Wednesday, June 29, 2011

X is for eXtreme!

Last Friday my friend and I decided we wanted to start p90x. We posted a status to find someone who had it. {Yeah were that cheap, and I guess scared we wouldn't do it.} After an hour we found a friend who said we could borrow it. It's all I could think about. The whole weekend it was oh my gosh I'm so excited to start, and hey have you ever done p90x. I was almost scared. You hear everyone talk about how insane it is.

Monday was the first day. We didn't have a pull up bar which was half of the work out so we did double the amount of push ups. I have not done a push up since freshman year of high school. They were doing the most insane kinds of push ups we had ever seen. We attempted all of them but some we failed at. But hey on our first day who can really do it all. {Shut it husband you're a freak} The first day we got through the hour work out pretty fast, only a few interruptions from babies. My arms were pretty soar but not too crazy.

Tuesday was our favorite disk. I wanted to start over and do it again right after. Its the plyometrics DVD if any of you are familiar. It was awesome. Luckily our kids cooperated that day and from what I can remember we did that disk straight through. We were able to do all the exercises and kept up pretty well. My legs were feeling the burn that day.

Today, Wednesday, was Shoulders and Back I believe. The boys were not having it. Kelly and I were going back and forth to the swing and the pack n play, changing diapers, making bottles, and so on and so forth. I think it took us 3 hours to do an hour work out. But we finished. I almost feel like my legs got more of a work out but maybe they are just soar from the day before.

Tuesday night Kelly, our friend Danielle, and I decided to make it a competition. Danielle has no kids and works almost every day so she will just be doing work outs with us when she can. But we are going to see who can lose the most weight/body fat by August 16th. We picked that date because Danielle is going back to school. That gives us 50 days. We have a goal of 12 lbs to lose each. Funny part is we all decided this random weight without talking to each other. So 12lbs in 50 days. We are all determined and motivated, doing it together helps a lot. I have an extra bonus of trying to look good when my husband comes home. If any one can think of a good prize at the end for the winner, let me know. None of us can think of anything good.

Today as I was drinking my red bull while working out my friend told me that my heart would explode. {ok not literally} But people are known to have heart attacks when they work out and drink red bull. So day 3 of doing so and I survived but I will NOT be doing that again! My red bull will be a morning beverage instead of lunch from now on.

Sums up our life for the next 3 months! :)

On top of working out p90x comes with a meal plan. I am the WORST eater in the world. I am trying to change a few things in my diet but not kill my self because that will only discourage me. I stopped buying soda for the house. So I drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. If you know me then you know that's a HUGE deal. Ive been making smoothies for breakfast and having string cheese for snack. Trying to come up with meals that not only I can eat but my kids can eat has been my challenge. Today I made chicken salad that we all ate. {Mind you Kylie said "Mom this is not like Grandma's" Its my mom's damn recipe, kid is just mean to me} I need fast meals. I don't have much time between two kids at my feet and the other wailing. Some meals are peaceful but its such a hit or miss thing.

I'm excited and can't wait to see results. I'm hoping we can all stay motivated and get a good schedule for the babies soon! 3 days down 87 to go! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

Ok before you start reading this just keep in mind my brain is scattered and I have wanted to blog but have been too exhausted to do so. Therefore I have many things I want to write and not all of them go together.

First off being a mom of three has already had some pretty humorous yet awful parenting skill moments. The main incident being my escaping 18 month old. One day my mom went out and it was just the kids, my sister and I home. Delainey woke up from her nap and was playing downstairs. I was feeding Bentley and noticed Kylie stopped to gock at the TV during whatever she was playing. I asked her several times where Delainey was and she said upstairs with Aunt Bailey. I assume this to be true and continue feeding the baby. A few more minutes go by and the door bell rings. Yep, my neighbor, whom I've never met, is at the door with my 18 month old child. Apparently she let her self out. The neighbor was extremely nice and did not seem to have any judgment on my horrible mothering skills but I still felt like I needed to explain to her my life story and that I swear I do pay attention to my kids. Now more than ever I want to put up a homecoming sign so they know that I'm alone with 3 kids and I only have so many arms.

