Saturday, June 4, 2011

Does this mean you're done?

Does this mean you're done? The amount of times I heard this question in the past week is unreal. Almost every person who came to visit, was talking to me online, texted or called asked the question. Quite frankly I find it rude and annoying. As long as my kids are fed, clothed and have a house over their head does it really effect you that I have 3 kids? And since when was it unheard of to have 3 kids. My mom has 4, my husband is the middle child of 3, the Duggar's have what 19 now, Kate has 6 the same age, but me having 3 is the end of the world?! The only person that I would ever allow to have an opinion on this would probably be my mom because she is my main babysitter and help. I don't see her ever telling me to not have more kids though.

My husband is deployed so the question seems a little silly. I can't even get pregnant again if I wanted to for at least 4-5 months. And why do people think it's okay to ask that question when I JUST had a baby. Do you think since I just experienced labor that I would no longer want kids? You guys know I have short labors, no epidural and am in no way phased by the "pain" of child birth? If Ryan and I decide to have another baby whether it be in 4 months or 4 years it's our decision. No one's comments or opinions are really going to effect that decision. I enjoy being pregnant {for the most part} and Bentley's labor was so easy and pleasant I can't see why anyone would ever not have kids.

After I had our second daughter I was so content with having just 2 kids then decided I wanted more. There is never a real way to decide if you are done having kids or not. I would like to say that I am done having kids and I got my boy and I can be done. But what and how I will feel in 2 years I can't tell you. We aren't doing anything drastic to not have more kids so stop asking the question. What happens to our lady and man parts is no one's business. After 2 kids my mentality is what's one more? I was so unaware my offspring was effecting so many people's lives. When I get my boobs done is the day you will all know that we are "done" having kids! Until then stop asking the question. That's like bottomless chips at Chili's, are you ever really done?


  1. Ughhhhh that is so annoying! You're done when you and Ryan and God decide you need to be done. There is NOTHING wrong with a big family, big families are great and close and I hope I have a big great family one day...don't tell Ben he thinks we're only having two or three...ha, little does he know. By the way your set up is perfect two girls and a boy that is at least what I want!! xoxo Can't wait to meet the little one!