Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

Ok before you start reading this just keep in mind my brain is scattered and I have wanted to blog but have been too exhausted to do so. Therefore I have many things I want to write and not all of them go together.

First off being a mom of three has already had some pretty humorous yet awful parenting skill moments. The main incident being my escaping 18 month old. One day my mom went out and it was just the kids, my sister and I home. Delainey woke up from her nap and was playing downstairs. I was feeding Bentley and noticed Kylie stopped to gock at the TV during whatever she was playing. I asked her several times where Delainey was and she said upstairs with Aunt Bailey. I assume this to be true and continue feeding the baby. A few more minutes go by and the door bell rings. Yep, my neighbor, whom I've never met, is at the door with my 18 month old child. Apparently she let her self out. The neighbor was extremely nice and did not seem to have any judgment on my horrible mothering skills but I still felt like I needed to explain to her my life story and that I swear I do pay attention to my kids. Now more than ever I want to put up a homecoming sign so they know that I'm alone with 3 kids and I only have so many arms.

I know I've talked quite a bit about needing a new car. I did however shuffle car seats and found a way to get them all in. Who on earth has a Dodge Charger with 3 kids?! A retard that's who! Every time I get in the car I have to unbuckle Delainey's car seat, buckle Kylie in her seat, rebuckle Delainey's seat, buckle Delainey in her seat, put Bentley in his car seat and then place it on the base. Oh wait and then buckle my own damn seat belt! It is a 45 minute ordeal. Needless to say we don't and haven't gone many places.

Weight. I am so sick of looking in the mirror and wanting to cry. I say to my self over and over, its only been 3 weeks, its only been 3 weeks, its only been 3 weeks. Why on earth I can not give my self some slack I have no idea. I have this goal to weigh my "pre Delainey" weight by the time Ryan gets home. So I have ruffly 18 pounds to go. I was 96 pounds when I got pregnant with both girls. After Delainey I never lost all the weight. I could NOT get past 108 pounds to save my life. For years exceeding 100 pounds was a challenge but I quickly over come that after two kids. I then gained 20 pounds with Bentley so 128 pounds walking in the hospital and 118 walking out. After he was a week old I stepped on the scale and weighed 104 pounds. I weighed 104 pounds for 36 hours. I weighed my self over and over because I didn't believe the scale. Then within a  little over a day I stepped back on that dreadful scale and weighed 115! Who the heck gains 11 pounds in a day? The one day where I had this fabulous weight I could wear my wedding rings. Prior to that I had not worn them for 2 weeks. I am now 114 pounds, still can't wear my rings and well can't wear my pants either. I'm frustrated and I know I am not going to see results over night but it would be nice to wake up and be 104 again!

People always say  "Oh you'll loose the weight so fast, 3 kids you wont have time to eat." That is a LIE! I have so much time to eat it kills me. Call me super mom but my house has been clean all week. Laundry is done, food is made at normal meal times, kids are bathed {we wont talk about me} and put in bed by 8pm. My mom left Sunday night to go back home and rejoin reality whatever that may be. I have impressed my self. I wont lie. I was nervous about her leaving. I thought I was going to struggle and go crazy because I was stressed. The opposite happened. I was going crazy because I was so bored. Tuesday I ended up going to my Mom's house because I was bored.

Now I may be able to keep the house cleaned and the kids looking like they have a home but I can't seem to keep my self looking decent. I have showered once this week. I have yet to master showering with 3 kids. I don't trust the girls alone with Bentley in a room where I can't see them. I am thinking I will put a swing or bouncy seat in the bathroom by the shower so I can watch him. When it is just the girls they get a snack and watch TV while I shower. My eye brows look like a monkey. I keep meaning to just run by a nail place and get them to them for me but haven't even had the time to do that. Although last time I did that the lady could not get past the fact I had a scar in the middle of my eyebrow therefore it did not have hair there. Yes thank you for pointing that out I had NO idea I had a gaping hole in my eyebrow! {Natalie Skaggs if you see Blaine punch him, he is the one who scarred my precious eyebrow in which oriental ladies can not stand.} I can only wear shorts right now, its all that buttons and it's been so hot its all I want to wear. My legs are so hairy it is disturbing!!

Well there is my scattered thoughts of my life these days!

The Girls being cute!

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