Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cooking Chaos

Are you one of those people that uses every utensil in the kitchen to cook one thing? When you scramble an egg do you dirty at least 5 things? People like this drive me up the wall. My mom does this. I always wondered why she had 18 spatulas and mixing bowls. By the time she is done baking a cake no one can eat dinner because everything is dirty.

I'm exact opposite. Until the other day I never thought about it. I'm probably the strangest person I know. I go to great lengths to use the least amount of things to cook. I have it down to a science. When I eat eggs I use one fork for the whole process. First I put the butter in the pan, {cutting it with the fork} scramble the egg, rinse off the fork and use it to eat with. I can't stand using so many utensils for one dang meal.

Not only do I savor my one utensil but I clean as I cook. It probably takes me an extra 15 minutes to cook anything because I'm cleaning after every ingredient. My theory behind this is when I'm done, I'm done. There's no huge mess to clean, nothing to put away and silverware to eat with. My husband would often tell me to sit down and eat dinner instead of cleaning but I don't want to clean after I eat. I want to rinse my plate off and go relax. I think after a while he realized if he didn't let me finish then he'd be the one cleaning it all up.

Do you ever notice strange things you do? I think Ryan would say 99% of the time the ways I do things are strange. I brush my teeth in the shower, I eat in my bed, I keep socks for years in hopes to find the match, and I can make a bottle of shampoo last a year!

Until Ryan and I lived together I didn't realize how many things I had to have done a certain way. I'm slightly OCD and have to clean 24/7. My poor kids can't ever have toys out longer than 45 minutes or I start freaking out needing to clean it up. I'd like to say in the last few months I've lightened up some and try to let them enjoy being kids. But who knows when you will have a surprise visit at the door. Maybe you could finally win that million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House you've signed up for years. Or the HGTV dream house. I obviously sign up for way too many give aways expecting to one day win. In fact the day I thought they were going to announce the urban oasis winner I was telling my mom she couldn't go out of town because one of us was going to win. A girl can hope right?! I sign up for the dumbest things and have yet to win but you guys just wait!!

What are your strange habits? I'd love to hear I'd anyone is stranger than me.

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