two types of dryers? If not let me fill you in. There are gas dryers and electric dryers. I will never understand why anyone would buy a gas dryer seeing as you can always use an electric dryer.

After a week at the new house I finally had everything on the walls and all boxes unpacked. I then realized I had a 2ft pile of laundry. I got tired of asking my husband to plug them up so I took it upon my self. I hooked up the washer, started a load. My washer made so much noise i had to stop it. I was worried because our washer and dryer sat so long and were moved so much that they has gotten broken. But I then went to plug up the dryer. I sat on top of it staring at the wall for a good 20 minutes before I realized we had a hose on our dryer that our wall did not have a place for. I didn't think much into it and figured I was just being a girl.

The next day I asked my husband to do it. I was at the doctor with our youngest and got the text "So, you want a new dryer?" Well as much as I adore appliances our bank account just isn't a fan. He then informed me of our issue. We have a gas dryer, our house is set up for electric. Only I can pull this off. We used the dryer in 2 houses in CA so we just assume they are more popular out there. I searched on Craigslist and Lejeune yard sales for a dryer that would work for us. No such luck. I'm a freak and needed them to be very similar or I would probably cry every time I went in the laundry room.

We go to Lowe's Monday afternoon. {The one NOT on the busiest street in Jacksonville to avoid traffic} They of course didn't have the dryer that was the new electric version of our old one. But no worries the Lowe's in the middle of all the chaos had 5! Of course they did. My reaction to this news was not as pleasant as I'm typing it but it had been a long day, I didn't want to spend the money nor did I want to drive down Western. We get to the next Lowe's and found a few dinged nicer dryers on sale but I still knew I needed them to match. So we went ahead and bought the one we originally planned on. It was 10% off plus our 10% military discount. Success. At least we got a good deal right? But did you guys also know that the power cord isn't included? You seriously have to buy a cord. That just blows my mind for some reason.The guy said "Soonest we can get it to you is Thursday" "Of course it is." was my response. He was not a fan of my attitude but then said oh well if you need it sooner we can get it to you tomorrow afternoon. How can you go from Thursday to Tuesday afternoon?!

Either way it finally arrived and the delivery man thought it was hilarious we had a gas dryer. He said he had been delivering them for years and had never seen one. Only I could buy something so dumb. He goes to put the dryer in place to realize there's not enough room. The vent coming from outside sticks out 4-5 inches so the dryer has to sit about 1.5feet from the wall. Super annoying when trying to transfer laundry from washer to dryer.

I've done 12 loads of laundry since and I guess there's not much more to complain about because I'm not washing clothes by hand!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally Have a House!

I have so much to say and most of it is unrelated. I suppose I'll have to separate it all into a few blogs or you guys will be reading for hours. Not to mention I still don't have Internet and my fingers may fall off if I have to type that much on my phone.

On May 1st I told my husband to email the housing lady to ask if we could paint before we moved in. {When we were signing the lease she told me there was no way it'd be done sooner than the 9th} I didn't want to sound dumb because I was certain her answer would be no. To my surprise I was wrong. Her response was "Mr.Burke, Your house has been ready, if you'd like to schedule a sooner appointment to pick up your keys please let me know." Please tell me where she missed the memo that I was homeless? In ever email I mentioned something about it. So of course he emailed back and said YES as soon as possible. That whole day I was freaking out because I was going to have to paint alone due to the timing of our move. However, by switching the date my sister and best friend were able to help. {Thank goodness. I'm certain I would of given up had they not been there.}

My husband picked up the keys Thursday morning. We finally got the house! Friday I attempted to leave early. In true Meridith fashion I had a problem. I stopped to get gas only to find out my card was deactivated. I had $18 in my pocket. That would get me to the highway, maybe. I call Navy Fed to find out someone had tried to use my card at a hotel in Iowa ? Who wants to stay in Iowa? After explaining I had no other source of money the lady had me stay on the phone while I filled my tank so she could then deactivate my card again.

I arrive at the house around 3. Danielle gets there at 3:30. I had a splitting was ache. We started painting right away. We quickly realize the walls are eating paint. My husband swears it was us but we used an entire gallon of pain in a 14x10ft room. Seems a bit unreal. We finally headed to the stinky apartment around 11 that night, covered in paint, and head pounding.

Saturday we spent most of the day taping of diamonds in Bentley's room. The painting was so the quickest park. By 8:30 we started Kylie's room which to my surprise was the easiest. Those both turned out amazing!

Sunday my helpers left so it was up to my husband and I. We were taping stripes until 2pm. Ran out of paint, had to get more. The new paint was a little darker. Room looks like crap. I cry every time I look at how bad it turned out. But it was time to start unpacking. We had already spent all our time painting and the kids were coming in 2 days.

I will post pictures once the Internet is up! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Table Trouble

I have wanted a new kitchen table since the day my plates stuck to the table we repainted. We never bought a table of our "own" since my mom gave us a perfectly good one to have. When we arrived in CA we repainted the top white and the legs black. Fail. It didn't look all that great and everything stuck to the table. So before we moved into our second CA house I peeled 85% of the paint off sitting at the table then finally Ryan stripped the paint. We then stained the table and touched up the chairs. It looked so much better! But unfortunately for Ryan I still hated the table. I tend to be fine with things until we move then I quickly make sure to get new things for the new house.

