Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well Happy Thanksgiving to this Momma

I absolutely love the holidays. I look forward to them all year. I like all holidays. I love to have parties, decorate, dress my kids in matching ridiculous outfits so on and so forth. Luckily we were blessed with the money to fly my husband home for Thanksgiving. It's a very short trip and 2 early mornings at the airport but so worth it. Our kids don't know. Actually I told the 2 year old just so I could get it out. She forgot the second I said okay now want candy. They will all be staying with my mom so I don't have to wake them up to pick him up at 6am and that way I will be able to show up with him Thanksgiving morning. I can not wait.

So to prepare for his arrival I have been slowly cleaning the house. Today after wanting to give our 4 year old to the neighbors I calmed down and started to get things done upstairs. Not too long after I actually got stuff accomplished Bentley rolled off the bed. He caught him self with his face and had a red mark under his eye. He calmed down and I went back to laundry. While waiting for the laundry to be done we were all watching a movie. Next thing I know Delainey is screaming "ow nose" over and over. What do you know he stuck a bead in her nose. She put it in there so far it started bleeding and you couldn't see it. I of course call Nurse Pam {our friend, and on call nurse} She lives in our neighborhood and happen to be off today so she came by to see if she could help. She looked and couldn't see it either.

So mind you it's laundry day, I'm in a tank top and sports bra with sweat pants on and my kids are in night clothes. I quickly throw some clothes on Delainey and just grab a jacket and jeans for me. She falls asleep in the car and I'm like oh great the bead is going to drop down and she's going to choke. She didn't. Traffic was of course awful. We finally get there and fill out paper work yada yada yada. I had called the most amazingly helpful friend Jill to come to my Marine wife, sometimes kinda single selves rescue. She is a fellow military wife and I'm sure she thought oh I get she can't help being alone right now. Plus I really thought getting this thing out was going to take 8 nurses to hold her down.

As soon as Jill arrived her first comment is, really you didn't try a vacumme cleaner? Her poor kids. Then she is googling ways to get them out. We tried one but it didn't work very well because I was scared of hurting her. When we got in the doctor suggested doing it as well so parents try this before you pay the ER bill. Hold the opposite side of the nose down and blow in their mouth as if giving CPR.

We get in the room and Jill is of course making glove balloons. "I mean if we're gonna pay for this visit we might as well get balloons out of it." The doctor was surprisingly great with her. He went to get more hands to hold her down. They tried to suction it but it was way too far back. So we all braced our selves held her down and he used little tweezers to get it out. Jill and I of course cheered in excitment. Im pretty sure the doctor and nurse just stared at us. Delainey quickly remembered I told her she could have candy if she was good.

That visit put a damper on my chores to prepare for Ryan's surprise arrival. I'm am so grateful for Jill as a friend. She is always there no matter what the circumstances. Lately just medical ones. And of course Pam for watching the other 2 kids to avoid chaos at the ER!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Drive safe, wear elastic and stay away from small objects!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Been One of Those Days

Lately my kids and life have been throwing curve balls at me for fun. Like last Tuesday I had a horrible head ache. I went to the cabinet to get Tylenol and a bar of bakers chocolate flew out and hit me right in the nose. It wasn't as funny as it sounds. I couldn't even put my make up on the next day because it was so bruised. It is still healing after a week. It didn't help my head either. Only a "fat girl" as I could get smacked with a bar of chocolate.
You know those days where all you can think about is crawling into bed and waking up in a good mood? Or when all you can think about is a drink, and not juice, a real drink. Those days where the smallest and dumbest thing ruin your life. That was my day today.

Due to the loverly time change my girls were up at 6:30am. Now that wouldn't be so awful had I actually been to sleep. I finally got into bed and to sleep at 11pm, Bentley was then up at 1, 2, 4 and 5. Kid is so spoiled. So at 7am Kylie insisted we were late for school. No kid my alarm goes off in 45 minutes we aren't even supposed to be awake yet. It was her day to be class helper and she would of died if she was late.

I finally just decide to get up at 7:30 so for once I wouldn't be rushing to get out the door. 7:45 I was pulling a bead out of Kylie's nose that "Delainey put there." Why do kids think its fun to put things in their nose? After I fixed my face so I didn't look like a zombie I had to put the girls hair up. After 2 seconds of brushing Kylie's hair I find ketchup in it. How on earth? This kid has 15 strands of hair, that's it and she manages to get ketchup in it?

We are out the door, normal time not a minute early. I thought it would be a good day. I went to the fabric store, picked out some cute fabric for a car seat cover and headed home. After picking up Kylie from school Delainey was not in the mood to nap. I heard her upstairs but thought nothing of it as she normally plays around before she goes to sleep. Next thing I know I hear things flying down the stairs. She threw all the contents of her dresser down the stairs. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about how she loves to empty her dresser. Yes, that got boring. I made her put it all in her room but did not have the energy or patience to fold it all right away.

After that chaos I sat down and relaxed a little with my screaming clingy baby then the two hungry ones started bugging me. What do they think I am, their mother? Like I'm just supposed to feed them 3x a day or something? I as usual made something quick and kid friendly. Soup. Now soup in our house has a 50/50 chance of being eaten with not one drop spilt or the entire bowl being spilt. Since my day was going so great Kylie flipped her bowl and Delainey thought it would be fun to throw hers on the table. Such little artist they are.

I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.


She look so proud of her self.

This would be dinner.

I will even include pants & shoes for each of them.

When I go to bed at night and all is calm I realize how much i really do love my life. My kids challenge me every day but it makes me a stronger person. Often I want to give up and well hell I don't think I can just give up being a Mom like you can quit a job, but if there were a way to give up I've been close to it. I try to remind my self daily that I have an amazing husband and kids even through all the tantrums, screaming, sleepless nights, messes, and snotty noses.