I know I've talked quite a bit about needing a new car. I did however shuffle car seats and found a way to get them all in. Who on earth has a Dodge Charger with 3 kids?! A retard that's who! Every time I get in the car I have to unbuckle Delainey's car seat, buckle Kylie in her seat, rebuckle Delainey's seat, buckle Delainey in her seat, put Bentley in his car seat and then place it on the base. Oh wait and then buckle my own damn seat belt! It is a 45 minute ordeal. Needless to say we don't and haven't gone many places.

Weight. I am so sick of looking in the mirror and wanting to cry. I say to my self over and over, its only been 3 weeks, its only been 3 weeks, its only been 3 weeks. Why on earth I can not give my self some slack I have no idea. I have this goal to weigh my "pre Delainey" weight by the time Ryan gets home. So I have ruffly 18 pounds to go. I was 96 pounds when I got pregnant with both girls. After Delainey I never lost all the weight. I could NOT get past 108 pounds to save my life. For years exceeding 100 pounds was a challenge but I quickly over come that after two kids. I then gained 20 pounds with Bentley so 128 pounds walking in the hospital and 118 walking out. After he was a week old I stepped on the scale and weighed 104 pounds. I weighed 104 pounds for 36 hours. I weighed my self over and over because I didn't believe the scale. Then within a  little over a day I stepped back on that dreadful scale and weighed 115! Who the heck gains 11 pounds in a day? The one day where I had this fabulous weight I could wear my wedding rings. Prior to that I had not worn them for 2 weeks. I am now 114 pounds, still can't wear my rings and well can't wear my pants either. I'm frustrated and I know I am not going to see results over night but it would be nice to wake up and be 104 again!

People always say  "Oh you'll loose the weight so fast, 3 kids you wont have time to eat." That is a LIE! I have so much time to eat it kills me. Call me super mom but my house has been clean all week. Laundry is done, food is made at normal meal times, kids are bathed {we wont talk about me} and put in bed by 8pm. My mom left Sunday night to go back home and rejoin reality whatever that may be. I have impressed my self. I wont lie. I was nervous about her leaving. I thought I was going to struggle and go crazy because I was stressed. The opposite happened. I was going crazy because I was so bored. Tuesday I ended up going to my Mom's house because I was bored.

Now I may be able to keep the house cleaned and the kids looking like they have a home but I can't seem to keep my self looking decent. I have showered once this week. I have yet to master showering with 3 kids. I don't trust the girls alone with Bentley in a room where I can't see them. I am thinking I will put a swing or bouncy seat in the bathroom by the shower so I can watch him. When it is just the girls they get a snack and watch TV while I shower. My eye brows look like a monkey. I keep meaning to just run by a nail place and get them to them for me but haven't even had the time to do that. Although last time I did that the lady could not get past the fact I had a scar in the middle of my eyebrow therefore it did not have hair there. Yes thank you for pointing that out I had NO idea I had a gaping hole in my eyebrow! {Natalie Skaggs if you see Blaine punch him, he is the one who scarred my precious eyebrow in which oriental ladies can not stand.} I can only wear shorts right now, its all that buttons and it's been so hot its all I want to wear. My legs are so hairy it is disturbing!!

Well there is my scattered thoughts of my life these days!

The Girls being cute!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Think I Have Marine Wife In My Blood!

I seriously sometimes believe I was made to be a Marine Wife. I am a closet motard. If you aren't aware of the term motard it means motivational retard. You live breath and think Marines 24/7. Ryan and I both are secretly obsessed with the life style. We hate it and love it at the same time. The time apart is obviously a down side. The pay ain't so great either. But the pride I get when I  say, "Yes, I am a Marine Wife." just make up for that. I'm proud of my husband for what he does and the things he sacrifices to be away from his family. He's good at his job and quite frankly if he weren't able to be a Marine I have no idea what he would do with his life.

