Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I often forget that I am not only pregnant but now 9 months pregnant. My shower was this weekend and I have not stopped since. I told everyone I need clothes which is very true, my poor boy was threatened with wearing pink clothes. So I got so many adorable blue and green clothes. But then it was time to finish up my list of things I need for him.

Sunday I was off to BabiesRUs to pick up a few different size diapers, some preemie clothes, and a few blankets. I also bought a new car seat, then I decided I didn't really need it so my mom ended up taking it back. When she took it back she then picked up the bottles I need. Monday I was off to Target to get BLUE towels, shampoo and any other things the baby and I may need when coming home from the hospital.

Monday night Kylie stayed with my Mom. There was no real reason, my Mom asked and I would never say no to that offer! So Tuesday I was headed up to her house sewing machine in tow. We then spent the whole day cussing and arguing, at our sewing machines that is. But the end product is amazing. We made "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" shirts. I plan on the girls wearing theirs to the hospital and once we are all home they can all 3 match! I can't wait to see them all in them.

Today Delainey had her 18 month check up. I woke up in a fine mood but about the time I went to get dressed I slowly got abnormally annoyed. Delainey's appointment went fine, she got her last shots until she is 4. Which is amazing news for this Momma! She is in the 10%, seems to be normal in our family. After her appointment we headed to Super Target to pick up a few things. I only have a bright pink sports bra and decided I couldn't wear that in the hospital so I bought a blue one. Ok so I'm a little obsessed with the blue theme at this point.

This post is boring and has no real point but to tell you that my life is so boring and over exhausting for a pregnant lady with 2 kids. As of right now the only thing I know we still have to do to prepare for little man's arrival is a blue head rest for his car seat and finish the things up for his room. {Fabric is on its way and Grandma's head is a brewing with ideas on what the bumpers will look like.}

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am very anxious to see if I have progressed any to know if Bentley has started his arrival! I may have to evict him soon! :)

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