Friday, December 9, 2011

Talented Two's

Whom ever started the "Terrible Two's" thing was completely wrong. Its "Talented Two's". It's like over night on their birthday they just become so talented and can do everything them selves. Everything is, I do I do and No Help!

Delainey is being diagnosed with this as we speak. She does not want help doing anything. Getting in the car is like a 30 minute process. You can not lift her into the car, that she has to do alone. You can't buckle her seat unless she instructs you to do so. And don't you dare try or you'll make it all the more difficult. She is under the impression that her jackets are not to be worn in her car seat as well.

All of a sudden at age two they can open fruit snacks, juice boxes and yogurt. They scream and grunt to try open it them selves then finally turn to you and ask for help. I just want to look at her and say "Well dumb dumb I tried to help you 25 minutes ago but you were being stubborn.

Getting dressed is all the rage in our house. Picking out our own clothes leaves my kids looking homeless but some days I do not have the patience to fight it. Delainey, 2, often tries to put on clothes her self and ends up with 4 shirts on but no pants. The thought process on that makes no sense. Or she will have night pants on with a dress? I try to set out outfits at night so she doesn't fight it. If its already picked out she just puts it on, by her self. She thinks dresses are to be zipped in the front so SHE can zip them. I have to convince her that whatever pretty picture is supposed to be on the front is so pretty she needs to look at it. She has such a big head that she screams for 20 minutes every day trying to get her shirt over her head, little does she know if she hands it to Mommy she can unbutton it!

Please pay close attention to my 4 year olds outfit.
Purple leggings with a pink and black dress?
We had almost 45 people over that day for a Birthday party.
I was clearly not caring to fight with her!

I love to watch my kids grow and learn new things. Having patience is the only thing that can get you through these years of them not really being able to do things they think they can!

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