Friday, August 12, 2011

You Have Your Hands Full

"Boy do you have your hands full!"

I think I hear this statement no less than 4 times every time I go out of the house. Every time I hear it I just want to look at the person and say, "Really, I had no idea." I thought having 3 kids under the age of 4 alone was ideal. You know normal day activity. I am so aware of the fact I have my hands full. You do not have to tell me.

The day I took the dog to the groomers was my favorite. The day before I told my mom that if I heard that sentence one more time I would go crazy. The poor dog had not gotten his hair cut since March. He is black and full of afro hair. Needless to say the thing was dying in our 100 degree weather. I finally called and got him an appointment on a day I felt like going. I load all the kids in my tiny little car. I of course got stared at by my neighbors who have never introduced them self, never wave back and stare at me like I have 3 heads. I get to the pet store. I put Bentley's car seat on the stroller, all while Delainey is screaming because the kid swears I'm going to leave her in the car. {I have never done it before, that I remember} Kylie is trying to escape and is attached to the leash. I finally get Delainey unbuckled, the dog on the leash not attached to the 4 year old and start to walk. I'm holding Delainey and the leash while pushing the stroller. This guy walks past me as I cross the street and just shook his head then says "Oh my have you got your hands full." No shit dude, want the dog, he's free! I got in the pet store and the lady asks me if I want to get his pictures taken. I politely said "Nope, I don't like him." She then stated the kids could be in the pictures too where I again politely denied the offer because I didn't like them either. Then she of course said the wonderful line "Wow how do you do it, you have your hands full." One I have no choice, I do it because I have to, Two yuppp my hands are pretty full. Take the dog, cut his hair, Thanks. I get to the parking lot again. Buckle the Delainey in, Put Bentley's seat in the base, start to put the stroller in the trunk while this man is waiting to park next to me. I took my time. He jumped out of his porche and says "Oh my goodness do you have your hands full?" Yes, give me $100 for a nanny for the day! In 20 minutes I was told I had my hands full 3x!

The next week I went to my Grandmother's funeral and it started all over again. Every Great Aunt and Uncle said the same thing. They apparently are hard of hearing because I repeated my self in the same 2 ft radius over 10 times. How old are your kids? 4, 20 months and 2 months. "Oh my you have your hands full. And your husband is deployed?" Yes yes he is yes yes my hands are full.

The next time you see a lady such as I, do not stare and for the love of God do NOT tell her she has her hands full. She could be on the verge of an attack like my self. I promise she is fully aware of the fact it takes her 20 minutes to get in and out of the car. She knows she looks ridiculous with a 30 pound diaper bag and she sure as hell know she does not have a free hand!! :)

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  1. Haha! I like the last sentence. I guess it is stating the obvious! I'm sure people are amazed at your multi-tasking and coordination skills!