Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where have you been?

I don't even remember the last time I blogged. There are so many times I have just wanted to blog so bad but had no energy to even pick up the computer. I want to say my last blog was about my chronic migraines. I had a head ache for well over a month and a half. I could not function and had no time to ever blog. I finally gave up on taking my birth control and got my life back. I feel like a new person. I've been able to enjoy my kids not dread everything we did.

But who seriously stops taking their birth control 4 days before their husband gets back from deployment?! Especially someone who says "No we are NOT having any more kids." This special person did. I was trying so hard to just push through and take it for 3 months and let my body adjust. I sound like a drugy of some sort. And FYI to all you people telling me I'm going to be pregnant, I am in fact NOT! Also my husband wont be home for a while so we are safe! : P

In the mean time of not blogging so much has happened. Kylie started preschool. She has a love hate relationship with it and so do I. She absolutely loves the school part. She's made friends and even a boyfriend, {Who until this morning she would not tell me his name, its Richard.} But she hates the stress of picking out clothes to wear. I shouldn't care if she matches but I can't stand when my kids look like they belong on the side of the road. She is also only allowed to wear closed toe shoes so she wears her purple sparkle converses every day to school. Poor kid. One day I will top avoiding it and buy her some more tennis shoes.

My husband as stated above came home from deployment. Most amazing thing in the world times a million. I was able to fly out to CA for a few days to spend some alone time with him. We got to hang out with some friends which I enjoyed that. We stayed at a super nice hotel and to be honest it felt like he never left. We then flew on an over night flight back to NC so he could see the girls and meet his precious baby boy. I thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo right before our flight, worst idea, don't ever do it. Our plane landed at 7am and the anxiety of getting that man home to his kids was killing me. We finally arrived and Kylie came flying out of the house to greet him. Delainey to my surprise knew exactly who he was and took to him very fast. Bentley didn't cry and let him hold him right away. We were FINALLY a family again! :)
When we first saw each other!

His Banners!

Ryan and all the kids!

The short 10 days that he had home went by so fast I feel like we are still on deployment. People were coming and going every day and I never really got much time alone with just him and the kids. I try to accept the fact that everyone else missed him too but lezzzz be honest he missed me the most. He is now in a course for a while and hopefully he will be home soon! The day before he left he bought me a new car. No more telling you guys all the Has anything you could ever ask for. One complaint would be that it cost $5 to move it from one side of my drive way to the other but hey gas prices are going down right?!

I pray I start to get more sleep so I can blog more often. I miss it!!

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