Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom where does glass come from?

My oldest daughter Kylie is so interested in where things come from these days. About every minute she has a new question of where did this come from, or how you make this. At times I just want to scream, "God made it all now stop asking all the questions!" But I don't. I think of the shortest and quickest answer there is.

"Mommy, how do you make glass?"


Surprisingly she takes my dull answers. My mom humors her self by actually explaining the process of making things.

"Grandma, where do cups come from?"

"Well men melt down recycled plastic to then shape into a cup."

I obviously made that up because it makes no sense but she draws out the answers to tell her exactly where things come from and how things are made. I'm waiting for the where do babies come from question. I will most likely say the obvious truth which is a stork drops them off at the hospital. She thinks that you just go to the hospital and the doctor just magically pops your baby out. The things she comes up with are hilarious.

One day she told me I was fat. She didn't just say I was fat, it was "Mommy, your stomach is fat." Thank you captain obvious I had 3 children. Then she will proceed to tell we don't need any more babies. As if perfectly good strangers weren't already telling me my hands are full now my 4 year old thinks I'm too out numbered.

I'm enjoying listening to the new things she learns even if she drives me up the wall!!

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