Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tonight's Theme:Poop

If you aren't a parent you may just not even want to read this. It could be disturbing or you could laugh your butt off at the insane things us parents have to deal with. Every night at about 5pm I start sending anger texts to my husband and/or other people who realize I'm insane. I can be so calm all day long but something happens to my patience and my kids start to act like wild animals at 5pm.

9 times out of 10 dinner ends up on the floor. The other two meals of the day usually go off without a hitch but for whatever reason dinner just never makes it in their mouths. This is when having a dog came in handy. My handsome little boy who chooses to not sleep, ever, has now decided that during every meal he eats he must poop. Who seriously thinks about pooping while eating?! Then after he poops he refuses to eat another bite until you change him. Tonight the girls were poking each other with forks over and over in the face. About the 4th eye stab and dinner was over.

Kylie even at age 4 has not mastered the whole wiping her self after she uses the bathroom. Ive tried to find every way possible so she's not sitting on the toilet screaming " I need you to wipe me!!!" That got old fast. Tonight she failed miserably and I had already had it with all of them. I put the girls in the tub and then tried to get Bentley to calm down because little do you all now but from 6:45-7:30 he is actually close to near death every night. Next thing I know the girls are doing their high pitch girl squeal as loud as they can. What do you know more POOOP. Delainey pooped in the bathtub. I want to say this is at least the 5th time she's done it. I don't think Kylie ever did this and if she did she was pretty young. Kylie is smart and just stands on the side of the tub. Delainey on the other hand is standing in the middle of the bath screaming and crying poop. Well darling I did not poop in the tub so please don't scream at me like I did something to hurt you. After cleaning the tub I was not about to have the hair washing fight. I washed their bodies off and was done.

They were all in bed by 7:55. Bentley is in his crib and I am hoping for one dang good night of sleep!

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