Seeing as we have had almost 4 months to look at tables you'd think I would have already purchased and had my table for the big move. Negative batman, negative. About 3 weeks ago is when I really started looking at tables. The one I like my husband went to look at in Jacksonville but I really wanted to see it my self before buying it. Of course the store here didn't carry that table. I then fell in love with another table. And again of course the Jacksonville store didn't carry the new table I liked. It became such a pain and when someone says, " I'll have to call you back once I know that answer." Just know they will never call you back.

If we ordered the table from this store it would take 2 weeks and at this point there were not 2 weeks left. Therefore we wouldn't be here when the table got here and they never called back to let us know if they could deliver to Jacksonville. So long story short ordering from the store was a no go. I searched and searched for this table online and found an online retailer that had free shipping and no tax. How could I pass up that option. I woke up Saturday morning and bought my table!! My husband told me I have a serious shopping problem because of how excited I was to buy the table. But it was not spending the money that got me excited, it was buying our first family table. It says it takes 1-3 weeks to ship, I keep joking that it will be either 1 week because we wont have a house yet or it will take months and I wont have a table.

My brother in law will be stationed at Lejeune as well as my husbands best friend so I figure there will be quite a few people joining us for dinner here and there. Which now I just realized I'm agreeing to cook for people. Dang it! But no worries because I will have 96 inches of table to accommodate them with. :)

Aint it so purty?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleeping Arangments

We have been at Mom's for so long that I tend to forget how squished on top of each other we are. In the past few weeks I've had more people ask me, "Where are you all sleeping?" Well ladies and gents there are a little of us everywhere.

When the kids came to stay with my Mom just for the night they always slept in her room. Either on a blow up at the foot of her bed or somewhere that their precious Grandma could be in sight. So seeing as we imagined this situation would only last a few weeks that is where they stayed. Their blow up eventually got popped and they spent many of morning folded into their bed as it deflated. Then we brought in a single mattress to put on the floor for the girls to share. Before they were sharing I'm almost positive they were trading off days to sleep in Grandma's bed. She finally decided it was time for her to be comfortable in her own bed and kicked them out. I really can't blame her.

When I first moved out of my Mom's house my little sister took the big room leaving her midget room for my Mom to take over with her crafts. I don't think my Mother had any idea that 3 years later my family of 5 would be here for 3 months. Silly Mom, don't you know we always come back? When we first got here Bentley was waking up every dang 2-3 hours so 9 times out of 10 he ended up in the bed with me vs being in the pack 'n' play. Ryan and I went out one night and seeing as Mom's room is on the other side of the house she can't hear him cry so she let him cry it out that night. I had to follow suit and within a few days he was sleeping through the night. But I was scared if he knew I was in the room he would wake up knowing I would get him out of bed. There go my beginning of sleeping on the couch. 

I would show you what the room I'm staying in looks like but I think my mother would kick me out and I need to be here 2 more weeks! I have piles all over the room of clothes, shoes, coach bags and blankets. When we have dressers again I may cry of excitement! When we first got here we each had a few outfits and the kids had a few toys. Now that it is so close to time to leave I'm realizing how much we have acquired since being here. I have started to send things back to Jacksonville with Ryan to eliminate the amount of stuff I have to take with me when I leave. Who knew you could buy so much stuff in such a short period of time. My Mom's house is bursting at the seams

 I do believe this is not the ideal situation for any family but its temporary. I know some people have permanent situations far worse than this so what is there to really complain about? We have a roof over our heads and more time to spend with our family!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Over Load

We have lived with my parents for 84 days now. When we packed up our stuff I was under the impression it was for 2-3 days. I'm almost positive I packed food items from the pantry that are going to reek when we finally get to open them all. 15 days, well my days over so 14 days, left until I am in Jacksonville awaiting those oh so precious keys they will hand us. Now you would think after 84 days of sitting on my behind doing nothing but gain weight and drink Starbucks that I would have things for the house figured out. However that is not the case. Its down to 2 weeks and I am scrambling trying to remember things I need or in Ryan's mind want for the house. It's getting out of hand.

We NEED a new kitchen table more than you would even know. Our old table was actually my mother's old table that we painted twice to try to make it better but it failed miserably. So the husband is agreeing with that purchase. The other things I may be needing to bribe him a little more. I've been looking at tables for weeks trying to decide what I want and how I'm going to get it. I finally picked the one I want. But of course the store in Jacksonville does not carry it and the store here will not sell the floor model and it would take a few weeks to arrive. Oh and on top of that they don't know if they can ship it that far. Seriously?! I found the table online and will be buying it on Friday! The website says 1-3 weeks for delivery. My best bet is seeing as how much luck I have that the dress will either come in 1 week meaning we wont have a house to put it in or it will be 5 weeks so we will be tableless for 2 weeks. A girl can dream though right?