A Marine who is from a town right near us was just killed in Afghan this past week. I never met him, didn't know of him but hurt for his family. I have this strange urge to attend his funeral. I feel as if that could be odd to some but I asked a fellow Marine Wife if she thought it was and she agrees its just a respect thing. You honor the fallen Marines whether you know them or not. I'm sure I wont go because I'm a pansy when going places alone but I can only imagine how beautiful the funeral will be. Despite the circumstances military funerals are so amazing. The dozens of American flags flown and the feeling of unity from the people around can almost put a smile on someones face. {Ive never been to one but the ones I've seen on TV, seen pictures of etc. }

If something were to ever happen to my husband I would love and welcome all other Marine families. You can relate so much better with a Marine family member more than any other person. Whether they are a widow, a mom or dad left behind, or just a simply a Marine Mom, they know the feeling of being left at home to sit and wonder if your loved one is still okay. You know like whenen your door bell rings and you aren't expecting someone and your heart instantly stops. I know my husband is in a safe area but I haven't talked to him a day or so and I start to worry. He normally informs me he wont be able to talk so when he doesn't give me a heads up my mind is scattered with the worst case scenery. So many Marine's have lost their life and never met their kids. That's my biggest fear. I've tried to ALWAYS think positive and never think anything could happen but hell his plane could break down and something could go wrong. It doesn't always have to be war/military related.

The Marine that passed was Nic O'Brien, a LCpl of the Marines. He was a friend of a friend is why and how I found out. My friend that knew him made the point, " I guess it never hits home how serious it really is until you know somebody who has been a victim of war." And it's so true. So many people have no idea how many lives are lost over seas. For a few months there I was hearing of a new death every other day, all Marine's from Camp Pendelton. So everyone take a moment to pause your busy life and not only think of the fallen Marine's but the families they've left behind.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Does this mean you're done?

Does this mean you're done? The amount of times I heard this question in the past week is unreal. Almost every person who came to visit, was talking to me online, texted or called asked the question. Quite frankly I find it rude and annoying. As long as my kids are fed, clothed and have a house over their head does it really effect you that I have 3 kids? And since when was it unheard of to have 3 kids. My mom has 4, my husband is the middle child of 3, the Duggar's have what 19 now, Kate has 6 the same age, but me having 3 is the end of the world?! The only person that I would ever allow to have an opinion on this would probably be my mom because she is my main babysitter and help. I don't see her ever telling me to not have more kids though.

My husband is deployed so the question seems a little silly. I can't even get pregnant again if I wanted to for at least 4-5 months. And why do people think it's okay to ask that question when I JUST had a baby. Do you think since I just experienced labor that I would no longer want kids? You guys know I have short labors, no epidural and am in no way phased by the "pain" of child birth? If Ryan and I decide to have another baby whether it be in 4 months or 4 years it's our decision. No one's comments or opinions are really going to effect that decision. I enjoy being pregnant {for the most part} and Bentley's labor was so easy and pleasant I can't see why anyone would ever not have kids.

After I had our second daughter I was so content with having just 2 kids then decided I wanted more. There is never a real way to decide if you are done having kids or not. I would like to say that I am done having kids and I got my boy and I can be done. But what and how I will feel in 2 years I can't tell you. We aren't doing anything drastic to not have more kids so stop asking the question. What happens to our lady and man parts is no one's business. After 2 kids my mentality is what's one more? I was so unaware my offspring was effecting so many people's lives. When I get my boobs done is the day you will all know that we are "done" having kids! Until then stop asking the question. That's like bottomless chips at Chili's, are you ever really done?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally Have Time to Blog

This is a little long and if you dont have kids it could be a little TMI! :)

Well for weeks my Mom and I were hounded with the annoying question of "Is he here yet?" As if we just weren't going to tell people for weeks that he was here. So after a few days of hearing this question over and over we started a game. So long as each of us had a new status on Facebook every day we were not bothered as much. My Mom then began to post a Jimmy Buffet song daily, either the lyrics or just the song title. Some had a point others didn't. Like when she used the "It's 5 O'clock somewhere the doctor had just told me I was 5cms dilated. And she posted "A son of a son of a sailor" is when he had arrived! I started writing TV show theme songs. They had no point or meaning just shows I watch or thought of that day. My husband joined in on the fun and began writing "My _____ is here", and wrote a type of car, then wrote "My Bentley is hereeee" the day he arrived. Yep we got clever in being annoyed by others.

