Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Say the Darnest Things

You hear that saying so often but until you have kids you don't think it's really true. I wish I could record half the things my kid says. And most of the time they are cute and funny things, other times you wish you could disown them for that 2 seconds. My kids are for the most part very polite. In fact the only words my youngest knows are Thank you, Excuse Me and Please. Makes me proud. The oldest well we wont go there.

I finally got a care package together for my husband and woke up and got ready rather early Saturday morning to get it in the mail. First my Mom made me nervous because she said the post office was not open on Saturday's but I knew she was crazy. Not all post offices are closed on Saturday, just Statesville's! So we get into the building and I had everything filled out and taped so on and so forth to make this process as quick as possible. Well I got the one postal worker who wanted to take his time. Kylie looks up at me and says "Excuse Me." I said, "Ok Thank you." You know what are you supposed to say when someone says excuse me anyways. When she said excuse me it was in a quiet voice. Then not 2 seconds later she screams "I said excuse me because I farted!!" I mean really?! You couldn't of left it at excuse me? You had to let the whole place know you farted. Of course the entire place is cracking up and thinks she's just adorable. Her mother, not so much.

The first week I was in North Carolina is my fabulous story of when Kylie dropped the F bomb, to my mom. My mom lives on a farm and has chickens and cows. The people that live "next door" apparently got some new chickens. They are the ugliest, loudest, most annoying things in the world. They woke me up in the morning right by the guest window. One day Kylie was helping my mom get eggs and feed OUR chickens and they were clucking as usual. Kylie says " Those chickens need to shut the f**k up!" My mom said "Kylie what did you say?" "Those bummer chickens need to shut up." I do not recall ever saying that sentence for her to repeat but apparently the chickens were annoying her as much as the rest of us.

Kylie knows not to cuss. She knows words are bad and replaces them with the word 'bummer'. Hince why she corrected her self to my mom and claimed that she said bummer. Luckily we do not have many cases of her cussing and it is so hard to not laugh when she does.

Poor Kylie got shots today and has been pitiful ever since. She was so good and brave. I warned her she may have to get them and thank goodness that I spoke to her about it before we got to the doctor's office. She needed 5 but I only let them do 3 today. Her poor face when they stuck her with the first one made me want to cry. I think she knew it was going to hurt but was really unaware it would hurt like that. Is it bad that I'm hoping the tylonal will help her sleep in tomorrow?!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! :D

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