I am also dying for a new couch. Our couch is so not kid friendly. The cushions do not come off, its a light tan color and the 2 sectional pieces constantly separate. It's just not my idea of a pretty living room with that thing in it. My husband keeps saying to wait to buy one but its killing me inside. We also do not have end tables, coffee tables or a rug for the living room. I keep finding awesome rugs but have no idea what color my couch will be. Can I base my living room off a rug purchase? I think so.

My brain is on overload trying to think of things we need and get before getting the house. My poor Mom's house is bursting at the seams with all the stuff we brought with us and have bought since we have been here. Everything is constantly racing through my head! I need furniture for the screened in porch and play room! My goodness now I'm rambling off my thoughts because my brain wont shut off!!

Hope you all had a great Monday! PS Look into your local Chick-Fil-A, they are having Mother Daughter Date Nights this week! We had so much fun at ours tonight! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My husband has been on my case lately about not having home videos. He keeps saying how we need a video camera so we can have some. I have thousands of pictures of Kylie because she was an only child the longest. I got a camera the Christmas before she was born and put it to good use.

I used it so much it ended up breaking the week of her 1st birthday. On her first birthday I bought my prize possession, of the time, my pink touch screen camera. I love that thing. Still do although it blows at taking pictures of kids because it is the slowest camera in all camera history. {My kids messed with all the settings and I have no idea how to get it all back.} So I slowly got out of the picture taking habit because there was always so much chaos and not so many cute moments with family and friends being across the country. Then Bentley was born and I found my self obsessing over taking pictures with my phone to quickly get them to my husband who was deployed at the time.

Long story short I stopped capturing my kids growing and learning new things. So the week before Kylie's 5th birthday {her birthday seems to be a new camera tradition} I met with my friend for breakfast and ended our meal with a new camera. She is the fab photographer that did our last family pictures. Jill knows her stuff so I knew she would point in the right direction for a good camera as well as one that was user friendly. I fell in love with taking pictures when I got a hold of her ginormous camera at parties. So I'm the proud owner of a Cannon Rebel. I've taken over 1000 pictures since I got it. I don't want you guys to think I'm good at taking pictures because believe me I am not. I am simply just loving being able to capture the fast movement of my kids who don't say cheese longer than 2 seconds.

I spent a good penny on that camera as well as a video camera and memory cards for each. I was certain my husband was going to beat me but I have a good excuse. After losing my brother all my mom had left were the pictures to remember him by. I by no means plan on losing my kids but even if something happens to Ryan or I. Our kids will have these to look back on. I will spend thousands to make sure there are good pictures to look back on our lives. Good excuse right? :)

Here are a few pictures I've taken lately!

Baby Sammy on his first birthday!

My best friends

The Family on Easter

Little Man

Kylie and Delainey on her 5th Birthday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anniversary 7 or 3?

Yesterday was my anniversary. It gets semi confusing because we got married on the day we started dating. I always say the longest time because I put up with way to many years of this Marine malarkey to say we've only been married 3 years. 7 years with this amazing man who had no idea what hit him in 2005 to go out with someone like this girl right here. 7 and 3 is not a significant number to really write about our adventure so far together but I am. I've realized that no matter the number,some years you have more time to sit and reflect on the years you've been together.

So this year I've done just that. I never posted my wedding pictures to Facebook until 2 days ago. Whoops. In all seriousness my computer was so slow 3 years ago they wouldn't load. Haha Looking back at our pictures make me grin from ear to ear. We have some amazing friends, our family is okay too. There are a group of 9 friends that would always be there for us. When we all get together it's those you remember when Ryan did this or Shaft did that, oh and Kelly did this conversations. No matter where we all are in life we could all still get together and laugh the same as we did when we all met.

The story of how Ryan and I met will always be a joke in its self. He says he picked me up on a corner which he kinda did.

These two were/are best friends.
Hints why he was the best man in our wedding. :)

And these two are good friends.
True Ben and Kelly form to be walking out of my wedding like this.
Here's a normal picture just for good measure.
And the three of us are best friends.
These 6 men are like brothers.

March 8th is Aj's birthday. {the best man} Ben invited Kelly to go out the weekend after his birthday. Kelly then had the hots for Aj. But Ben kept saying, "Do you have a girl for my man Rocky?" She had no idea what this Rocky character looked like but threw me out there. So the next weekend, March 18th 2005 Kelly and I snuck out of the house to go out with Ben and his friends. Rocky, my husband, was the one that picked us up. Remind me to tell my daughters not to just jump in random boys cars. But we jumped in the back of his Firebird and successfully snuck out of the house. We did what any 18 and 15 year olds would do, we went to Waffle House. Aj of course ordered the All Star special and that is when I discovered Ryan twitches at random. I some how ignored this odd twitch and told Kelly I liked him. I rode around in the car with Ryan until 3 in the morning while Kelly was with Aj riding around to the same places. {Apparently we don't conserve gas and ride together?} The next night we snuck out again to go to Aj's house which was within walking distance to Kelly and I's neighborhood. My favorite part is I locked my self out of my room and woke up my mom to help me get back in it. Silly mother, didn't you know I was out all night?