So Thursday is the day I had an early doctors appointment. I expected to go right into labor after getting my membranes stripped. I was 3cm that day. My sister arrived around 1pm that afternoon. I got contractions right away but they weren't a lot or in any way consistent. My midwife had told me if I didn't go into labor that night to call the office and make an appointment to get my membranes stripped again. I of course didn't go into labor. I called the office and made a 9am appointment to try this again. She stripped my membranes and told me I was 5cm's. If any of you know the story of my second labor you know hearing that I was 5 Cm's terrified me. I didn't want to leave the hospital parking lot. I was frantic thinking my water was going to break and I would barely make it to the hospital just like last time. But I did in fact leave the hospital parking lot. I went home and waited for my mom to get there. Then my Mom, my sister Katie and I left to go closer to the hospital. I was getting contractions every 6-7 minutes at this point. We went to the Starbucks by the hospital to kill some time but to be close to the hospital. I was so afraid they would send me home and tell me I wasn't in labor. After walking around the hospital my mom finally said okay just go in there's no way they will send you home being 5cm's. So we walked in the hospital at 3:30pm. The nurse checked me after a while of being there and I was 6cm's. Once my midwife got there I was then 7cm's. She said well I can break your water and we will have this baby. I of course had to explain once you break my water give me 10 minutes and we will be having a baby. She then asked the question I went back and forth on for months, "Do you want an epidural?" I said No then started to get really nervous on my decision to actually do it without an epidural of choice. {I did it with my second but not of choice and it was in no way fun.} I got hooked up to an IV just because its required for everyone to have them. So technically I was not admitted into the hospital until 5:15. My water was broken at 5:30. During all this time I was talking to my husband on Skype chat. I had told him to go to bed so many times even for a half hour to get some sort of sleep as it was past midnight where he is. He refused and thank goodness he did. My contractions were not painful and I could talk through them all up until my water was broken. Once my water was broken I then handed over my phone and stopped talking to him by the 3rd contraction after that. By the 5th contraction it was time to push. 10 minutes of pushing and he was here. 26 minutes after my water was broken little Bentley Alan Burke was in my arms and being looked at via skype by his Daddy. His Aunt Katie cut his cord and both Grandma and Aunt Katie stayed standing thru the labor. {we joked that one of them would pass out.} He came out with his  cord wrapped around his head, his arm up and his cord wrapped around again. Apparently he had an extremely long cord. He was a healthy little peanut. 5 pounds 15 oz, 17 inches long born at 5:56 on Friday May 27th!

I was certain that Katie would no longer want kids after seeing all of that but her response was "Well you made it look so easy, I will have kids still." The funniest part of it all was when they delivered the placenta. Katie was behind me and I was skyping Ryan so not really paying attention and all I heard was her saying "ughhh really omg ughhh thats gross, ughh they just pull it out like that?" I was laughing inside because if you know anything of what it looks like yes it is in fact disgusting.

Ryan and I spent the first 30 minutes of little man's life just giggling and staring at him. We finally got off skype so Ryan could call his parents and tell them the good news as well as finally get some sleep since it was 2am! After about an hour my girls came up to see him and Kylie was in love with our baby boy! Delainey just pointed and repeated the words looook loooook over and over. Kylie asked what everything in the room was and Delainey just ran around the room looking for trouble.They didn't stay long because I had to get up and be moved to the postpartum room and it was getting late. I then called Danielle and Kelly and let them know the exciting news. Danielle laughed because she had texted me at 5 about the weather and I replied "Yea the weather is killing me." haha no big deal I wasn't in active labor or anything. Ryan's dad came to visit and after he left Kelly and Danielle came. My sister stayed with me that night and Bentley did great and never cried. The next day Ryan's good friend spent a while with us at the hospital. The girls came back up to see him as well. Then we left the hospital at 6 that night.

Our first night at home went great. Kylie and Delainey were FULL of energy but we finally got them to sleep! Sunday my friends from Georgia came to stay for 2 days. Most people who hear me say this tell me I'm crazy. Yeah I had a baby then had house guest 2 days later. I had quite a few friends stop by as well. It has been crazy ever since. I'm worn out and ready for things to calm down. Bentley is a week old tomorrow and I can't wait for his daddy to meet him!

Talking to Daddy!

As good as you can get with 3 kids. lol

My sister and I
i look awful!