Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Induce Labor

Still 2cm and still just a waitin'! Most women at the end of pregnancy get very uncomfortable and just want to get that baby out! And I'm guilty of being that way with my last pregnancy but not this one. I'm very content with where he is and quite frankly I think he is fine there too. He hasn't showed much sign of wanting to evacuate. If I make it to next week I may have to put up an eviction sign though.

You hear of all the crazy things you can do to go into labor or start labor. I have always done the pineapple and mango binge. In order to actually "induce" labor with pineapple you would need to eat 9 WHOLE pineapples. I am in no way that crazy. But I do eat a good amount of each those fruits towards the end. I do it to help the process along. It is said to thin out your cervix, not sure if it is true but the mango has been so good to me lately. I crave them so hey two birds one stone, or mango in this case.

There is also the rumors of walking. I swear walking is a joke. I don't think it really helps but doctors and everyone else swear by it so I will just say okay. My sister and I went on a night time walk the other day. Long story short my neighborhood does not make the short loop I thought it did. So after a mile walk and a deadly 8 lb dog later I got not even one braxton hicks. What the heck is that? Bentley pretty much said to me, "Mom I will come when I'm ready because all that walk did was make your legs hurt!"

Then you have the infamous caster oil. I will never in my life do that one. I will be induced before I take caster oil. I've heard it successfully work for a few people but then you hear the other 98% of people who spent the night on the toilet. Not my idea of fun. Or worse what if it does both, then you are in a hospital bed, wishing you could be on your own toilet! Call me crazy but I will just wait until I pass my due date for anything like that.

Pressure points. To me this could work, that is if you know what the hell you're doing. Kelly and I looked up all of the said pressure points to induce labor and they didn't do much of anything for her. I'm scared to even try them on me. I will probably do the wrong spot and pee on my self instead. Or what if it is the right spot and I do it too long then my water breaks, we all know I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

The real question is who on earth thought of these things? Some man who wants to laugh at all the huge pregnant women eating mango's on jogs while pressing the pressure points? The funniest part is there are probably millions of pregnant ladies googling these exact words, "How to Induce Labor" And trust me I've done it many of times. You all know you did it at one point. Even if you don't act upon it you get the urge to know what you could do!

Now if I am pregnant this time next week you best believe I will only be eating mango and pineapple while pushing my double stroller up hills as my mom does acupuncture on any said pressure point to induce labor. But until then I will enjoy the last moments of being pregnant with my baby BOY!

This is so very true in my Mom and I's life!
We will let you know, promise.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nerve Racking

Probably since far before I was even living in NC I was thinking about how labor would go. Who would watch the kids, where my mom would be, who my "replacement husband" would be, and if I would even make it to the hospital. I bothered my Mom all the time thinking about it and worrying about it but she just said, it's okay. Now today after my appointment she is all of a sudden realizing that the past few months of me freaking out is for a reason! I'm thankful to know she cares enough to be thinking this hard about it all but I can't help but to laugh at her because I've been trying to tell her all this for weeks!

We have the first dilemma of who can stay with the girls. Which I am lucky enough to have kids who are normally fine with whom ever I leave them with. The bigger the stranger the more they pull off on them. {You know like Ms. Nicole who has REAL tea parties with them. Btw Nicole still trying to find all the water on our tea set. lol} When my best friend Danielle watches Kylie she apparently just has her rolling laughing at all the funny things she says. Example from today: Kylie put blocks back into a bucket and proceeded to ask Danielle to clap for her, then took a bow and said thank you thank you! I believe that Danielle will be my main on call person for the girls. She works on weekend but other than that can normally be here, not to mention her whole family loves my girls and will be willing to help when they can. It's just a matter of when I go into labor and if that person can get here fast enough, and me have a ride to the hospital to meet my mom who is about 40 miles away.

Second we have the issue of who will stay with me in the hospital. So long as my secret plan works out the way I'm hoping my older sister will be in town and be the one to stay with me. Then my mom would go home to stay with the girls for the night. However if my sister is not here I'm not sure how well my kids will go without Mommy and Grandma for that long.

Now that I wrote my previous blog I can breath. I'm not at all worried about who shows up at the hospital because I promise you if you come before I say you can, you will be turned down and not invited back. I have gotten a lot of positive feed back from the way I feel about things. I think just writing it to where people can read what I plan on doing made me relax and know things will work out even if they aren't how I "plan".

