Friday, April 8, 2011

I Showered Today!

Yep, I said it. I showered today. You may think that a normal person would shower every day but nope not me. I'm lucky to get one every other day. Right now it's normally every 2-3 days. It's more of a choice rather than not having the time. At this point being 31 weeks pregnant with the THIRD child when I have 20 minutes of time, I sleep. To me sleep is far more important at the moment than showering. I haven't left the house since Wednesday afternoon any how so why shower if no one was going to see me?

Meanwhile I have gained about 2 pounds a week for lets see 6 weeks. That's not right. That's gross. This little boy wants me to be huge, he wants my stretch marks to be visible and my face to have 4 extra chins, my feet to swell and my jeans to not be close to buttoning. I have PASSED the heaviest weight I have ever been which is what I was 9 months pregnant with both girls. I have tried to not eat so much and slow my roll on the sugar but tell my son that. I have to go upstairs at 8 just so I won't eat anything more. I hate going downstairs in the dark so I know if I don't bring it up when I put the girls down, I'll never go back down there. 6 weeks until I'm full term. Normally that would be about a pound a week until then but rate I'm going I will be 12 pounds heavier. Wait no that would be so close to my husbands weight I would cry. I feel as if this baby is laying horizontal. My sides are going out but he is so low there's no way he could be vertical.

31 weeks
9 until due date
6 until full term
{Can you tell I plan on going before my due date?}

Reasons I am huge...
Duke's Mayo {I forgot that CA didn't have it and have used half a container so far}
Rainbow Chip Icing {Also not available in CA}
Bojangles {Oh what do you know also not in CA}
Cracker Barre ll Biscuits and Gravy {Yep same problem}
Sonic Tots and Cherry Lime Aids

All I ever want is a HUGE Cherry Lime Aid. Ive wanted one for about 4 hours now. I have a few errands to run tomorrow and one of them include the post office. There happens to be a post office RIGHT by Sonic. May be 10 miles away but hey they are next door! I think I'm drooling already. Maybe I will wait for happy hour and get it half off! Seeing as the government will probably shut down and we wont be able to afford my fat kid foods I can wait a few extra hours to save a dollar right?

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  1. Oh a Sonic Cherry Limeade sounds so amazing right now! I hope you were able to go get one!