Wednesday, June 29, 2011

X is for eXtreme!

Last Friday my friend and I decided we wanted to start p90x. We posted a status to find someone who had it. {Yeah were that cheap, and I guess scared we wouldn't do it.} After an hour we found a friend who said we could borrow it. It's all I could think about. The whole weekend it was oh my gosh I'm so excited to start, and hey have you ever done p90x. I was almost scared. You hear everyone talk about how insane it is.

Monday was the first day. We didn't have a pull up bar which was half of the work out so we did double the amount of push ups. I have not done a push up since freshman year of high school. They were doing the most insane kinds of push ups we had ever seen. We attempted all of them but some we failed at. But hey on our first day who can really do it all. {Shut it husband you're a freak} The first day we got through the hour work out pretty fast, only a few interruptions from babies. My arms were pretty soar but not too crazy.

Tuesday was our favorite disk. I wanted to start over and do it again right after. Its the plyometrics DVD if any of you are familiar. It was awesome. Luckily our kids cooperated that day and from what I can remember we did that disk straight through. We were able to do all the exercises and kept up pretty well. My legs were feeling the burn that day.

Today, Wednesday, was Shoulders and Back I believe. The boys were not having it. Kelly and I were going back and forth to the swing and the pack n play, changing diapers, making bottles, and so on and so forth. I think it took us 3 hours to do an hour work out. But we finished. I almost feel like my legs got more of a work out but maybe they are just soar from the day before.

Tuesday night Kelly, our friend Danielle, and I decided to make it a competition. Danielle has no kids and works almost every day so she will just be doing work outs with us when she can. But we are going to see who can lose the most weight/body fat by August 16th. We picked that date because Danielle is going back to school. That gives us 50 days. We have a goal of 12 lbs to lose each. Funny part is we all decided this random weight without talking to each other. So 12lbs in 50 days. We are all determined and motivated, doing it together helps a lot. I have an extra bonus of trying to look good when my husband comes home. If any one can think of a good prize at the end for the winner, let me know. None of us can think of anything good.

Today as I was drinking my red bull while working out my friend told me that my heart would explode. {ok not literally} But people are known to have heart attacks when they work out and drink red bull. So day 3 of doing so and I survived but I will NOT be doing that again! My red bull will be a morning beverage instead of lunch from now on.

Sums up our life for the next 3 months! :)

On top of working out p90x comes with a meal plan. I am the WORST eater in the world. I am trying to change a few things in my diet but not kill my self because that will only discourage me. I stopped buying soda for the house. So I drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. If you know me then you know that's a HUGE deal. Ive been making smoothies for breakfast and having string cheese for snack. Trying to come up with meals that not only I can eat but my kids can eat has been my challenge. Today I made chicken salad that we all ate. {Mind you Kylie said "Mom this is not like Grandma's" Its my mom's damn recipe, kid is just mean to me} I need fast meals. I don't have much time between two kids at my feet and the other wailing. Some meals are peaceful but its such a hit or miss thing.

I'm excited and can't wait to see results. I'm hoping we can all stay motivated and get a good schedule for the babies soon! 3 days down 87 to go! :)

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  1. Buy chicken, the 98% fat free Campbells soup (either chicken or mushroom... I buy Lowes store brand, it's always waaaay cheaper) and brown rice. Place the chicken in a large glass baking dish and pour the soup on top of it. Maybe 3-4 soups, depending on how much "sauce" you want. Put chicken in oven on 375 until it's done. Time depends on if you buy breasts or tenders. Make rice on stove top. Put rice on plate/bowl and place chicken on top of rice. Pour the sauce/soup on top. Easiest and yummiest meal in the history of meals. Hardly any prep time and you don't even need a knife or spices. Kids love it!