Monday, July 25, 2011

Is it August yet?!

July has been a month from hell. Until July this deployment was a joke. I was not phased by it in any way. Now all of a sudden we are taking steps backwards in progress. The kids are going insane. I'm convinced they get up in the middle of the night and compence with each other about the ways they will torture me the next day.

Kylie is my main issue and if you a frequent reader you're well aware of this one. She is me in a nut shell. I was never known as the nice one in schoo. I'm mean, I'm cold hearted, I'm sarcastic and well I'm a bitch. That is the only word there is to describe this child. I've tried for months to give her leeway because she does miss her Daddy but I'm at my breaking point with her. No form of disipline works. You can not punish the child. If you spank her she laughs. { Although if you pinch her thigh she thinks you shot her.} Taking things away is a joke to her. If I take the TV away she finds something else to do. If I take toys away she watches TV, if I take them both away she starts tormentng her sister. We have not had any problems with bed time until the begining of July. She then decided she "couldnt sleep", "wasn't tired", or "was thirsty".  By 8pm I want nothing more than to lay in my bed and watch a TV show that does not consist of dancing 25 year old retards. So she has been going to bed at 10 or 11 and waking up at 6:45. {She hasnt napped since she was 2 either.} If you have kids you know 8 hours of sleep is just not enough for them. She wakes up in the middle of the night to come to my room. Then she caught on to the fact I wasn't letting her in my bed, she started sleeping on my floor. What the heck kid?!

Bentley has been my best sleeper and really an easy baby. In the last week I'm ready to give him away. He wants to be held 24/7. I would always lay him down when he was sleeping so I would not spoil him in the beginning. Now all of a sudden he will only sleep for 5 mintues unless I"m holding him. If I do get him to sleep laying down my lovely 4 year old wakes him up. He started sleeping from 10-5 which has been awesome. But of course past 2 nights he thinks I should be holding him to sleep. I can not sleep comfortably with him on me. The night before last I woke him up to feed him just so I could move him. I may have to stop running due to the fact he wont allow me to shower. I like to tan before I shower so it takes all of 20 minutes to do both. It's an act of God to get that done in this household. It took me an hour to get him to sleep in his swing today. Two minutes into tanning I hear Kylie drop a bucket of toys and boom he's awake. I come downstairs bring him upstairs, calm him down and jump in the shower. Two minutes into the shower he's screaming. And this isnt a whimper. This is full on I think I'm dying scream. I had to let him cry. I was smelling like a combination of outside sweat and burning flesh. {Not flattering.}

The two of them are so over whelming I want to scream at the top of my lungs. Delainey aside from coloring her self daily is my little angel. She goes to bed at 8:05 every night, naps at 1 every day and goes with the flow. If she had issues I would probably give up already. I hope and wish and pray that the month of August will be calm and peaceful and we can fix these spastic Burke children!!

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