Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's going to put me on a street corner!

He being my husband. Ever since I sold my car in December the kids and I have been taking over my husbands. He has always kept his car clean and nice for whenever someone got in it. {The trunk is a different story!} And I my self have never really kept my car that dirty. I of course always have a good bit of crumbs, hair and toys but never so disgusting people wouldn't want to ride in it.

Well lately I have not had any time to clean the car and I'm seeing more and more food particles and juice spots on my poor husbands car. I can not wait to get a car of my own again so I am not constantly screaming "DON'T DO THAT TO YOUR FATHERS CAR!!" I try my hardest to keep it clean and try to keep the food and drinks for the kids to a minimum but sometimes its just so much easier to hand them food to get them to stop screaming!

Today, my efforts failed, miserably!

Yep that's ketchup,
 that close to the seat!

But how could you get mad at that face?

You love me husband!!
Now that you saw the horror pictures of what his car looks like after 2 kids and 2 months of him being gone. I'd like you all to know I pulled into the driveway and got out the vacuum and cleaner to clean the car. It look so much better and I don't feel like such a bad wife. Now realize it is not Ryan Burke car clean but hey its better than what it was!

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  1. Hey with two kids and a third on the way you can't be expected to keep everything perfectly clean... that's what the two weeks before he gets home is for ;)