After that weekend we were inseparable. We became part of the "crew" of people they hung out with. Now we are all like a family. It's incredible to look back at how much all of us have been through but where we are now. From the first apartment all the boys shared to now a house full of boys and a house of girls. We have 3 beautiful children, Kelly has one handsome little man and all of our friends are right there by our side spoiling them on the way.

These are the people aside from our family that have supported us every step of the way.

Our family has never once doubted what we were capable of. Ok scratch that, my Mom and Dad {Ted} have never once doubted us. They have been a great help for me to become a mother as well as becoming a wife. My Mom and Ted's relationship is so similar to Ryan and I's. I don't like to admit I'm like my mother but it is very apparent I am the spitting image of her. These two have helped me move, bring babies into the world while Ryan was deployed, fix my house, watch the kids, oh did I mention we've been staying at their house since February? Without them Kylie may look more homeless than she does now.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the sappy story of how much I appreciate the support of our family and friends. Military life ain't easy but we have survived almost 6 years of living it and we couldn't be happier in our marriage. :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


You know that last blog I posted about murdering cars? Success. I murdered my car that very next day. I did not mean to. I in fact was trying to help my car. As I stated I got my oil changed and was so proud of my self for doing so. Well the next day my car started ticking. This really loud, hear over my loud car going 70mph tick.

At first I described it as a clock, then it got all the more annoying and I said it was like a bomb and I was waiting for it to go off. Every male person I talked to, saw or texted I asked them what it could be. Every single one of them said the same thing, " You should probably get your oil changed." Well smart men I just did that and then it started making this noise. I gave up trying to figure out what it was by just explaining it. We drove to visit my husband in Jacksonville and of course I then made him listen to it. He had no idea what it was. He then drove down a street that apparently nothing was open on Saturdays. The dealership was busy so no luck there. First thing Monday morning my Dad took it to the shop to get it looked at. We heard nothing for 24 hours.

Finally this morning we got a call that they figured out what the problem was. "something in the valve train" If I knew what that meant I would tell you. All I got out of it was that its under warranty and I wasn't paying for the problem. So now I'm thinking great I'm car less because they said it would be a few days. But  I went to pick up a courtesy car and my car was the talk of the shop.

One guy said " Oh so you're the one with the ticking engine, whatd you do to it?" "I changed the oil. I was trying to help it." "What'd you put in it, water?" NO!

I told you guys I have no luck with cars. Me and cars clash very badly. So I got a lovely 2012 Buick Enclave until Friday. Much smaller than my tank but it will do. Moral of the story, never change your oil!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Car Murderer

I swear one day I am going to murder a car of mine. I absolutely HATE auto repair shops. I hate every single one of them. They always have a few people in front of you. There is always a tiny little waiting room with the news on. A vending machine that looks like its from the 1980's and mass amounts of men who are more than thrilled to know I  know nothing about cars. As soon as you walk in they look at you like you're retarded and know nothing about anything at all.

I try my hardest to not take my kids to these places because it's just a pain in the rear end. But then because I always have them I then never go get anything done that my car needs. I'm mainly talking about oil changes because I have no idea what else needs to be regularly done? I could be killing another part of my car and have no idea. I keep telling my self that I should just learn how to do it my self but I have the feeling that would be the biggest mess in America and I would probably do it wrong and really murder my car.

My favorite story ever is about the Pacifica. We bought it Spring of 2008 and sold it Winter 2010. The oil was changed 3 times that I'm aware of. But the awesome story is about the first time I got my oil changed in this car. Prior to being the proud owner of my mom mobile I had a '98 Mountaineer. This car my parents bought so my step dad would occasionally take it and check all these things for me. Well apparently when I became a big girl and bought my own car I had to do all this my self. Sheesh no one told me about all these things. So one day I was with my brother in law and said hey can you go with me to get my oil changed my car keeps telling me I need to do that. We get to the car place and I was like " I am WAY over due for an oil change so good luck." The guy chuckled and didn't think anything of it. Then a few minutes go by and he comes back to say " Ma'am, there is no oil in your car." Well shit I think I told you it was going to be pretty bad. I couldn't stop laughing. He was shocked and didn't believe me I guess. Some how after that I still kept forgetting to get it done. The poor people that bought that car.

When we bought the Yukon I was like ok I WILL take care of this car. I will get the oil changed before or right when it's supposed to be done. Fail. We bought it in September and I just got the oil changed for the first time yesterday. 4000 miles over. Whoops. Determination. I need determination to keep this car up to date on at least the oil change. Lord knows I can't handle a broken car on the side of the road. I've never gotten a flat tire before. That may be the death of me. I was so shocked yesterday though. I walked in to this little car place down the street, handed them my keys and walked out 25 minutes later. Why am I leaving here?! I could keep my car in tact here. {Maybe I should start getting it done at Walmart and shop with the kids while they are doing it.}

It's a beautiful day out, time to go play outside!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise Surprise

All this being homeless stuff has made planning birthdays and seeing friends more difficult. In fact half the people I talked to last week had no idea I even stayed here. {feeling the love folks} I have had so much time to sit and think about a house. I have gone as far as knowing which room I will paint first and which I need to tape off first, as well as deciding to get the paint before I even arrive in Jacksonville. Dedication. Some days I think about not painting and just moving my stuff in but then I realize this is the house I will live in the longest. {The longest we have been in a house since 2009 is 12 months} So I am overly excited to buy a few new pieces of furniture and go all out in decorating this house. I keep saying Ryan will get some weird orders that will make us move in 6 months or we will get hit by a grenade gone crazy on base. You know something ridiculous because that is the kind of luck I have.