This past week all I wanted to know is if I was dilated. I went to the doctor today and I am in fact dilated and so much more. Now I am so nervous to be alone. I almost wish I didn't know so then I wouldn't feel this way. But I know if I didn't know it would be just as nerve racking. So everyone who is supposed to be helping or willing to help should be staying by their phone and prepared for that phone call or text saying "Get your butt here because he's coming"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I often forget that I am not only pregnant but now 9 months pregnant. My shower was this weekend and I have not stopped since. I told everyone I need clothes which is very true, my poor boy was threatened with wearing pink clothes. So I got so many adorable blue and green clothes. But then it was time to finish up my list of things I need for him.

Sunday I was off to BabiesRUs to pick up a few different size diapers, some preemie clothes, and a few blankets. I also bought a new car seat, then I decided I didn't really need it so my mom ended up taking it back. When she took it back she then picked up the bottles I need. Monday I was off to Target to get BLUE towels, shampoo and any other things the baby and I may need when coming home from the hospital.

Monday night Kylie stayed with my Mom. There was no real reason, my Mom asked and I would never say no to that offer! So Tuesday I was headed up to her house sewing machine in tow. We then spent the whole day cussing and arguing, at our sewing machines that is. But the end product is amazing. We made "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" shirts. I plan on the girls wearing theirs to the hospital and once we are all home they can all 3 match! I can't wait to see them all in them.

Today Delainey had her 18 month check up. I woke up in a fine mood but about the time I went to get dressed I slowly got abnormally annoyed. Delainey's appointment went fine, she got her last shots until she is 4. Which is amazing news for this Momma! She is in the 10%, seems to be normal in our family. After her appointment we headed to Super Target to pick up a few things. I only have a bright pink sports bra and decided I couldn't wear that in the hospital so I bought a blue one. Ok so I'm a little obsessed with the blue theme at this point.

This post is boring and has no real point but to tell you that my life is so boring and over exhausting for a pregnant lady with 2 kids. As of right now the only thing I know we still have to do to prepare for little man's arrival is a blue head rest for his car seat and finish the things up for his room. {Fabric is on its way and Grandma's head is a brewing with ideas on what the bumpers will look like.}

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am very anxious to see if I have progressed any to know if Bentley has started his arrival! I may have to evict him soon! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I knew this blog post was going to have to be written at some point and I think it is time. I am full term in 4 days and that means little Bentley will be here in no time. As much as an exciting time this will be and I couldn't be happier to finally get the Momma's boy I have always wanted, it will also be an emotional time as well as a challenging one. That being said I have had to set "rules" about hospital visits and the "knowing" I am either in labor or have had him.

Before everyone gets their panties all up in a bunch, consider how you would feel if you were me. Imagine giving birth and holding your son for the first time with his Dad on the other side of the world. If you still feel like you wouldn't do things the way I am, well more power to ya. If you are a guy then consider being across the world and other people seeing and knowing about your son before you.

When I had our oldest daughter my hospital room was INSANE. Before I even made it to the recovery room, which mind you was 30 minutes after I had her, {Epidural was still in effect} I had close to 10 visitors. Once in the recovery room I then had over 35 visitors. Where as I was so glad everyone cared enough to come meet her and congratulate us it was a little over whelming. Ryan and I did not get to hold her or feed her until we were home. With our second daughter we were on the other side of the country and had a peaceful time enjoying that little girl all to our selves, and Grandma of course! I realize a lot of those people who came do not live here any more and times have changed, and hell face it, it is our third child but I am trying my hardest to protect my sanity for doing this without my husband.

Depending on the time of day I go into labor and you know if I actually manage to make it to the hospital,{Biggest fear and concern at this point in my life} will determine how much of a Nazi I will be. Ryan is usually able to get Internet and phone access any where from 11am-2pm our time on week days and on weekends much more flexible. So if I have him at 9am then I will be able to talk to Ryan right away and therefore the rest of you will then hear the announcement of his arrival. BUTTTT even after that happens PLEEEASE, can't stress this enough, call or text me personally and until you talk to me DO NOT show up to visit. Don't get offended because unless you are my mother, my father, my sister, my father in law, my brother in law, or have a matching flower tattooed on your foot you will not be allowed there. And if you want to see him badly enough to get a tattoo to match mine then yes I will let you in because that's just dedication. My mother is respecting my wishes so if you try to go through her and she turns you down just realize it's really me being the mean one behind that phone. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, I stole all of those when I was born. You are more than welcome to bug me and let me know you want to know when he is born and I will put you on the list in my head to remember to text "first".

Go ahead tell me I'm crazy but you will probably get put down on the list. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Comings!

Any military home coming is always filled with excitement. So much happens in the months these guys are away from family. Ryan's last 2 home comings were amazing and worth the wait. His first one I don't remember as much as the second. Cindy and I sat in my car for hours waiting for them to get back on base. We were apparently the only wives/gfs who listened to what we were told and didn't go to the airport. Little did we know we could of gone to the dang airport!! It was freezing cold on that late VA night but to be in his arms again made me forget about all the stuff that went on while he was gone. After two deployments back to back he was then home for quite some time and it was so amazing to get to actually live with him as a family!

