Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weight on the Brain

Lately all I do is think, breath and dream about losing these last few pounds and getting that flat belly I haven't seen in 2 years. It's all I email my husband about. It's all I talk to my friends about. And it's all that I dream about. You know when you finally start feeling good about the way you look and you find your self staring in every mirror or reflective object you pass? Yep that would be my conceded self. I can't help it. Ive never worked out in my life. Jogging is as far as I ever got but never on a regular basis. I in fact had a 36 hour gym membership once. Don't be jealous, you too can join a gym for that long. {Just be sure they offer returns after that time.}

As I posted my friend Kelly and I started p90x the last week of June which is when my weight endeavor started. That lasted all of 4 days. Kids didn't cooperate, my ear went to hell, every excuse in the book. I however stuck to the food part of my "loose 87lbs era". I stopped drinking soda which I use to drink no less than one dr pepper a day sometimes 3 or 4. Water is my new beverage choice. After 3 days of no soda my wedding rings fit. I then had to start claiming my husband again. I don't eat junk and as bad as I want to cram a big Mac down my throat I have not given in. I do treat my self to a soda here and there but man have I impressed my self.

8 weeks ago
haha just a LITTLE bit of a difference!

After quitting p90x I then obsessed over crunches. I did close to 400 a day. All different types of ab exercises and never saw anything change. Got discouraged. A fellow Marine Wife {Thanks Rachael} is also losing weight, assuming same reason, to look hot for homecoming. I asked what she did and she said run run run. Next day I woke up threw my tennis shoes on which I hadn't worn in hmmm at least 2 years, crammed my 27 kids in my double jogging stroller and set off to the park. The park is .8 miles there and back. After running 3 times I lost 3 pounds. I'm now losing a pound about every 3 days. Who wouldn't?! I'm pushing dang 80lbs of stroller which is almost what I weigh! Today I cut off 3 minutes from my usual time.

Friday, we got to the park and not 5 minutes later Kylie my oldest is holding her butt telling me she has to poop. Really kid?! So I got them all back in the stroller and sprinted all the way home. I thought I was going to die. It was 89 degrees out! In that sprint I dropped Bentley's blanket and my cup went flying out of the stroller and cracked. {RIP pretty pink tumbler, sorry you took a tumble.} Luckily my mom was stopping by for a few and found the blanket on her way in. Of course it was in a damn sprinkler though.

All in all I am feeling much better about the way I look and I'm hoping to lose 6 more lbs by the time my husband gets home and one day I would like to bend over without having my glob of "extra skin" flop over my pants. Sorry for that vision. It has to be disturbing. And I promise I will have something more to talk about soon. Ok maybe not but you never know!

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  1. you look great!!! im trying to ge back to my weight too and its very hard not to obsess over it!