Kylie is turning 5 on Friday. Holy cow. 5 years ago my face was the size of a hippo and I don't think I could see my feet but I can imagine they were huge too. I love to plan parties and make them extravagant and have way too many people in one small space. However this year is a little different. Kylie isn't close to that many little people around here so planning kid activities just isn't part of the planning this time. I always feel so bad because as soon as she gets close to a friend we move. Jayda has been her best friend since she was itty bitty so we are hoping she will at least come. We have a first birthday party to attend, that is way to special to miss, on Saturday the 7th so I had to make her party the 6th so her Daddy could attend. Which then makes 2 Aunt's not able to make it. :( I have no idea who will even be coming to the party but I hope she has fun and enjoys her self either way.

My husband was supposed to be in the field until the 5th or so of April but is getting out early. So  I thought it would be fun to pack the car, pretend were going to GA and show up at Daddy's work so she can celebrate on her actual birthday with her Daddy for the first time in 3 years! I'm terrified of his not so nice apartment but I know she will love spending the time with him and getting to see where she will be living when we finally get a house in 6 short weeks.

Traveling longer than 2 hours is always interesting with any number of kids. I always expect the worst and hope for the best. This trip could be interesting because my husband has nothing in his apartment, no tv, no toys and actually no pots and pans! I will have to pack accordingly and hope for good weather. I always leave at Bentley's nap time and stop when he is crying or when Kylie has to pee. The worst part is my car doesn't have base stickers yet so I have to get all 3 kids out to go get them once we get there. You know the last time I was there I got on base with just my ID 4 times before they made me go get a visitor pass for my Mom's car. I bet that makes you all feel safe, huh?

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Work Outters

Everyone knows that at the beginning of the spring it's "bathing suit body" time. They all start posting on facebook that they are starting to work out and/or eat better. This last about a month then they are already in their bathing suit fat and pale and give up pretty fast. Guilty of doing the same. Although I haven't posted about needing to work out yet. Possibly because I've never worked out before in my life or possibly because I don't want people reading my status' saying "Really Meridith you know you're on the couch eating a box of thin mints in 5 minutes flat."

All the new comers to the gym world are driving me up the wall. Some of these people on my facebook list have been discussing losing weight for over a year but from what I've observed look larger than when the endeavor started. {Sorry that was rude, but I didn't say any names.} I just don't get why people think its okay to be fat in the winter but not in the spring and summer? Wouldn't you want to be fit all year round? I have all intentions in my head to run and do crunches or even eat healthy but I never go as far as telling everyone I'm going to because I know better. It isn't ever going to happen.

Lately I have been told that the longer someone is around me the more they gain weight. I some how have stayed the same. I don't watch what I eat and I don't necessarily look awesome but I'm going to start losing friends soon if I don't start ordering salads. My parents told me that they have gained weight since I have been at the house. Oops. I just cant help it. I eat like a 5 year old and I look like a 12 year old with a few inches of stretched out stomach skin. {disturbing}A friend of mine said, "There's one thing you have to realize about Meridith. If you hang out with her you're going to gain weight eating what she eats." I have a really fast metabolism. I know that it will very soon catch up to me and at 30 I will be on the next episode of My 600lb Life.' But I have a method for this summers bathing suit season. I will stay standing at all times. I look okay standing, no fat rolls and I look kind of normal. I just cant sit. Then people realize my 5 boxes of thin mints did really get to me.

I signed our lease today. We are officially not homeless but waiting for our home to be ready. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Trip Turned Vacation

The being homeless thing was starting to get old so I decided it was time to visit some family. My Mom's best friend Janet, also known as Grandma Janet, was so gracious to invite us to come for a long weekend.

At first I was going to come late Thursday so the kids would sleep the whole way. Then I decided to man up and drive during the day. Surprisingly it went good. We left at about 11 and started the drive. Before we left The town I stopped to fill the car up. {$95 of course} I then realize Kylie didn't go potty before we left. My mom was driving by so she stopped and watched the little ones and Delainey about had a heart attack she didn't get to get out. Now of course my mom let her out of her seat so she screamed for a while refusing to get back in her seat. Finally it was time to actually get on the road. We get to Greenville,SC and Kylie had to potty so I figured it was time for a lunch break.

Of course the exit I stop at the Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds are miles off the exit. I find a Subway. Now as if I didn't always get stared at but it was worse than usual. Standing in line the girls are touching everything in sight I finally sit them down, and then they were screaming about who got which chair. I got one chocolate milk for them to share which I knew was going to be an issue when I did it. However, I was not stopping again so the liquids were at a minimum. We finish eating and get new diapers on the wee ones, so on and so forth, back on the road.

I didn't think our ride would be do peaceful but there was no screaming what so ever in the car. Thank Goodness for the TV in the car! It was such a nice day so once we got there we played outside waiting for everyone to be home. I of course then got a head ache from the nice weather which lasted 48 hours. I felt better on Saturday but had another head ache Sunday. By then Grandma Janet either had enough of me being worthless or really wanted to help the cause so she sent me to the chiropractor on Monday.

I expected him to tell me I was dying and there was nothing he could do but that wasn't the case. At the ripping age of 22 I have arthritis in my neck. Awesome. So when it rains my arthritis acts up and causes the pain. I also have a crooked something or nother in my nose and a crooked spine. Yet again awesome. Of course our insurance doesn't cover a chiropractor so I don't see me going often. I ended up going 3 times while I was there and I think it really helped some.

We stayed in Georgia for 11 days! It was a nice break away from Mom's house. It gave us something to do and my mom her house back. {Well until she felt left out and came to join in GA} Now we are back to the waiting game for our house!! Everyone cross your fingers they finish it soon.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friends and Finances

I've sat down to write this post quite a few times. It's impossible to not sound crazy and conceded so forgive me.

Finances is one of those things you just don't openly discuss with every person you talk to. Danielle and Kelly could ask me the exact number in my bank account that second and I would gladly tell them. There are other people who I'd be embarrassed to tell them or others who I would feel guilty for telling them. Then there are those people who you could care less what they think of your money yet you never say exact numbers.

For a few years I stressed over how little money we had. One day I woke up to realize my bills were paid, there was a roof over our head and food on the table, why in the world was I stressing? I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more money than we have. I'm guilty of liking the finer things the world has to offer. Ritz over a Hilton and Coach over Target bags. I get it honestly from my mom.

When we say that we are broke, we aren't. If our checking account gets lower than $2000 we consider our selves broke and stop spending as if we had money. It's how I have always been. It's almost like putting a cap on your bank account. It's worked for us. Ryan is stingy with his money and very cheap. He would go through hoops to save a few dollars. Where as I go out of my way to spend more than I should. {Not really but I swear there could be a sale on something until Friday and I'd buy it on Saturday} But I am also the laziest person in the world and sometimes don't leave the house for 2-3 days not spending a dime. We have honestly made some smart financial decisions. My husband doesn't trust me on these decisions until it does work out but I am very good with these things. When I sold my Pacifica while he was in the field I thought he was going to kill me. He did not think it was smart, thought I should keep the car and some how shove 3 kids in it. I however knew what I was doing. We paid off the car, sold it 2 weeks later and he deployed 2 months later. I then drove his car for 9 months while he was deployed. Someone said that buying the Yukon XL wasn't practical and not a good decision. I have 3 kids who are all in carseats. I take a double stroller everywhere I go. We are moving 4 hours from family and need the "luxury" {dvd player/tv}things my car has to offer. I'm pretty sure the car is practical in my life. I squished 3 kids in the Charger for 4 months to be able to get the exact car I wanted. I wasn't willing to give in and get a car I didn't love. I love my car and the car payment is only $300 for 36 months. Reasonable if I do say so my self.

People can say they aren't jealous of the things my family gets but it's clear to me they are. I too use to be jealous of things other people had. It took me a long time to over come that jealousy. All people have financial highs and lows. Our husbands could have the exact same job but our incomes can still be different, as well as our tax return. It's a fact of life. Everyone is different. It's what makes the world such an interesting place. So my point of writing on this topic is to say there's no sense in ever being jealous of me or in fact anyone. EVERYONE will struggle physically, mentally or financially at some point in their lives. Be grateful for the things you are blessed with rather than gripe over the things you can not have.

Hey were homeless and were doing okay. ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life as a Homeless Family

This week has flown by as I expected. Tomorrow is already Friday. We have had ups and downs and melts downs of all sorts but we are getting better. The girls are getting use to being here and knowing that Grandma and Paw Paw go in and out and screaming isn't always necessary when they leave. I'd love to say they don't ever do that but that would be a lie. The girls have more energy than they have ever had in their life. Kylie is use to being at school and Delainey just follows every footstep her sister makes. The chaos in the house when we are all home is insane. No wonder they all leave during the day and leave me here alone with the crazies. Bentley is teething and the biggest pain in the butt right now. Where he is still so sweet and smiley he just is not having life right now. He cries all day long and just wants to eat as often and as much as possible at all times. I thought he didn't sleep before but jee willakers he has NOT slept since we got here. I take that back, he has not slept at night since we got here. He has been napping for 3 hours every morning but only on the blow up mattress. I'm thinking I will buy a blow up mattress when we get a house and see if he sleeps!

The main struggle for being at Grandma's all the time is finding things to do that don't destroy the house but keeps them occupied. Tuesday the girls were running around like they chugged red bulls. I finally asked if they wanted to help me clean. {They love to help clean. Weird.} So I got them each a bucket and rag and they washed the base boards. You'd think that would be some sort of punishment but they loved it. I didn't have to keep a constant eye on them and they were so excited to clean Grandma's house. And lord knows with my 3 kids and a ginormous lab her base boards needed a good scrub.

