Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life in general has been insane, not just my kids. I have found that I find comfort in food. I think about food to make me happy. Luckily my metabolism is daah shnit or I would 400 lbs by now.

Today I was at Ihop and I ordered chocolate chip pancakes, the lady said "Do you want chocolate chocolate chip?" Is that even a question, of course I do.

My husband found out a week before Thanksgiving that we are now moving the end of January. Ain't that so sweet of the Marines to mess up every plan I had. Not to mention we now have to step up our game on turning in housing papers. Which I now got what I think is everything turned in. We also have to leave our current house a month before our lease is up. I'm waiting for that argument. Of course my husbands orders aren't working so I'm not able to turn in our 30 day notice until I can attach that to it! Then I'm like oh lanta I have got to start packing. Maybe one day I will get the hang of this military life style but for now, CAN WE JUST STAY IN ONE HOUSE, PAHHHLEASE!?

Lately I have been going out and doing a lot more things with the kids. Having a massive car that holds 18 strollers and/or babies helps make it easier. We go to parks, the mall, Target {3x a week}, and really just anywhere. We were doing really good on embarrassing outburst until last week. This one was so good that I didn't even get embarrassed I found it hilarious. Is it bad that I laugh at the things my kids do?

So we are at the mall with a friend I hadn't seen in a few years. I was very glad to of gotten to see her. She also has a 4 year old little girl who is adorable, and she is pregnant. Her little girl wanted a drink and Kylie of course refused to drink the juice I had brought with us and being the none cash holder I am my friend offered to buy Kylie one. Now the girls share things all the time. I don't find it necessary to buy them each something when they wont drink or eat it all. So I told Kylie in the beginning you have to share with Delainey. Kylie drank some then went to play. Delainey was then chugging the juice and Kylie caught glimpse of it. She came running over to rip it out of her hand. Delainey starts screaming profusely as Kylie then starts chugging it as fast as she can so her sister cant get any. Delainey then throws up because she was screaming so hard. Meanwhile this old black lady is staring at me as if I was a horrible parent. I'm not sure what she expected me to do. I was trying to get the drink from Kylie but it just wasn't working. I cleaned up the puke, picked up Delainey and threw her in the stroller, still screaming. Put Bentley's seat on the stroller and started to deal with Kylie. She refused to put her shoes on. I was so not about to let her walk around the mall shoeless. She gets in the bottom of my stroller and insists on riding there. Fine by me, means I can run out of this mall and pretend like that never happened. My poor friend may be regretting having a second child after being with me for all of 2 hours!

They all fell asleep on the way home and I sat in the drive way for 30 minutes enjoying the peace and quiet!! Why on earth do our kids have it out for us? Or am I alone?

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