Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Induce Labor

Still 2cm and still just a waitin'! Most women at the end of pregnancy get very uncomfortable and just want to get that baby out! And I'm guilty of being that way with my last pregnancy but not this one. I'm very content with where he is and quite frankly I think he is fine there too. He hasn't showed much sign of wanting to evacuate. If I make it to next week I may have to put up an eviction sign though.

You hear of all the crazy things you can do to go into labor or start labor. I have always done the pineapple and mango binge. In order to actually "induce" labor with pineapple you would need to eat 9 WHOLE pineapples. I am in no way that crazy. But I do eat a good amount of each those fruits towards the end. I do it to help the process along. It is said to thin out your cervix, not sure if it is true but the mango has been so good to me lately. I crave them so hey two birds one stone, or mango in this case.

There is also the rumors of walking. I swear walking is a joke. I don't think it really helps but doctors and everyone else swear by it so I will just say okay. My sister and I went on a night time walk the other day. Long story short my neighborhood does not make the short loop I thought it did. So after a mile walk and a deadly 8 lb dog later I got not even one braxton hicks. What the heck is that? Bentley pretty much said to me, "Mom I will come when I'm ready because all that walk did was make your legs hurt!"

Then you have the infamous caster oil. I will never in my life do that one. I will be induced before I take caster oil. I've heard it successfully work for a few people but then you hear the other 98% of people who spent the night on the toilet. Not my idea of fun. Or worse what if it does both, then you are in a hospital bed, wishing you could be on your own toilet! Call me crazy but I will just wait until I pass my due date for anything like that.

Pressure points. To me this could work, that is if you know what the hell you're doing. Kelly and I looked up all of the said pressure points to induce labor and they didn't do much of anything for her. I'm scared to even try them on me. I will probably do the wrong spot and pee on my self instead. Or what if it is the right spot and I do it too long then my water breaks, we all know I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

The real question is who on earth thought of these things? Some man who wants to laugh at all the huge pregnant women eating mango's on jogs while pressing the pressure points? The funniest part is there are probably millions of pregnant ladies googling these exact words, "How to Induce Labor" And trust me I've done it many of times. You all know you did it at one point. Even if you don't act upon it you get the urge to know what you could do!

Now if I am pregnant this time next week you best believe I will only be eating mango and pineapple while pushing my double stroller up hills as my mom does acupuncture on any said pressure point to induce labor. But until then I will enjoy the last moments of being pregnant with my baby BOY!

This is so very true in my Mom and I's life!
We will let you know, promise.


  1. I was an entire MONTH late, my mom went into labor playing Pictonary!!! I cannot wait to see that little nugget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITEDDD!