Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Comings!

Any military home coming is always filled with excitement. So much happens in the months these guys are away from family. Ryan's last 2 home comings were amazing and worth the wait. His first one I don't remember as much as the second. Cindy and I sat in my car for hours waiting for them to get back on base. We were apparently the only wives/gfs who listened to what we were told and didn't go to the airport. Little did we know we could of gone to the dang airport!! It was freezing cold on that late VA night but to be in his arms again made me forget about all the stuff that went on while he was gone. After two deployments back to back he was then home for quite some time and it was so amazing to get to actually live with him as a family!

All of the guys in his old unit got mixed around into a few units in CA. The guys all deployed at different times so they are now coming home at different times. For some reason the home coming of Ryan's friend's Jay and Nance are just making me smile from ear to ear. Jay's wife Mo, who I know you have all heard me talk about, is almost 37 weeks pregnant. When he left last fall she was skinny mini and now she has this adorable baby bump. Every time I talk to my husband I would tell him how excited I was for the two of them. I would stay up thinking about how Jay's face would look when he saw that belly! Mo and I aren't as close as we use to be of course one reason being we are now separated by an entire country but I have never been so genuinely happy for a person in my life. Now it's time to wait and see who has their baby first. {We are due 6 days apart!}

Next home coming will be Nancy Poo! Hannah is also pregnant, 34 weeks I believe. I cant wait. The 4 of them are all super close and I know that having them all together again will be amazing. Ryan and I were the odd ball with kids so we didn't get to spend as much time with them. But things have now changed. Where as Ryan and I are STILL the odd balls having 27 kids, we will finally all have kids! And Bentley will be the same age as little McKenna and Brinley! One day we will all be together again and I can only imagine how awesome that will feel. These people were our only 'family' in CA where I was struggling feeling so alone.

I made Hannah and Mo a baby gift that I am shipping out today! If I could change my daughters names I would because I am obsessed with their gift and wish I could keep them!

Welcome Home Jay and Nance!! I wish I knew why I was so freaking happy for you guys but I will take this permanent smile on my face for the week and go with it!

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