All of the guys in his old unit got mixed around into a few units in CA. The guys all deployed at different times so they are now coming home at different times. For some reason the home coming of Ryan's friend's Jay and Nance are just making me smile from ear to ear. Jay's wife Mo, who I know you have all heard me talk about, is almost 37 weeks pregnant. When he left last fall she was skinny mini and now she has this adorable baby bump. Every time I talk to my husband I would tell him how excited I was for the two of them. I would stay up thinking about how Jay's face would look when he saw that belly! Mo and I aren't as close as we use to be of course one reason being we are now separated by an entire country but I have never been so genuinely happy for a person in my life. Now it's time to wait and see who has their baby first. {We are due 6 days apart!}

Next home coming will be Nancy Poo! Hannah is also pregnant, 34 weeks I believe. I cant wait. The 4 of them are all super close and I know that having them all together again will be amazing. Ryan and I were the odd ball with kids so we didn't get to spend as much time with them. But things have now changed. Where as Ryan and I are STILL the odd balls having 27 kids, we will finally all have kids! And Bentley will be the same age as little McKenna and Brinley! One day we will all be together again and I can only imagine how awesome that will feel. These people were our only 'family' in CA where I was struggling feeling so alone.

I made Hannah and Mo a baby gift that I am shipping out today! If I could change my daughters names I would because I am obsessed with their gift and wish I could keep them!

Welcome Home Jay and Nance!! I wish I knew why I was so freaking happy for you guys but I will take this permanent smile on my face for the week and go with it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stomach Virus to Weekend Vacation

The past 2 weeks have been full of craziness and relaxing. After Kylie got the stomach virus I was under the impression that 4 days later Delainey and I were safe.

Friday before Easter we had a few friends come over to decorate cookies and dye Easter eggs. Now mind you we had 5 kids from age 4 to 18 months doing these activities. The house was so loud and it just kept getting louder. Then by the end of it my house was sticky from one side to the other, from top to bottom. But we did have a great time. We had some awesome cookies and eggs.

 30 minutes after everyone left I was feeling sick but was under the impression it was from the sugar rush and I would be fine. So I went to dinner with one of the other Mom's and her daughter. I could not eat and had to tell Kylie to eat as fast as she could so I could get home. As I'm in the bathroom Delainey then is throwing up like the exorcist with it coming out of her nose. I clean her up get her stuff in the wash, we lay down and what do you know she throws up again. I rotate out her blankets get that in the wash and sit with her a while longer. During all of this I am still feeling sick my self but trying my hardest to just not throw up. After an hour of her not throwing up I put her in her crib and hope for the best. Thank the lord that baby slept through the night and did not wake up until 8:30 the next morning because come 9pm I threw up every hour until almost 5am. I wasn't as sick and could of held it all in had my son inside me not thrown him self around. At 7am I actually ended up waking my Mom up and asking her to come get the girls so I could sleep. Delainey woke up and was fine and dandy. I couldn't of been more thankful to have my mom that close and willing to get the kids. I slept for a few hours then picked up the girls so they wouldn't be missed by the Easter bunny in the morning.

Easter was great. We went to church. All managed to be dressed and looking decent. {That's impressive at this point.} Then we headed to my Mom's house for the day. We did an egg hunt after lunch and Kylie was in love with all the candy. The best part of the day was getting to Skype the husband for the FIRST time since he left!! The girls loved to see him and of course so did I. We then passed our stomach virus from my sister, partly to my mom, to my Granny. Ain't we so nice?!

Our week was boring just trying to get some things organized and cleaned. Then Friday we were off to Wilmington, NC for my Maternity pictures as well as just a short trip to the beach. I can not wait to see my pictures. I know they will turn out great because of my fabulous photographer  {Brandy Davis with Wildflower Photography}The girls were great in the car. We had a few 15 minute melt downs but mostly at the end of each journey. Mind you we were in the Charger, so that's 5 people in a car. My poor Mom was stuck in between the girls car seats in the back. But we made it home and we survived. I've already unpacked and put things away.

This week I am determined to get everything done in the bonus room to get ready for Mr.Bentley. 2 weeks 4 days until I am full term. Terrified, YES! Excited, YES! Anxious, YES! But really I think if he came later it would be greatly appreciated. I keep saying the date will be May 26th. Anyone think it will come true? It's a fight in our house because one sister has summer classes Monday to Friday, the other has drivers ed and who knows what my mom has going on. My Mom wants me to have him in June but I want a May baby so she may have to compromise with me some.