Ive come to realize I have nothing better to do during the day than clean the house. I've tried my hardest to help out while my Mom is at school so we aren't being as big of a burden as I know we are. I think my sister has a love hate relationship with us being here. She loves that while we are here our vegan mother makes real dinner that consist of more than twigs and berries. She hates that we all gang up on her for leaving things all over the place. And she loves that I am a fast food junkie who will smuggle in soda and fries.

The other day Mom told us we were having Salmon burgers. Bailey {my 15 year old sister} and I looked at each other and said, "Hmm Chick-Fil-A?" Poor Dad had to whisper into her ear to tell her he wanted a large Dr. Pepper too. Which I just gave away his secret that I'm his supplier of soda. It's like they've been deprived for so long and now they have someone to help them bring in the bad stuff so they're taking full advantage. I put Dr. Pepper in the fridge and I'm almost positive there's  only one left.

Ryan has been in his awesome apartment. {That's sarcasm, I'm afraid of it.} His first day of PT with his Marine's one of them broke an ankle. Way to go dear. The next PT he did out of 8 people 4 of them puked. Really love? The man is not human and has no idea how fast he can run. His 3 mile is shorter than my 1 mile. But so far he is enjoying his unit and the people in it. No complaints yet that I know of. Well besides the "slow civilians" that weren't giving him his gear. I believe he will be coming here for the weekend and next weekend he has a long weekend so we will most likely be visiting him. By then it will be mid February and we will hopefully get the call about a house!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving, or Should I Say Lack of?

Well our move to Camp Lejeune was a big Fail with a capitol F. When we packed all of our stuff up we knew there was no guarantee of a house. My husband and I were never stressed and just said we would eventually figure things out.

Monday morning I woke up to realize NOTHING was packed. I had no boxes and was almost out of tape. I am always organized and prepared for these things. Why on earth I was not on my game this move I have no idea. I started to freak out while Ryan went to pick up the truck and I was left packing things. His friends showed up and by the time he got back with the truck everything was already in the drive way ready to load. My husband asked me the question, "Is there any order you want this packed?" I really did not care where boxes were placed in the truck but little did I know that me not having a preference made them think throwing things in was okay.

Tuesday early morning Ryan set out with the Uhaul and Charger in tow. That poor car has been on the back of a Uhaul far too much. This time resulting in a scratched rim. I eventually rolled out of bed and packed my Mom's little midget car with as much as I could. I met my sister who took Bentley for the week. Supposivly so we could move in. Ryan went to housing that day and was told we were third on the list and they didn't think it would even be 3 months. Our original plan was to get an apartment for 3 months. However after the way housing acted we didn't want to be stuck in a lease of any sort. So we then got a hotel room on base and started the search for furnished vacation rentals or an apartment that would rent month to month.

No such luck finding anything on Tuesday. Wednesday we still had the uhaul full of our stuff. We finally just decided to at least get a storage unit and return the Uhaul. I tried my best to put things we need in the front and things like furniture towards the back. Now unpacking the Uhaul was the most frustrating part of the whole thing. I had 3 fragile boxes that said "Do NOT stand up" on them. What do you know they were ALL standing up. Where I am grateful to of had people to help, seriously dummies you learned to read in kindergarten! I don't know yet if the things in those boxes made it but as soon as we get in a house I will have some boys to yell at if things got broken.

Thursday I stopped by the vacation rental place that everyone told me about. Out of over 500 properties they had ONE in our price range. I went to look at it and decided its all I would find and put in an application. Then I get a call saying if I didn't rent it for over 91 days the price would increase. After asking to how much they said they had to ask the owner first. Funny I still haven't gotten a call back. Luckily I gave up on them.

Friday I called every apartment complex in the 45 mile radius to see if they had a courtesy apartment and if it was open. Not a dang thing. Finally at 6pm I called the one apartment I knew would do month to month to find out the actual prices. Quite a few people had told me about this place but after looking at the pictures online I knew I couldn't handle living there. Ryan on the other hand is happy any where that isn't a fox hole. He was up for the idea and got a one month lease. Upon signing this lease he was asked to sign a lead paint waiver. Now you all know I'm not spoiled and that place was gross.

So the kids and I are at my Mom's as of now. We plan to visit Grandma Janet and Aunt Chrissy (Ben and Megan too of course) some time soon as well. If you want 3 screaming non sleeping kids to visit let us know. I'm sure my mom would enjoy her house back for a few days.

On a side note, the houses we are waiting on are gorgeous. The school is brand new, in walking distance, and also a preschool. I can imagine it will be perfect for our family and can't wait to get the call saying when we can move in!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sky High

Recently a friend of mine, Ali, found out about a place called Sky High. Some how we missed this glorious place and had no idea it existed. Never the less within a few days of seeing it we went.

Our first attempt at going was a total bust. We decided to go at 4:30 on a Friday night. It took us 2 1/2 hours to go 30 miles. When we finally found the place after turning around 3 times we found out the wait time to jump wasn't for another 2 hours. {Us Momma's didn't plan on being gone that long and one didn't leave enough milk for the baby.} Therefore we went to the Ihop we found while lost. So initially we drove 2 1/2 hours to eat at Ihop when we have one 3 miles away.

