Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Think I Have Marine Wife In My Blood!

I seriously sometimes believe I was made to be a Marine Wife. I am a closet motard. If you aren't aware of the term motard it means motivational retard. You live breath and think Marines 24/7. Ryan and I both are secretly obsessed with the life style. We hate it and love it at the same time. The time apart is obviously a down side. The pay ain't so great either. But the pride I get when I  say, "Yes, I am a Marine Wife." just make up for that. I'm proud of my husband for what he does and the things he sacrifices to be away from his family. He's good at his job and quite frankly if he weren't able to be a Marine I have no idea what he would do with his life.

A Marine who is from a town right near us was just killed in Afghan this past week. I never met him, didn't know of him but hurt for his family. I have this strange urge to attend his funeral. I feel as if that could be odd to some but I asked a fellow Marine Wife if she thought it was and she agrees its just a respect thing. You honor the fallen Marines whether you know them or not. I'm sure I wont go because I'm a pansy when going places alone but I can only imagine how beautiful the funeral will be. Despite the circumstances military funerals are so amazing. The dozens of American flags flown and the feeling of unity from the people around can almost put a smile on someones face. {Ive never been to one but the ones I've seen on TV, seen pictures of etc. }

If something were to ever happen to my husband I would love and welcome all other Marine families. You can relate so much better with a Marine family member more than any other person. Whether they are a widow, a mom or dad left behind, or just a simply a Marine Mom, they know the feeling of being left at home to sit and wonder if your loved one is still okay. You know like whenen your door bell rings and you aren't expecting someone and your heart instantly stops. I know my husband is in a safe area but I haven't talked to him a day or so and I start to worry. He normally informs me he wont be able to talk so when he doesn't give me a heads up my mind is scattered with the worst case scenery. So many Marine's have lost their life and never met their kids. That's my biggest fear. I've tried to ALWAYS think positive and never think anything could happen but hell his plane could break down and something could go wrong. It doesn't always have to be war/military related.

The Marine that passed was Nic O'Brien, a LCpl of the Marines. He was a friend of a friend is why and how I found out. My friend that knew him made the point, " I guess it never hits home how serious it really is until you know somebody who has been a victim of war." And it's so true. So many people have no idea how many lives are lost over seas. For a few months there I was hearing of a new death every other day, all Marine's from Camp Pendelton. So everyone take a moment to pause your busy life and not only think of the fallen Marine's but the families they've left behind.

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  1. I just posted this on the Nic O'Brien Memorial facebook page. Thank youf or your very kind words. Nic was my brother's son.
    Bonnie Shea O'Brien Knight