The 2nd attempt was successful. We booked our time online and came prepared. I quickly realized after 3 kids you can and will pee your pants while jumping. The foam pit is intimidating. Everyone stares on the side lines like you're going to throw some sick move but really I do a bunny hop. No flips for this chick. That day was busy so the amount of short people was crazy. We all thought we were going to pummel over a child.

Our 3rd trip was awesome. We learned new things from our previous trips to make them better. We booked the private court. Courtesy of the amazing Ali whom I some how endanger when she's around me. Having a space to only people you knew and people over 5 foot just made it more fun. The boys were of course exceeding the limits their bodies were allowing. My husband I swear was going to break a bone. {at one point I had to be reassured we were insured for that shnit} They gave us a bag of dodge balls that the guys of course were all over. Us girls weren't a fan. They were pelting them at us like in the movie Dodgeball. At one point we just hoarded all the balls and refused to give them up. After a while we needed to breath and I of course had to pee so we headed to the foam pit. There were tiny little nuggets up at 11:00 at this place. The boys were busting out moves in the pit while us girls sat back and observed. Ali did do a flip but scared us all because of how close her head was to the edge. Our one friend Travis some how ended up head first with just his feet hanging out, he had a hard time getting out of that one. I'm not one for anything dangerous because I'm a whimp but I loved running from trampoline to trampoline in circles. Sounds dumb but hey I am special. My favorite fall had to of been Ali's we were running from trampoline to trampoline and about the 3rd one Ali went face first and slid her whole face across it. Ouch!!

After that we were all dead tired. An hour of jumping and half of us couldn't breath. It's when we all realize we're getting older and running low on physical activity energy. We piled in the Yukon and jammed out to old school Ludacris, who knew that we all would still know the lyrics.

So moral of the story. This place is awesome but be prepared. Go at a good time so the place isn't sold out or book your time online. Pee 3x in a row prior to jumping, stretch if you're over the age of 15 and wear a supportive bra.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OCD or Crazy TomAYto TomAHto

I've always been obsessed with keeps things neat and organized. That girl in school who always had a brand new mechanical pencil because the thought of a normal pencil going dull freaked me out. I physically couldn't write on anything but college ruled paper. My closet has been color coded from tank tops to long sleeve in each color for as long as I can remember. There are so many things I do a certain way and until being married I never realized how strange it was.

When Ryan and I moved to California is when I started to figure out I'm not so normal. We would bicker about all the imperfect ways Ryan was doing things. I got so obsessed over doing things the same way over and over I am convinced there's only one way to do anything.

I have to have everything matching. The girls almost always have matching cups. {Right now I'm trying to get that through my husbands head before I have a conniption.} I love when my kids wear matching outfits. I like things put away and not in sight. I keep my toaster under the cabinet not on the counter. One toy on the floor makes me say, "ok we need to clean up this disaster".

It's very hard for me to go to bed with a dirty house. I also can't leave a dirty house. I like it to be clean so when I come home it's not to a mess. Who knows you could be out to lunch with someone and invite them back to your house. You don't want to be speeding home just to pick up that mess you left.

I always think I'm normal but apparently I'm not. I do know that tere are people out there more insane than I am!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hair History

I haven't had my natural hair color since 7th grade. My natural hair color is unknown. When I started dying it, it was that awful dirty blonde, always looks dirty color.
I started by getting high lites. Then I decided I wanted brown hair, and then dark brown hair. It ended up black. Eekk. After that it took 6 hours, $350, and 3x bleaching it to be blonde again. I lost half my hair that day. That was March 2005. In 9th grade I dyed my hair every 2 days, so NOT healthy for your hair. I was blonde for almost 6 years. I finally went brunette again June 2010.

My husband had only ever known me as a blonde so I of course did it while he was gone so I could shock him. It was def different at first but he grew to like it.

I have always been like Rapunzel. I love my hair long but when I cut it I cut a few feet off. I grew my hair out for 2 years then October 17th 2008 I cut 16 inches off. I'm getting the urge to do it again but I remember how long it took me to like my hair short.

My best friends Kelly and Danielle go back and forth on brown and blonde as well. We typically all go one color at one time then slowly switch all together again. Danielle and I were totally on board to go blonde, Kelly not so much. First Danielle and I did high lites and they turned out good but we wanted more. So instead of bleaching it we colored it blonde. We both looked like high lighters the second we washed it out. It's faded some so I am now a Mac n cheese crayola crayon. Everyone kept telling me to use shimmer lights shampoo, did that 3x and my hair is still orange/yellow. Luckily I'm not one to be embarrassed or care. I want to give my hair a break for a few weeks before I poor a bucket of bleach on it. We did high lites on Kelly and they looked good but she was not agreeing and quickly dyed it back brown.

I love dying my own hair or my friends hair. I can't say they love dying mine since they have to stand 3ft away to reach the ends of it but we always have fun.

May I suggest being in a good mood when dying your own hair!

This is right after I did it, pretty orange!

3 days later, yellow

After shimmer lights 3x uhhhh now it looks brown?!
 My kids change each picture too. ;)